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  times background
    The thesis has made a comprehensive study on Jin Shengtan ' s current times background, family life experience, personal life experience, tragic fate & his political, philosophic ideas, ideological system of literary criticism, aesthetics thoughts & arts of composition, techniques of commentary, modernism of his commentary thoughts, and the effects of his commentary on later ages & the study conditions on him at different stages both national and international.
    In the first part, the paper selects some important comment about Libai's peculiar interest, and then indicate that although their times background were not identical, and their literature ideological trend is distinct, so that they made different conclusion to Libai, they all approved his peculiar interest.
    Finally,the thesis deeply analyzed that why the motif of shui hu drama was changed from the times background and authors themselves.
    Regards the development of commodity economy at the end of the Ming Dynasty and the times background of the propagation of YangMing XinXue,I tries to inspect the creative style of Popular Novels in this times.
    is firstly laid up under the times background with " the Grand Magazine", and many kinds of factors giving rise to his , for the publication of next is studied and is provided the basis explained.
  time background
    Pioneer thought about 1985 was caused under special time background and historical condition. It had much connect with political and economical background in 1980s.
    We must unify a time background and individual background analysis, in order to has a clear understanding to the poetics formation and the evolution.
    With an eye to the role of the feminine in the novels, and the basic attitude of their authors' to them, along with the time background and literature atmosphere when the novels are created, this article analyzed the authors' concepts on creation and the feminine.
    Section one: comparison between their writingcareer on the basis of time background which is the research objective of the essay as well as groundwork to part two.
    第一部分主要以时代背景为基础比较研究了沈连沫和尹东柱的创作生涯。 关于两位诗人创作生涯的比较不仅其本身具有意义,同时对于他们诗精神的比较研究具有重要的意义。
    The main content is:1、Stating the lives of Caocao,Caopi and Caorui, clarifying time background.
  era background
    In terms of macroscopic, the Elegant Ci Poetry Genre is put on the heavy frame of the social era background, culture background of period and the academic background in the Southern Song Dynasty to explore thoroughly its Development rheology, writer works, literary theory, artistic achievement and localization among the Southern Song Dynasty culture.
    Xiao Hong was the spokesman of the writing of era background and culture context in 1930' and 1940',while Chi zijian was 80' and 90'. Their writing attitude between radicial and conservative made their creation reflect women's writing and consciousness in the delamma.
    Taking the love characteristic of gifted-scholar romance into account at the era background of change of philosophy ideological trend, this thesis analyzes the ideal love mode, independent love pursue of " in Confucian against Confucian", and pure love behave restrained themselves.
    The chapter combine wiht era background at that time, family's social standing background and circumstances in life, probes into the odjective cause of forming the poem contents and its poem style .
    However, combining the era background , the cultural atmosphere and the analysis of the Chinese intellectuals' psychology, we can draw a conclusion that the so-called "The Aim of Fishing Is Not in the Fish" just implies the contradictory mentality of these scholars: they wanted to refuse the political fames but still unwittingly welcomed them.
  historical background
    This is closely related with the historical background, literary and Buddhist thought, and the poet's own idea of Buddhism.
    Centering on the thoughts in the study of Ci from the Tang and Five Dynasties to North Song, the dissertation has had a thorough exploration of the historical background, a macroscopic discussion of the relation between the thoughts of Ci and the thoughts of society and culture, an explicit outline of the development of the thoughts of Ci, and a detailed analysis of the specific situations on each stage of their development.
    The transmutation of historical background and evolution of author and movement of reader's expectant view were the reason of properity of the 1990s' urban essay.
    to analyze the aesthetic values under certain historical background and conclude that Bai' s narrative poems show distinct individuality both in content and artistry, which illustrates the key feature of "The Marvels out of Plainness";
    This thesis is written from the historical and whole perspective, putting myths in Han dynasty into the particular historical background, through mastering its age features and seeking age reasons from social background, try to outline this epoch-making significant artistic phenomenon.





  times background
Samples were withdrawnfrom the river when the specific conductivity of the streamexceeded a threshold value of two times background.
One location in particular (Ladymoor, a former smelting site) was highly contaminated with Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn at more than 20 times background levels.
Any indication above this limit on a wipe survey or above two times background with a survey instrument is considered to be contamination.
Any indication above this limit on a wipe survey or above two times background with a survey meter is considered to be contamination.
Any indication above this limit on a swipe survey or above two times background with a survey instrument is considered to be contamination.
  time background
The conservation laws hold for fields generated by insular sources embedded into an asymptotically flat-space-time background.
We also investigate the potential of the model in Minkowski domain with cosmological time background and draw physical consequences about the dynamics of the model.
A model of a sourceless Abelian ?gauge wall? consisting of a singular magnetic field occupying the (y, z)-plane is examined in the context of a flat Robertson-Walker space-time background.
Axial symmetric configuration of Q matter in an ernst-space-time background
Pulsation of the vaporized material flow was compensated by real-time background correction and internal standardization, resulting in good accuracy and precision.
  historical background
A brief historical background of the development of the absolute stability theory was presented, and some of its methods and approaches, as well as the results obtained using them, were discussed.
The findings are discussed as providing historical background from the 1950s and 1960s for studying trends.
Fosfomycin trometamol: Historical background and clinical development
It has been demonstrated that the variations can be traced to the historical background, social structure and cultural patterns between polities.
Extant Korean historical documents are used as the source to acquire a general historical background on the ancient Korean "Three Kingdoms." The archaeological manifestation of warfare is examined.

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