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  control criterion
     Discussion on Control Criterion for Starting and Loading of LargeSteam Turbines
     3. The regression analysis on the maximum of uplift loads is conducted. Basedon the control criterion for the stabilization of apron slabs, the formula of the safewater-cushion depth is deduced.
     It has analysed the case of rock-burst in dong tan colliery ,drew the reason condition of realized and control criterion of rock-burst .
     It has engaged in theory study and analysis calculation on soft rock deformation character in high sress and mechanics mechanism and model of stress divert process and advanced supporting control criterion by way of establishing mechanics model of round rock deformation. the violent deformation of roadway has been controlled in the practice. Steady of roadway has been kept.
     通过建立围岩变形破坏的力学模型 ,对高应力软岩变形破坏特征、力学机制、应力转移过程模式进行理论研究分析计算 ,提出了支护控制准则 ,工程实例中控制了巷道强烈变形 ,保持了巷道的稳定 ,为高应力软岩巷道控制提供了依据
  control standard
     This disquisition aimed at PLC reactive dispatch curve controller,associating the entire exploiting process,expounded in guiding ideology,control standard,function and structure design,software system design,analog experiment,fixing and debugging and so on,also part of flow schematic diagram (the ladder chart wasn't drawn because of too many network and length limit).
     To develop the function of CSD in managing risks, a series of risk control standard should be set up.
     为了充分发挥中央结算机构在风险管理中的功能 ,应当为其建立一套风险控制准则
  control criteria
     By combining the analysis of small-sized accounting firms,the new and the old auditing criteria about business quality control are compared in this paper. Measures of improvement for both old and hew ocuditing criteria are discussed to study the favorable conditions brought by quality control criteria for accounting firms and CPA.
     In this paper, based on the socialist price principles of China, the macroeconomic price system equations and optimal control criteria are proposed by means of modern control theory and the input-output analysis in the practice of China's price adjustment.
     It uses XACML for the description of access control criteria based on the use of attribute certificate.
     The detection and control criteria based on the threshold was also proposed and effectively applied to the control of the iterative algorithm and the judgment of the separation effect.
     Evaluation criteria in design stage for vibration stability of the units are recommended. Finally, an example of engineering application is given.
     建议在设计阶段评价机组振动稳定性的设计准则——避开共振准则、避免相碰准则、振动控制准则、疲劳强度设计准则等 ,并给出了工程应用实例。
     In this paper, some problems concerming the study of design criteria of crack control, tensile stress limit coefficient method and the calculation of secondary moment in the design of PPC frame strucfure are presented.
     The semi-active control strategy is established and implemented by ANN.
     The exterior environment also can exert the pressure and push to the enterprises that enable them to improve and perfect the interior control automatically.
     In this paper a hybrid control system of structure using neural networks is introdced,a multi layer feed forward neural network with BP algorithm has been trained as an emulator to simulate the hybrid control system of structure and to forecast the future responses of the structure under ground mtion.
     介绍结构混合控制的神经网络方法.以模型结构振动台实验记录为训练样本,训练一个作为控制器使用的多层前向BP 网络来模拟结构的控制准则,并用来模拟未来作动器控制力的大小;

  control criterion
Developing the control criterion for a continuous culture of microorganisms
Based on the analysis of a mathematical model of the steady state of a microbial population in the chemostat, an adequate control criterion is suggested, along with a method to identify the corresponding control factors.
The new control criterion is expressed as a product of the factor transformation coefficient and the sensitivity coefficient (SC) of the biomass with respect to the change in the factor at the chemostat inlet (hereinafter, the biomass SC).
The control criterion determines the strength of the control exerted by a factor.
For the insufficiency and problems existing in normative methods, study on modern numerical method such as finite element method must be strengthened to find out the stress control criterion which is in accordance with the methods.
  control standard
Two analytical quality control standard reference materials IAEA-V-10 (hay powder) and IAEA-331 (spinach) were analyzed simultaneously with real samples.
Recovery of TBT from a control standard (NRCC CRM PACS-2 marine sediment) averaged 93.5±2.4% (n=14).
A total of 240 Wistar rats were randomly allocated to three dietary groups: (A) Vivonex HN, (B) Vivonex HN with 0.05% added cholesterol and (C) control standard powdered diet.
A silicon metal quality-control standard preparation by means of collaborative trials of Brazilian laboratories
A powdered silicon metal material was prepared as a quality-control standard to provide the Brazilian quality-control laboratories with a means to verify the quality of their results, when determining Ca, Al, Fe, Mn and Ti present as impurities.
  principle of control
The proposed principle of control, based on the nonlinear dynamics of PLL-coupled oscillators, can be used in solving the problems of phasing and controlled beam scanning in antenna arrays operating in different frequency bands.
Consideration is given to the magnetorheological principle of control of an electrohydraulic brake device.
Human newborns appear to regulate sucking pressure when bottle feeding by employing, with similar precision, the same principle of control evidenced by adults in skilled behavior, such as reaching (Lee et al., 1998a).
These results constitute an extension to nonlinear systems of the well-known method of "integral control" used in the design of linear regulators; and as such they provide an additional instance of the Internal Model Principle of control theory.
A mathematical assurance for a control system for a batch nonstationary process of polyme synthesis has been developed which uses the principle of control with respect to perturbation, with adaptation of a mathematical model.
  control criteria
This paper summarizes and illustrates basic complex decisions involving several control criteria under each of the BOCR merits.
We prospectively studied 19 patients who fulfilled the Centers for Disease Control criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome and 11 controls.
To determine whether such changes affect bone turnover and bone mass, we studied 16 HIV-seropositive patients, classified according to Centers for Disease Control criteria, and 27 healthy controls.
The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) criteria (1988) were used to assess significance: group 1: pathogenic species (616 episodes; 59%); group 2: clinical signs and isolation of a "contaminant" species (47; 4.5%); group 3: as in group 2 with an i.v.
The present report of 512 consecutive patients hospitalized for common digestive surgery assesses the medical outcome of nosocomial infection (NI) using Center for Disease Control criteria.

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