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    Gasochromic Windows Coated with Pd Doped Nano-Structured WO_3 Films
    Meanwhile a valuable conclusion that general cylindrical box type windows with dielectric disks made of Al2O3 ceramic can be used to transmit CW of higher power than 120kW and workable relative bandwidth may achieve about 14% in L band, is made by calculated results of some typical examples.
    Based on the fact that the importance of different category of trains, different stations on the network, and different objectives to be optimized are different, and passengers with different travel distances have different favorite departure and arrival time windows, the problem is formulated as a multi-objective programming one.
    通过对问题的分析,认为在编图时,不同等级列车、路网上不同车站、以及要优化的目标的重要性是不同的,不同旅行距离的旅客对始发和终到时间也有着不同的偏好。 基于这些事实,将问题归结为一个多目标规划问题,并运用分层序列法的思想,将此多目标规划问题化为多个单目标规划问题来求解。
    The base of EHTV calculation is analyzing the dynamic heat transfer to equivalent temperature difference Solar factor of windows, for the shading of windows it used external shading multiplier.
    Part ISystematic review of relationship betweenplasma matrix metalloproteinase-9 and hemorrhagic transformation in ischemic strokeObjectives: To study the relationship between matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) and hemorrhagic transformation (HT) in ischemic stroke and provide evidences for the further clinical studies, selection of patients for thrombolytic therapy, and application of MMP inhibitors to clinical practice to extend the windows for thrombolytic therapy.
    目的:研究血浆基质金属蛋白酶-9(MMP—9,Matrix metalloproteinase-9)与缺血性卒中出血转化的关系,以便为选择恰当的溶栓治疗患者和临床应用基质金属蛋白酶抑制剂扩大溶栓治疗时间以及进一步临床研究提供参考依据。
    In the FIR filter designs, Chebyshev and Hamming windows are used for a band-pass filter. Their frequency responses are compared. The advantage of Hamming window is shown on all bands.
    The transaction identification based on reference length >maximal forward reference and time windows are proposedrespectively .
    (3)The size of the windows in superior and medial surface of petrous bone averaged 2.5cm2 1.7 cm2, respectively.
    ③ 岩骨岩尖前面、上面可磨出面积约2. 5、 1. 7 cm2的骨
    Contrast agent was injected intravenously at 3.0ml/s, delay time was 15s, scanning with GE MSCT, in inspiration (breathhold 30s or so), cross-sectional images were reconstructed using retrospectively ECG-gating to obtain image acquisition windows.
    Item 7.2.2 and 7.2.3 in the present domestic Architectural Code of Anti-seismic Design only mention the checking computation methods for anti-quake of pier between windows, fail to mention the computation process for spandrel.
    There are no provisions for angle windows designing currently, and the shear-wall structures with angle window are usually designed by designers on their own experiences.
    Allied vehicle routing problem (AVRP) studies the vehicle routing problem base on the allied logistics condition, is part of the Project of Science and Technology Program of the Nation "the research of allied vehicle routing problem" and the Project of Science and Technology Program of Guangdong Province "the research of allied vehicle routing problem with time windows".
    联盟运输调度问题(Allied Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem, AVRP)是研究物流联盟条件下的运输调度问题,属于国家自然科学基金“联盟运输调度问题研究”和广东省自然科学基金“带时间的联盟运输调度问题研究”的子课题。
    So feature windows tracking algorithm is systematically investigated firstly in thispaper, then the proposed algorithm extracts the corner-points as features by SUSANalgorithm and tracking these feature windows by fuzzy Kalman filtering.
    因此,本文首先系统研究了用于运动估计的特征跟踪算法,针对特征检测和特征跟踪两个子系统,分别采用SUSAN 准则用于二维角点特征提取和将模糊控制理论与经典Kalman 滤波相结合的模糊Kalman 滤波算法用于特征跟踪,提高了算法的精度和执行效率。
    Afterresearching and analyzing the principle and some techniques of video stabilizationand shot boundary detection, the feature windows tracking algorithm is adopted withcombining some others measures and approaches.
    Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows(abbr. VRPTW) was mainly researched in this paper. Proven to be a NP-hard problem, it was difficult to get the exact solutions to VRPTW with numerous nodes.
    本文着重研究有时间的车辆路径问题(Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows, VRPTW),VRPTW现已被证明为NP-hard问题,当问题规模较大时,将很难得到问题的精确解。
    2. VRPB with time windows.
    Aiming at overcoming deficiencies in the conventional process of modeling and solving Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW), this paper focuses on the knowledge-based model representation for VRPTW.
    本文针对传统的求解有时间的车辆路径问题(Vehicle Routing Problem with TimeWindows,VRPTW)建模与求解过程对专家的依赖性强的缺陷,研究VRPTW模型的知识表示问题。
    (4) The visibility of the labyrinthine windows are classified into four types: in type 1, both windows are completely visible, 1.5%;
    It consists of a Ge-Ga bolometer operating at 1.0K with a throughput AW= 0.3 cw2sr and a NET= 1mk/Hz1/2 . Two metallic meshes set the windows at about 10cm-1 and 5cm-1. It is sensitive enough to be limited by quantum fluctuations of atmospheric radiation.
    它由锗—镓测辐射热计组成,工作温度在1.0K 输入量AW=0.3cm~2sr,而NET=1mk/Hz~(1/2)。 两个金属的网格建立了两个,频率分别为10cm~(-1)和5cm~(-1)。
    Two new data window functions, Y-1~* and Y-2~*, are given and good results have been obtained by applying the two data window functions to practical transient signals and comparing with Harming, Hamming, cosine tapered rectangular, trapezoid, rectangular windows and MEM without the effect of window function.


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