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    The Development of Western Economy Analysis Paradigm
    Innovation Teaching Method,Raise Teaching Effect ——“Western Economy”Teaching Method Talk
    创新教学方法 提高教学效果——西方经济学教学方法谈
    We known from western economy theory, we should avoid the completely competitive market model.
    The New Exploration of Objects of Studies of Marxist Political Economy and Western Economy
    This text regards some basic conditions of economic system, political system and moral ideas during the transformation period, uses Marxism political economy basic principles, and absorbs modern western economy related research results, also adopts combining practical and theoretical methods to multi-angle analyze the current micro government regulation actions.
    Guided by basic principles of Marxian economic theories and borrowing from proper theories of western economy, this thesis mainly studies some key links in industrial structure upgrade in coastal areas, including progression models, choosing of development strategy, developing technological innovation system, developing labor market and regional economic cooperation. The study is from the viewpoints of interior factors and exterior factors of industrial structure upgrade.
    The first way to standardize the capital management of state-owned enterprise is to understand the theory of capital management clearly and deeply. Synthesizing Maxist political economy and Western economy, I think the essence of capital is to make it rise in value, it not only reflects established relations of production, but it is also the value carrier of production factors.
    Modern Western economy regards nationalization as one of the measures to correct the market inefficiency.
    Under this background from the basically analysis tool S-C-P normal form of industrial organization theory, we use western economy and industrial economy basic principles and analysis means to analyze the industrial organization condition of our country since 2002. On the basis of the research, we draw such a conclusion as followed: the structure of this industry is an oligopoly one based on the lower and lower regulation.
    在这一背景下从产业组织理论的基本分析工具S—C—P范式入手,运用西方经济学、产业经济学部分原理和分析手段,以2002年以来为例考察我国轿车产业的产业组织状况。 认为其市场结构在政府规制逐步放松下的向垄断竞争转变;
    This thesis uses the useful conclusions of the game theory, on the basis of western economy's typical market research methods and means, realizing the subjective and objective combination, and the qualitative and quantitative combination.
    In the theory part of this paper, the author discusses the spatial expansion mechanism of clustered enterprises systematically, using the basic theories on regional economy, industrial economy and western economy, together with the theories on enterprise cluster and the new developments and conclusions of the theory on international production compromise.
    在理论部分,本文运用区域经济学、产业经济学和西方经济学的基础理论,借鉴企业集群理论和国际生产折衷论的新发展和新成果,对集群企业空间扩张机理进行了较为系统的理论研究。 在实证部分,本文采用总体分析和个案分析相结合、问卷调查和实地访谈相结合的研究方法,对集群企业空间扩张机理进行了实证分析。
    In the western economy,talented persons are considered as a kind of important source or essential factor.
    在西方经济学中 ,人才被当作一种资源或生产要素来看待。
    Breaking throung the traditional analysis of objects of studies of Marxist Political Economy and Western Economy,the paper tentatively explores the inevitable contact between objects of studies of the two subjects, which supplies mastering and using of theories of the two subjects with the new train of thought.
    Based on the comparison of human capital value measure in both in China and abroad, the authors combine Marx's surplus value theory, western economy theory and assets value measure (theory) and forward the theory of current value of human capital. The authors create the modes of colony value, benefit value and distribution value.
    The theory of economic person hypothesis in the western economy is the exact definition of human nature in the field of economics.
    Okun's law describes the reverse relations between the unemployment and economic growth rate in the western economy.
    On the andlytio basisof the Marxism theory of political economy,referring to some theoretical basis in western economy, this article focuses on the argumentation that accounting information is a kind of special commodity in essence. It shows a lot of feature that is different with other merchandises and develops its unique role.
    We should figure out some essential problems of socialism economy, and treat the western economy comprehensively, dialectically and properly, in order to promote the theoretical innovation of Marxism economy in the research and practice.
    For western economy theory,we can't study its theory only; we should study its ideological and cultural background that produces.


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