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  multiple effects
     The online game has powerful attraction,social cause give birth to multiple effects and teenagers also obtain satisfaction of mental requirement.
     (2) The regularity of the skin tissue injury was the result of multiple effects of heat origin injury, increase of capillary permeability and the change in tissue mass.
     (2 )皮肤组织损伤的变化规律是热源损伤、毛细血管通透性增加、组织重量变化等多重作用的结果。
  multiple roles
     The accomplishment of orthodontic treatment is relied on remodeling of periodontal tissues. And this remodeling is influenced by multiple roles include steroid hormones, local regulating factors and the oral system function.
     The reinforced concrete structures in the relevant projects in the Western China are to be damaged from the erosion of salt ions with high concentration and the multi-action of both the freeze-thaw and the dry-wet cycles,and then the normal concrete therein is often heavily damaged from the superimposed effect of all these damages.
  multiple actions
     Factors which affect the properties of the BaTiO3 PTC Ceramics are reviewed. Interactions and multiple actions of some factors were analysed as well.
     [Conclusion]Dantong capsule can prevent the formation of pigmental stones, the mechanism of which may be associated with its multiple actions such as protecting hepatic cells as well as gallbladder tissue, maintaining biosynthesis normality of solid component in the gallbladder bile, action of anti-bacteria, and so on.





      multiple action
    These different effects of zinc can be explained by its multiple action on the metabolism of androgen hormones, estrogen and progesterone, together with the prostaglandins.
    Carvedilol is a new multiple action agent displaying nonselective β-blockade without intrinsic sympathicomimetic activity, α1-adrenoceptor blockade (probably responsible for its vasodilator activity), and possibly also calcium antagonist properties.
    Occlusion experiments indicate that the 4-AP-elicited increase in area of the response was likely the result of multiple action potential discharge, an effect also present in dorsal root but not ventral root fibers (Bowe et al.
    The role of multiple action agents in hypertension
    The multiple action of ice flows prevents the occurrence of sessile forms in the shallower areas, where a low-diversity community, dominated by motile animals, was found.
      multiple effects
    The observed multiple effects of BHT are due to its antioxidative properties (the structural BHT analog 3,5-di-tert-butyltoluene is physiologically inert; it has no effect similar to that of BHT).
    Numerous facts are summarized with the goal of developing a general concept that would allow the statement of the multiple effects of NO on various systems of living organisms in the form of a short and comprehensive law.
    Multiple Effects of B Chromosomes in Maize Populations
    Thyroid hormone has multiple effects on the cardiovascular
    Angiotensin II (ANG II) has multiple effects on cardiovascular and renal cells, including vasoconstriction, cell growth, induction of proinflammatory cytokines, and profibrogenic actions.
      multiple roles
    Cytosolic calcium-dependent phospholipase A2 (cPLA2) has multiple roles including production of arachidonic acid (a key player in cellular signaling pathways) and membrane remodeling.
    Pdx-1 played multiple roles in maintaining the phenotype of the islet during embryogenesis in zebrafish.
    Transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) has diverse and multiple roles throughout the body.
    Then we use information derived from recent experiments of targeted mutagenesis in mice to show that, consistent with temporally regulated expression, different integrins serve multiple roles in developing nerve.
    Vasoactive factors have been shown to play multiple roles in the adaptation of the heart to chronic overload, affecting both vascular tone and cell growth.
    As a result, presses with increased precision and multi-action tooling are being used routinely by advanced companies around the world.
    Although we still have single-issue responsibilities, we must also continue to use multi-determinant and multi-action strategies.
    BUILD--Create dozens of devices from simple levers to multi-action robots.
    In each country there should be multi-action project/program intervention implemented over a number of years and supported by government and donors.
    Stakeholders Analysis is used here as a general term for the various techniques or methods that specifically concentrate on the multi-action issue.

    Factors which affect the properties of the BaTiO3 PTC Ceramics are reviewed. Interactions and multiple actions of some factors were analysed as well.


    The evolutionary metallogeny may be divided into 5 periods(Ma):(1) Finelithosphere plates. Epochs of folding and development of greenstone belts (3800~3000);(2)Formation of the main bulk of the continental crust(3000~2700);(3) First supercon-tinents. Beginning of the action of the plate tectonics mechanism(2700~1800);(4)Multi-ple processing of the primary continental crust(1800~600);(5) Deep mantle differentia-tion,domination of the processes of tectonomagmatic differentiation(600~0).


    The two-year test conducted in the seven counties of Linyi of shandong province proved that the induced disease resistance ageht SRS2 could control tobacco brown spot better.Tthe control effect reached 60%-85% and it showed good pharmacological characteristics.SRS2 could also control wildfire,tobacco vein mottle and black shank of tobacco evidently.There was no environmental pollution in applying SRS2.


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