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     It is found that the externals scored significantly higher on personal relationships,recognition,job monotonousness,role ambiguity,home/work balance,skill underutilization,job future ambiguity,social support from supervisor and other people at work than the internals,but opposite findings were found on responsibility for people and things,job satisfaction,mental health and self esteem.
     Objective Evaluation of the study hypothesis and standards of rational use of medicines while utilization of health service is insufficient in the rural areas.
     This paper proves the relationship between the middle school library and the new course reformation, the importance of middle school library in comprehensive practical activity course implementing by theory, reveals the actuality that middle school libraries are not fully used and offers some opinions and proposals through survey data.
     (3) 30% of N in pods was remobilized from leaves,affected slightly by the amount of N fertilizer,about 35%~10% from stem and branches,decreased as the increasing of N fertilizer,less than 5% from roots,30%~60% from soil after the beginning of flower was increased as the increasing of N fertilizer.
     来自根系中N素的再利用不足5%; 来自开花后从土壤中吸收的N素约为30%~60%,随施N量的增加而增加。
     When we use controls of MSComm in VC++6.0 to realize serial communication,the behavior of real time is poor, the application of system resources is insufficiency, so it is not satisfied with the request of high speed serial communication's acquisition system.
     At present,the development of edible rapeseed protein and cottonseed protein is very little for immature detoxification technology.
     目前我国对大豆蛋白开发利用最多 ,而对于菜籽蛋白和棉籽蛋白 ,由于脱毒技术等原因 ,开发利用不足
     The Research to Exporting of Dynamic Diesel Engine Because of Its Nonlinear Character
     The income is the main factor that influences the rate of health service utilization.

It may underutilize resources and consequently be costly or unreliable if the requirements are too stringent.
Ethnic minorities, particularly the elderly, have been noted to underutilize health care services and programs.
Studies consistently report that, compared to non-Latino Whites, Latinos underutilize mental health services, are less likely to receive guideline congruent care, and rely more often on primary care for services.
International and minority populations tend to underutilize mental health services, including marriage and family therapy.
Tendencies to perceive ambiguity as threatening, to be imperceptive of subtle differences among stimuli, and to underutilize available information in decision making were considered manifestations of cognitive simplicity.
An Asian and an English sample were found to have almost identical consultation rates, suggesting that factors affecting doctor-patient interaction are responsible for Asians' underutilization of psychiatric facilities.
Changes in hemoglobin Alc levels with niacin appear to be clinically insignificant and, therefore, the relative underutilization of niacin in diabetic patients is probably not warranted based on the most recent data.
The reasons for this appears, at least in part, to be due to a greater burden of baseline risk factors, longer delays prior to seeking medical care, and underutilization of aggressive treatment strategies in high-risk individuals.
Further evaluation is needed to delineate contributory factors and the possible underutilization of rhGH.
In contrast, cachexia is characterized by maladaptive responses such as anorexia, elevated basic metabolic rate, wasting of lean body tissue, and underutilization of fat tissue for energy.
It is shown that an integrated approach to energy saving in production systems can ensure the optimal use of underutilized energy resources in technological processes.
Psychiatric illness is overrepresented among the homeless, but mental health services are underutilized in this population in proportion to their needs.
The solution to this dilemma is available in the form of mechanical circulatory support such as the technically refined intraaortic counterpulsation (IABP), but it appears to be underutilized according to a number of recent studies.
Though better tools have surfaced in the mid 1970's, they are still underutilized in certain fields, particularly in herpetology.
Despite the compelling scientific and clinical trial evidence that lipid-lowering medications reduce mortality in patients after acute myocardial infarction, this life-saving therapy continues to be underutilized.


建筑施工是人类生产的一个特殊部门,其特性是产品固定不动,体积庞大,所处的地理条件复杂不一,因此建筑工地的运输就具有下列五个特点,即: 1.建筑材料的多样性,运输工具型式众多, 2.现场地理条件的复杂性,运输方式种类不一, 3.施工组织设计的易变性,运输计划适应困难, 4.建筑工地运输的单向性,车辆载重利用不足, 5.工地道路的临时性,行车调度不易合理。建筑事业工业化是解决建筑工地运输问题的基本方向。

As one of the main mineral resources in Gansu province, coal holds an important position in the production and consumption of energy. We are now confronted by a contradiction between coa need and its production and also by a problom of how to utilize coal reasonably. One of the ways to solve these problems is hoa to have a more reasonable distribution of coal industry, a better comprehensive utilization of coal and a faster acceleration of energy construction.


Experimental study has confirmed that the fluctuation of load leads to dynamic effect and power output reducing of Diesel engine.This paper attempts to prove that the nonlinearity of Diesel output characteristic is also the reason for insufficient utility of its power output,and a calculating method is given.


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