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    Investigation on Working Ability of Graduate Students in Educational Practice
    4.The risk factors on Subhealth: age, BMI, working without pleasure, accepting the work exceeding one's ability, dissatisfacting with the actuality life, not being recognized about the working ability, smoking, being short of exercise, not having breakfast, less than 6 hours sleeping per day, no good sleeping quality and often working overtime.
    The practice Teaching of college students majoring in music is a major course which aims to train the music professional students' indepent working ability, enabling them to adapt music teaching in primary and secondary schools quickly.
    高师音乐教育实习是培养高师院校音乐专业学生独立工作能力,使其能尽快适应中小学音乐教学的一门重要课程; 是检验高师办学思想、办学方向、课程设置、教学效果,推进音乐教育改革的重要途径。
    With the investigation on the working ability of graduate students in individual educational practice this paper indicates that the ability of the students shows the dificiency in teaching,management and judge. On the basis of the analysing the causes the authors provide some suggestions for how to strengthen and train the practical ability of college students.
    This article expounds the importance and necessity of strengthening the standardizing education in institutions of higher learning in Guangxi, which can be achieved by establishing standardizing courses to improve students' comprehensive analytical ability, independent working ability and creativity. This will have great significance in promoting scientific and technological development as well as the economic growth in Guangxi.
    Students' actual working ability and their sense of creation are cultivated due to the establishment of chemical practice base and their doing actual experiments in graduating design of chemical engineering course.
    通过建立化工实习基地 ,化工课程设计和毕业设计真题真做等 ,来培养学生的实际工作能力和创新意识
    The construction of the office automation system, which is an important content of university's modernization construction, is an effective path of improving university's integral working ability under the condition of high-tech education.
    Quality of graduation field work has a great influence upon the attainment of education goal,the promotion of students' development in an all-round way,and the enhancing of graduates' working ability and competence. .
    Objective: To establish a new teaching pattern for training students’clinical technique and practical working ability.
    Results: The clinical technique and practical working ability of the students have been enhanced,and the students give their patients satisfaction,and the rate of the postgraduate study increase. Every graduate get job during graduating year and the employer feel satisfactory.
    Conclusion: This new teaching pattern is an available and useful way to train the clinical technique and practical working ability of the students.
    The college instructors are entrusted with the great task of cultivating the socialist qualified talents; their political orientation, professional morality and working ability influence the students' growth directly.
    It should set up a specialized department,establish an organizational management system and a method of evaluation mode of "working ability" for PE teachers. It should establish and optimize the further education administrative system for PE teachers,reform the management mode,optimize the academic structure,make an overall plan,make appropriate arrangements,lay particular emphasis on the network,implement talent's project and promote the measure of further education.
    From four aspects of improving the political and ideological quality,strengthening the study of professional theories and knowledge,training and increasing the working ability,and cultivating the healthy physical quality,this paper discusses on how the educational administer to improve their own quality and become a qualified educational administer.
    The laboratory is playing an extremely vital role in the university talented person raising. Through the experimental teaching,which may raise the student's specialized skill,the independent working ability and the practical ability. Therefore to achieve the good education and the teaching effect to raise more talented person,we must strengthen and construction and management of the laboratory.


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