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  output torque
     Load (output torque of the rotor) is another factor influencing the flow-speed characteristic. Tests show that the torque of the screwdrill under the optimum working condition is 50~70 percent of the braking torque.
     负载(转子输出扭矩)是影响流量—转速特性的另一重要因素,试验表明,螺杆钻具在最佳工况时的扭矩是制动扭矩的50%~70%。 按螺杆钻具在不同流量下的扭矩—转速特性,为适应牙轮钻头钻井工况的要求,设计马达时应尽量降低转速,提高输出扭矩
     Do experiment to the motor prototype, and the test results are in agreement with the theoretical analysis results essentially. To the prototype the rotary velocity is 3308.6microradian/sec, the output torque is 0.294N·m, and the minimum stepping angle (rotary resolution) is 0.206 microradian.
     测试结果与理论分析结果基本相符,所开发样机的旋转速度可达3308.6μrad/s、输出扭矩为0.294N·m、单步最小转角(旋转分辨率)为 0.206μrad。
     To analyze and predict the power train of metal V-belt type of continuously variable transmission(CVT)with torque converter,after modeling the power train of CVT and analyzing its working process with ADAMS/DRIVELINE,the curve of turbine output torque,CVT output shaft torque,the curve of CVT output shaft angle velocity and angle acceleration are obtained.
     The simulation result of turbine output torque and CVT output shaft torque shows that the output torque is the lowest from 1st second to 3rd second,the output torque changes frequently in this time,which will make passenger uncomfortable.
     After using these methods, now the output torque of the prototype motor is more than 4 Nm.
     经模态简并后的纵扭复合型超声波电机原理性样机 ,最大输出扭矩已超过 4Nm。
  torque output
     The results showed that the actuator prototype works stably and reliably,its rotating speed can reach 2990.6 μrad/s,the torque output is 0.147 N·m,the minimum stepping angle(angular resolution) is less than 0.32 μrad,and the rotor can rotate around the axis for 360° continuously.
     测试结果表明,所开发的驱动器样机旋转速度可达2990.6μrad/s、输出扭矩0.147 N. m、最小旋转步距(旋转分辨率)小于0.32μrad,运动行程为连续360°,驱动器性能稳定可靠。
     The experiments show that the maximum torque output stops increasing and gets a maximum value when the excitation volt for torsional vibration reaches 300 V. The motor's maximum torque output is 1?
     在实验中发现 :电机的最大输出扭矩并不总是随扭振激振电压Vt 的增大而增大 ,当扭振子输入电压达到 30 0V以后 ,电机的最大输出扭矩不再增加 ,而是有一最大值 ,当扭振子输入电压达到 35 0V时 ,电机的最大输出扭矩达 1N·m .
     After improvement, the power is taken off from the output shaft of the clutch, therefore 90% of the power of the motor can be taken off, and the torque output of the drumworks is increased from 660kN·m to 1010kN·m.
     改进后的取力器是由离合器输出轴上取力 ,取力功率从原为主机功率的 6 0 %增至 90 %,使通井机滚筒输出扭矩从 6 6 0kN·m增至 10 10kN·m ,提高了设备的载荷能力。
     When natural gas is taken as fuel, its good properties will not have full scope, and this results in a reduction of 9% ~ 15% of power output and 4% ~ 10% of torque output of the engine, and in an effect on the dynamic behaviour of the automobile.
     adjustable rotating speed and torque, large torque output and high efficiency. The maximum torque output of the device is 95 kN. m
  driving torque
     The relation between parameters suce as diameter,length,lead of the mobile ground anchor and properties of physical mechanics of soil,etc with driving torque of power unit of the mobile ground anchor vehicle is described through theoretic calculation methods and experience formulae.
     A Study of Testing Method for Output Torsional Power and Efficiency from the Gear box of LG 4 Heater with Rolling Fire Bars Group
     Carrying on the test underthe high-pressure pump function of the model QL-270 .Through testing, at 0.8MPa, output torsion meets cleaning requirement basically and at about 500r/min of rotational speed, the total efficiency reaches the most effective about 22.67%.
     the trial indicate it can add speed for 8 times and deliver the ideal torsion and the slip rate is within 2%.
     on the other side, it can improve the magnetic circuit efficiency of the torque motor because of the magnetic fluid’s larger magnetic permeability.
     Then two sets instrument,SEC Shaft HorsePower meter and WDC 1605A Current Ship Power Measurement System,are analyzed,emphasizing on basic principle,performance,installation and operation on-board.

  output torque
Changing the application of electric field between the two discs, the output torque of ER actuator can be controlled to amplify the torque of input signal to overcome the load and friction.
This paper proposes a scheme for controlling the output torque of a harmonic drive actuator equipped with a torque sensor.
Calibration of the electromagnetic brake is accomplished with static beam bending measurements and indicates a maximum peripheral rotor output force of 0.6 milliNewton corresponding to an output torque near 0.3 microNewton-meter.
Intersubject differences appeared in the mechanical output (torque joint) per muscle group.
Then, it is shown that for a constant input velocity, dynamicaleffects due to the tripod joint are negligible versus static effects.Accordingly, an inverse kinetostatic model with a constant inputvelocity and a constant output torque is introduced.
  torque output
The torque output in a permanent magnet brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is usually controlled by regulating the motor phase currents.
Since the GAS muscle crosses the knee joint, flexion of the knee reduces the length of this muscle, thus limiting its contribution to torque output.
By comparing the pulses with the visual input the system continuously measures and adjusts the efficacy of the torque output.
A secondary purpose was to compare the method error associated with maximal voluntary concentric and eccentric torque output over a range of testing velocities.
The effect of β-adrenergic blockade on torque output and leg blood flow was examined in seven healthy young men during repeated maximal isometric voluntary contractions of the triceps surae muscle group.
  driving torque
The high pulsation of the driving torque of the HT results in the poor speed stability.
Also, dynamic effects in vehicle turning were investigated to assess the proper driving torque.
Calculation of power losses and driving torque in spherical symmetry induction motor
-The scalar magnetic potential and current function I have applied in the analysis.-The formulae have been derived for the power losses and driving torque acting on the rotor.
At every iteration, the rate of decay was adjusted so that the average drag torque was roughly balanced with the driving torque.

The mechanical process of cutting rock in the bottom of a hole is not clear, it can be meant by a "black-box" controlling system, its import ( P, n. Q, etc. ) and export ( torque M, power N etc. )can be controlled and measured. The relation between the import and export can be simulated by a computer. Author made experiments 524 times for 17 kinds of rocks and established two formulae of computation power. Applying the new power formulae, the forecasting and control can be made.It will give a forecasting range...

The mechanical process of cutting rock in the bottom of a hole is not clear, it can be meant by a "black-box" controlling system, its import ( P, n. Q, etc. ) and export ( torque M, power N etc. )can be controlled and measured. The relation between the import and export can be simulated by a computer. Author made experiments 524 times for 17 kinds of rocks and established two formulae of computation power. Applying the new power formulae, the forecasting and control can be made.It will give a forecasting range of power with the degree of confidence 95% as normal drilling. Experiments have shown that when the actual power quantity of cutting . bottom rock exceeds the forecasting upper limit with violent surge of power curve, burning of the diamond bit will occur in a very short time.


By means of the simple technique, this article analyzes the relationship between the rotational speed and the output torque of an alternate slip—ring motor. Then it analyzes the operation state of drum—winding rope—cage subsystems with considering the elastic stretch of the rope and establishes a mathematical model of the operation of the system. The computer modelling results are satisfactory.


By analysing the passive self-locking bearing, the conditions which can satisfy the requirments of stable rotation for the self-locking bearings are derived, and defining that the transmission efficiency of self-locking bearing at dynamic balance state under uniform motion condition is 96%, the relation between output torque, speed and spring force at the same condition are cleared, the unstable friction state is also analysed in this article.


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