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    The ture-over flap of the frontalis muscle used for eye-socket depression with contraction of the conjunctival capsule
    Theaim of the thesis is to compare the stress-strain relationship of temporomandibular ligament with joint capsule,ob-serve different effect of ligament and joint capsule in TMJ movement.
    The eight patients were operated with bilaminar zone suspension to its posterior temporalis fascia,cross-suture between disk and lateral capsule, and intra-capsular condylectomy;
    In recent years the authors have used a turn-over flap of the frontalis muscle to treat eye-socket depression with contraction of the conjunctival capsule.
    The results demonstrated as follows: the TMJ capsule, anterior and posterior disc attachments all contained LENK immunoreactive nerve fibers which appeared largely as the fine plexi fibers.
    Result: During cap stage and early bell stage, the expression of MMP-20 mRNA was negative in enamel organ, dental papilla and dental sac and that of TIMP-1 mRNA could be observed in dental papilla;
    结果:帽状期及钟状早期,成釉器、牙乳头及牙MMP-20 mRNA表达阴性; TIMP-1 mRNA 在牙乳头表达;
    During P2-10 d(crown development stage), collagen Ⅲ was expressed possitively in ameloblasts,enamel matrix,odontoblasts,predentin, dental papilla cells,dental sac cells and pulp tissues.
    出生后P2~10d牙冠发育成熟期:成釉细胞、釉基质、成牙本质细胞、前期牙本质、牙乳头细胞、牙细胞、牙髓组织等均表达阳性( + );
    In early bell stage, FGF18 was found in both inner/outer enamel epithelial cells and dental sac cells,as well as in osteoblast and chondrocyte,and weak staining in dental papilla cells, negative staining in stratum intermedium and stellate reticulum cells.
    钟状晚期,内釉上皮和外釉上皮分化为成釉细胞和成牙本质细胞,并分泌釉质和牙本质基质,此时 FGF在具有分泌功能的成牙本质细胞和成釉细胞表达强阳性,牙乳头细胞和牙细胞阳性,星网状层阴性。 提示FGF18可能参与牙胚的发生、细胞分化和基质矿化,但对牙胚的形态发生可能作用较小。
    Tooth eruption requires the presence of the dental follicle, a loose connective tissue sac that surrounds the enamel organ, which is origined from the ectomesenchyme. It is critical in tooth eruption and formation of periodontal tissue.
    At cap stage, Msxl could induce BMP-4 to play a role in the differentiation of odontoblast, and Msx2 could induce differentiation of dental papilla cells, dental sac cells and enamel epithelium cells, and it also initiated the apoptosis of enamel knots.
    帽状期,MSXI诱导BMP-4生成,从而参与了成牙本质细胞的分化; MSXZ与牙乳头、牙间充质细胞以及内外釉上皮的进一步分化有关,而其在釉结区域的过表达与釉结的生长停滞和凋亡有着密切联系。
    Results The number of Ki-67+ cells in epithelial lining is related to that of S-100+ cells in cyst wall(P<0.05), however, there is no correlation between Ki-67+ cells and S-100+ cells in epithelial lining (P>0.05).
    Methods The characteristics of 92 cases of maxillofacial cyst from 1990 to 1998 in our hospital were collected and analysed.
    方法 对我院 1990~ 1998年间收治、经组织学确认的 92例口腔颌面部性病变特点进行回顾性分析。
    Results In 92 cases of maxillofacial cyst,there were 48 cases of cyst of soft tissues,accountinng for 52.2%; 44 cases of cyst of jaw,accounting for 47.8%.
    结果  92例颌面部性病变中 ,软组织肿 48例 ( 5 2 .2 0 % ) ,颌骨肿 44例 ( 4 7.80 % )。
    The cystic occurred as three variants: (1) simple unicystic 7(50%) ,(2) cyst associated with odontoma 4(28.6%),(3) ameloblastomatous 3(15.8%) and neoplasms showed ameloblasfibromatous or adenomatoid odontogenic tumor.
    型COC又可分为 3个亚型 :单纯肿型 7例 (5 0 % ) ,肿伴牙瘤型4例 (2 8.6 % ) ,肿伴成釉细胞瘤型 3例 (1 5 .8% ) ; 实体肿瘤型COC以成釉细胞纤维瘤型或者其他牙源性肿瘤间杂型为主。
    Methods To puncture and draw out cystic liquid after routine disinfection :2.5% iodine 0.2~2.0 ml was injeced depending on cyst size. Bigger cysts were injected with 0.1 ml Dexamethasone.
    方法 常规消毒 ,穿刺抽出液 ; 根据肿大小注射 2 .5 %碘酊 0 .1~ 1 .0ml,肿较大者可加 0 .1ml的地塞米松一起注射。

Prolongation of Azospirillum cultivation to five days introduced new glucose-containing polysaccharide components in the capsule.
The basic sources of vibroaccelerations acting upon the frames of devices are determined in the capsule zone, where technological processes of producing new materials take place.
In the frequency band of 1-500 Hz the vibroaccelerations are shown to be generated by the operation of Fotonspacecraft units and a drive of capsule translation during the technological process.
On the capsule frame they reach the values of (1-3) × 10-3g.
In this case, the vehicle is a composite construction consisting of two rigid bodies, a return capsule and a stabilizing block, which is put in rotation.
Most embryo sacs degenerated, and only about 4.5% of the ovules contained a normal embryo sac with an egg cell, two synergids, three antipodal, and a central cell containing two polar nuclei.
Reserve nutrients were accumulated by the musculocutaneous sac elements at the procercoid stage and, later, by the glandular and tegumental cells.
New data have been considered concerning the previously unknown intraembryonic hemopoietic organ in mammals, a region of aorta-gonad-mesonephros arising in embryogenesis simultaneously with the yolk sac.
Cytophotometric measurements of Feulgen-DNA were carried out in the nuclei of embryo sac cells of Haemanthus albiflos and Ornithogalum caudatum.
Formation of nonreduced gametes in the embryo sac was induced by low temperature (4-7°C).
Thyroglossal duct carcinoma, which is usually diagnosed postoperatively, is a rare malignant tumor arising in the thyroglossal duct cyst.
Two cases were diagnosed as thyroglossal duct cyst prior to the operation, the remaining one as dermoid cyst.
Primary thyroglossal duct carcinoma should conform to the following criteria: localization of the carcinoma to a clearly demonstrable thyroglossal duct cyst or tract; clinically or histologically confirmed absence of carcinoma of the thyroid gland.
The obligatory heterogenous tissue cyst-forming coccidia of the genus Sarcystosis are regarded as an excellent example of the specific coexistence of two organisms, i.e., the host and parasite.
Of special interest is the parasite's ability to persist in this host at the stage of tissue cyst or sarcocyst.
Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel ice gene from Capsella bursa-pastoris
A new ice gene (designated as Cbice53, an inducer of CBF expression) was cloned from Capsella bursa-pastoris by rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE).
Isolation and characterization of a novel dehydrin gene from Capsella bursa-pastoris
A novel dehydrin gene designated as Cbcor29 was cloned from Capsella bursa-pastoris by rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) and genome walker technique.
Our study led to the conclusion that the Cbcor29 gene is a new member of the dehydrin gene family and might exert functions in responsiveness to drought, cold, and salt in Capsella bursa-pastoris.

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