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  processing logic
    Original port management information system has been used mature framework-Struts, has separated show logic, business logic and processing logic, but for the data layer still following the traditional way DAO + JDBC + Database, has produced a large number of SQL statements.
    The three-tier B/S pattern has been invented along with the development of the Internet/Intranet. It separates the business and processing logic of the two-tier C/S pattern from the client and the web server alone in one tier of the C/S pattern undertakes its duty.
    The best decision - making and aided datable management function are realized by decision - making analizing system according to certain processing logic through some rich DBA experience.
    As an application server mode based on the Web, the system introduces three-hierarchy structure corresponding to its three-class processing logic directly, that is, adding a middleware or application server between client computer and server.
  process logic
    VB process blueprint is an oriented Visual Basic programming language, diagrammatized representation for program process logic.
    VB过程蓝图是一种面向Visual Basic语言的程序处理逻辑图表化表示法。
    Visual FoxPro process blueprint is an oriented Visual FoxPro programming language, diagrammatized representation for program process logic.
    Visual FoxPro过程蓝图是一种面向Visual FoxPro语言的程序处理逻辑图表化表示法。
    Business object is the basic object processed by the activity of enterprise operation, such as order, invoice, and inventory item. Business process describes the process logic of business object.
    The MRP Ⅱ system offers the manufacturing industry the scientlfic management theory and process logic.
    This paper puts forward PASCAL process blueprint,an oriented standard PASCAL programming language,diagrammatized representation for program process logic.
    Second, the page describe application model, and the application mode is same as PSM (Platform-Specific Model) in MDA, it is made up of interface model, data model, operation logic model.
    接着对应用模型进行描述,应用模型主要由界面模型、数据模型和处理逻辑模型三部分组成,对应MDA思想中的PSM(Platform-Specific Mode)。
    It primarily includes following parts:web page configuration,dealing with logic configuration,user database configuration,mailbox configuring configuration,bulletin board system and chat room configuring configuration,reminding information database configuration,downloading file library configuration and so on.
    For the assembly scheduling control, logic model and construction frames of intelligent dynamic scheduling are established.
    When it conies to the traditional client/cerver application program, in order to meet various demand of companies or organizations, Client program need to provide UI, transfer data and execute logic. If some rule or formula has some changes , the client program must be rewritten ,debugged, compiled and linked again, so the efficiency is very low.
    Exceptions may arise from erroneous process definition, shortage of resources, communication failures, changes in organizational structure.

  processing logic
It allows a traceable validation strategy using modular objects which encapsulate documentation, analytical data and processing logic.
After a delay that matches the latency of the data processing logic, the trigger signal enables the latching of the output register.
Also, the packet needs to be captured at eth0 interface of the receiving physical host and transferred to the packet processing logic.
As described earlier, trends in semiconductor technology are aggravating the barriers between memory and processing logic.
Configurations with multiple samplers and processing logic are reported to reach bandwidths of 2.5 GHz.6 Figure 2.
  process logic
The main purpose of this paper is to contribute to the development of Pratt's [12, 13] process logic by presenting a modest language for this logic in which some reasonably powerful class of connectives is definable.
Semantically, Pneuli's [9, 10] temporal semantics is incorporated into that of process logic.
A Process Logic Comparison Approach to Support Business Process Benchmarking
Process logic comparison (PLC) paid attention to the differences between company's operations and partners' operations to discover improvement opportunities has become the most important task in process benchmarking.
In Web-based information commerce it is diffcult to disentangle presentation from process logic, and sometimes even data is not separate from the presentation.

CAD——computer-aided design——gives us wide supports of computer for design work by machine interaction, such as data processing, logical decision, numerical coraputing, pictorial display and automatic plotting,etc. Basedon the practical work of the computer -aided design in circuit principle diagrams, this paper has made a functinal analysis of the application of the software and offered some ideas to improve it.


This paper introduces a structure model of statistical tables which is widely applicable in use,a processing Logic with natural language expressed and its BNF form.Based on this model,this paper,meanwhile,gives the functional model for statistical tables which are user-oriented

本文提出了一种具有广泛适用性的统计报表的结构模型和类自然语言表达的处理逻辑及其 BNF 表示,本文还给出了基于这种表模型实现的,面向最终用户的通用报表处理系统的功能模型。

Based on gradual detailed principle of data chart and step-by-step resolution principle ofcontrol structure diagram, we find the corresponding relations between the logical model on datachart and the physical one on control structure diagram, therefore. realizing rapid design from datachart to control structure diagram.


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