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    Results indicated that the purity is 94.67% with the yield up to 68%.
    2-chloro-5-methylpyridine was chloridized with sulfuryl chloride and initiated with azobisisobutyronitrile to produce 2-chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine, that has a yield up to 65.9%.
    以2-氯-5-甲基吡啶为起始原料,以硫酰氯为氯化剂、偶氮二异丁腈为引发剂制备2-氯-5-氯甲基吡啶。 反应收率65.9%。
    Two new azoxybisbenzocrown ethers were synthesized. Preparative method of azo-xybisbenzo-15-crown-5 has been improved with the yield up to 65.3%.
    Isopropanol reacted with chloroacetic acid in the presence of PVC-FeCl3 to yield. isopropyl chloroacetate. Thus a mixture of 0.10 mol chlorcacetic acid, 0.25 mol (20ml) isopropanol, 15 ml cyclohexane and 2.5 g catalyst were heated for 2.5 h at refluxing temperature, with yield up to 80%.
    The results indi cate that the presence of vapor is favorable for catalyst to increase the ethylene selectivity . Ethylene in yield up to 52% is obtained under conditions of: V (C 2H 6)∶ V (O 2)∶ V (H 2O, g)= 1∶0 65∶3 8, GHSV=1600 h -1 , 740 ℃ with 10 mL catalyst.
    在催化剂装量 10 m L,V( C2 H6)∶ V( O2 )∶V( H2 O) =1∶ 0 .65∶ 3.8,GHSV=160 0 h-1,74 0℃时 ,乙烯收率仍可以稳定在 52 %以上 .
    A new method in which lactic acid was oxidized by liquid phase catalysis and selectively converted to pyruvic acid with yield up to 58. 2% was introduced.
    After adopted procedure the yield up to 90% and cost reduce 20 yuan/mg.
    The optimum conditions are molar ratio of benzaldehyde to 1,2propanediol was 1:1.5, the quantity of catalyst was equal to 0.3% feed stock, and the reaction time was 1.0 h. TiSiW12O40/TiO2 was an excellent catalyst to synthesize benzaldehyde 1,2propanediol acetal with a optimal yield up to 90.0%. 
    Adipic acid in yield up to 75 0% was obtained in 6 h, in the presence of 8 hydroxyquinoline.
    8 羟基喹啉作助剂时 ,己二酸的收率最高 ,反应 6h ,己二酸的收率可达 75 0 % ;
    The optimal conditions obtained by the orthogonal design experiment for the esterification reaction with the yield up to 62% is that reaction time 55 min,reaction temperature 70℃,catalyst amount 110 g/L and reactants molar ratio of ethanol to acetic acid 1.5∶1.
    通过正交实验得到优化反应条件:反应时间为55 min,反应温度为70℃,催化剂用量为110 g/L,醇与酸摩尔比为1.5∶1,乙酸乙酯收率可达62%。
    Cu-Zn-Ti catalysts exhibited good catalytic activity in the hydrogenation of maleic anhydride toγ-butyrolactone with the yield up to 98%.
    The catalyst prepared through macroporous aminomethyl resin showed the most efficient in the catalytic oxidation of ethylbenzene with moderate yields (total yield up to 69.9 %, turnover number 55.3).
    Benzylamine could be obtained in mild condition by this method and the yield up to 84.1% was obtained. This method is a good method for industrial.
    Two products were obtained with a high yield up 80% from raw materials after a series of unit reactions, such as bromizing, alkanisation, acidylation and esterification etc.
    Suitablereflux ratio and quantities of additives were discussed and determined. Geraniolproduct was gained with purity above 90% and yield up to 86%, and nerol productwas gained with purity above 90% and yield up to 60%.
    确定了适宜的变回流比、络合剂用量等条件,获得了含量90%以上的单一产品,橙花醇产品的单程收率为 86%,香叶醇的收率为 60%。
    N,N-dimethylhydrazine is synthesised via the reactions of ammonia, hypochloride and dimethylamine, with the yield up to 87%, higher than the known reports in published articles , and the influential factors are discussed.
    研究了氨一次氯酸钠法合成偏二甲肼的反应,探索出本合成法的最佳反应条件,收率达87%。 对影响因素进行了初步讨论。
    Methylenedioxyphenyl)propanone2 (MDP2P) was synthesized. In one step, with high yield up to 70%, from isosafrole and performic acid. Product was analyzed by IR and MS.
    以异黄樟油素和过氧甲酸为原料 ,一步氧化合成 3,4亚甲二氧基苯基 2丙酮 ,收率可达 70 %以上 ,并用红外光谱法和质谱法对产品进行分析
    CC - 20D catalyst with high activity, good coke selectivity, high cracking capacity of heavy oil and high heavy metal resistance etc. was used on 500 kt/a FCCU of Yumen General Petrochemical Works. It could significantly increase the ratio of diesel to gasoline from 0.68 to 0.73 with diesel yield up to 38 % , RON of gasoline from 87 to 89 - 90. The unit could run smoothly.
    长岭炼油厂生产的CC-20D型催化剂具有活性高、焦炭选择性好、重油裂化能力、抗重金属污染能力强等特点,用于玉门炼油厂500 kt/a FCC装置后,大幅度提高了柴汽比,由原来的0.68提高到0.73,柴油收率最高可达38%,汽油的RON值由使用前的87提高到89~90,装置操作平稳,流化正常。
    By one-pass distillation operation under the condition described above,nerol and geraniol were gained with yield up to 65% and purity above 90%. The experimental results provided an important basis for technique innovation in factories,for the total cycle time is adoptable and the process is steady without thermal decomposition.
    n-butyl acrylate was synthesized by the selected M_x~(2+)/resin catalyst with yield up to 97%.


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