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  assembly time
     But in current research, the questions of how to handle the relation of the cost and time and how to meet customers'need quickly through shortening assembly time have not been research thoroughly.
     The control and guarantee of the processing precision and the improvement in the assembly technology greatly shortened the assembly time and manufacturing cycle of the die.
     加工精度的控制和保证 ,装配技术的改进 ,从而大大缩短了模具装配时间和制造周期。
     First, on the base of detailed investigation on the general situation, study standard and develop trend, we comprehensively elaborated the principle and correlative characteristics of the assembly line, put forward the designing requirement of it, defined the parameter which include output, assembly time and cycle time.
     Ship assembly sequence evaluation model was established. Evaluation index oriented to manual assembly were defined such as part weight,assembly time,assembly stability and assembly difficulty.
     This paper considers the problem of optimizing the PCB assembly planning which contains several heads and types of components, and the intention is to propose an optimization method which has a better performance, lower complexity and higher practicability, so that we can reduce the overall assembly time and improve the system productivity.
  assemble time
     In order to shorten assemble time caused by unreasonable design and assembly planning, a method of assembly case representation based on disassembly tree was proposed. The method had two parts: Disassembly Tree based assembly structure representation, Disassembly Tree based assembly planning representation.
  assembling time
     The optimal scheduling problem in a PCB flexible robot assembling system is studied. Robots within the system bear some flexibilities,so some assembly operations can be handled by different robots and assembling time can different.
     研究了印刷电路板(PCB) 柔性机器人装配系统中的优化调度问题, 该系统中的机械人都具有一定的柔性,因而某些装配操作可由不同的机器人来完成, 且所需装配时间也可以不同。
     There are three objectives according to classification of Toyota Automobile Corporation in sequencing for mixed-model assembly lines.
     At the early stage in product design, virtual assemble technology studies the interrelated problems such as assemble-ability, time to market, cost, assembly sequence and path planning, thereby shorten the cycle of product design and improve the enterprise performance.
     For improving the quality and shortening the assembling period of ship hull construction, many of ship builders in the world have paid great attention to working out the accuracy control problem in ship construction by means of tolerance theory in machine manufacturing.
     为了提高船体建造质量和降低装配时间,国内外造船界的许多人都十分重视运用机械制造中“公差与配合”的理论和方法,探索解决船体建造中的精度控制问题。 本文应用“尺寸链的理论与方法”对船体平面分段构件在加工、装配中的误差扩散与控制进行了研究。
     With the 3D CAD software, MDT4.0, being the design platform, the cold extrusion die & mould CAD system is presented, which has basically realized the function of feature modeling and automatical assembly of the die & mould parts. And it can reduce the time of manual assembly process and the possibility of interference.
     以三维CAD软件MDT4 0为平台 ,建立起冷挤压模具CAD系统 ,初步实现了模具零件的特征造型和自动装配技术 ,节省了手工装配时间 ,减少了干涉的可能性。
     3. Assembly Sequence EvaluationThe criterions of the most assembly angle, a reorientation, assembly parallelism,subassembly stability, assembly operation complexity, assembly clustering, assemblyhardness, assembly cost and their corresponding algorithm are proposed.

  installation time
Innovations in trapping techniques continue to improve capture rates, portability and affordability of trap materials, and to decrease construction and installation time.
Optimization of monitoring well installation time and location during aquifer decontamination
This paper presents a method to determine the installation time and location of an additional monitoring well while the aquifer is being cleaned up.
Addressing overhead is partly dependent on the domain length chosen for a network at installation time.
Among the key problems inherent in these systems are the installation time and cost.
  load time
Load time histories, which are necessary for durability analyses, are derived from a multibody simulation.
Without neglecting any substantially important factor, algorithms are developed for predicting the temperatures in critical spots in non-stationary states occurring either in practice or in load/time diagrams.
The load time and the rate of viscoelastic creep were found to have little influence on mechano-sorptive creep.
Evaluation of a cycling pre-load time trial protocol in recreationally active humans
The resulting computational framework divorces the finite rotation effects on strain-stress rates from integration of the rates to update the material response over a load (time) step.
  assembly time
It has been shown that at a small cluster concentration of about 1014 cm-3 the assembly time drops severalfold.
Also given are generalized results of the effect on the assembly time of the multiplicity of paths of fullerene assembly from two-ring clusters.
In the scheme, the limits of burst length and assembly time are both set according to certain qualifications.
Then, the components of burst and packet delay are concluded, and the equations that limits of burst length and assembly time should satisfy to stabilize the burst edge delay under different buffer offered loads are educed.
The SDS-modified SPI adhesives were applied to fiberboard, and effects of SDS concentration, press conditions, and assembly time on bond strength were investigated.

For improving the quality and shortening the assembling period of ship hull construction, many of ship builders in the world have paid great attention to working out the accuracy control problem in ship construction by means of tolerance theory in machine manufacturing.

为了提高船体建造质量和降低装配时间,国内外造船界的许多人都十分重视运用机械制造中“公差与配合”的理论和方法,探索解决船体建造中的精度控制问题。 本文应用“尺寸链的理论与方法”对船体平面分段构件在加工、装配中的误差扩散与控制进行了研究。运用数理统计的方法,推广了“尺寸链”在船体建造中误差修正补偿的计算方法,建立了线性的、平面的、空间的平面分段的形位误差补偿环的补偿量计算公式。阐述了船体平面分段构件组成环的精度分配的最优化处理。

This paper overviews the advances in production automation of small motorsabroad in recent years,and presents Design for Assembly (DFA) technology,which is the necessary measures of decreasing part number and assembly time.The paper also points out that this technology is an important trend of develop-ment.We must pay sufficient attention to it,and spread it in home as soon aspossible.


In this paper,we present a new idea on assembly principle and a newly developed robotic assembly systembased on force feedback,which employs a specially designed active/passlve micro manipulator to combine ac-tive accommodation with passive compliance function.The experimental setup we built can carry out assem-bly operation in arbitrary direction in an average time of 1.8 seconds,even under the condition of uncham-fered parts.

本文论述了一种具有力觉功能的新型机器人装配灵巧手及其与 PUMA562机器人所组成的实用装配系统.与以往的设计不同,该灵巧手将主动与被动功能揉合为一体.并且每个关节的主动与被动状态由计算机控制.整个系统由一台 IBM-PC 计算机通过 C 语言和宏指令进行控制,根据力反馈进行搜索孔和插孔,可以完成沿任意方向的精密装配操作.平均装配时间1.8s.

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