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  tolerance capability
     The relationships between the interconnection topology and system fault tolerance capability are analysed, and the optimal designs of the NMRC systems are introduced.
     By the discussion and analysis of system functions and configuration, knowledge representation, error tolerance capability of the system,etc,the features of H-ES and presented.
     As a new technology, it products still have some shortages, such as expensive price, low expansibility, low capacity and Fault tolerance capability, and separation of NAS and SAN.
     A digital video server with very low bit rates is introducd. It encodes video with the integrated chip W9961CF. This video server can enhance the coding efficiency and the error tolerance capability of the network, which is useful for the high bit error rate network of coalmine.
     A field test was performed. The theoretical analysis and the experiment results both show that,by using this federated Kalman filter,the positioning accuracy and fault tolerance capability of the GPS/DR integrated navigation system can be greatly improved.
  tolerance capacity
     As one of the most important programming interface in cluster environment, MPI should equip with fault tolerance capacity to improve its reliability and availability.
     The Dirac symbol was used to represent the 16 level Hamilton discrete neural network. By using the computer simulation,the storage capacity and the error tolerance capacity of the model were studied and compared with the Hopfield model. The model was applied to recognize the 16 level gray or color patterns.
     This paper introduces the self-organizing map neural network(SOM_,presented by T. Kohonen,to recognize the lithology based on the log data.The method has many advantages especially in self-adaptation,self-organization and high fault tolerance capacity.Comparing with B-P algorithm,the method has small amount of calculation and fast convergence rate,and can automatically decide the kind of pattern without prior information.It has the same result with statistical method and logging interpretation.
     用 Kohonen 提出的自组织特征映射神经网络对测井数据进行岩性识别,该方法具有较强的自组织性、自适应性,有较高的容错能力。 与 B- P 算法相比较,计算量小,收效速度快,且不需要已知的先验信息而自动确定分类类别。
     These results reveal the essence of the structural fault tolerance capacity and show a new way for the analysis of the fault tolerance of neural networks.
     这些结果揭示了神经网络结构容错能力的本质 ,并提供了一种分析神经网络容错的新方法
     Experiments have proved that the method is beneficial to improve generalization,second development and tolerance capacity of disk failure. Accordingly it also can enlarge the character application range and strengthen the function of microcontroller system.
     An inequality related to the fault tolerant capability is derived,which indicates that the robustness and the fault tolerant capability can be improved with the enlargement of robustness index for the large-scale system.
     This paper analyses the basic concept of the data flow test at first,then discusses the relation of the data flow test criteria,presents the relation R and each pair of criteria C1 and C2. R(C1,C2) guarantees that C1 is better at detecting faults than C2 according to a particular measures of fault-detecting ability at last.
     该文首先分析了数据流测试基本概念,然后讨论了数据流测试准则之间的关系,最后针对测试准则C1和C2,提出了二者的关系R。 R(C1,C2)可保证在特定的错误检测度量方法下,C1比C2具有更好的检错能力
     Based on the worst-case response time schedulability analysis for fault-tolerant real-time systems, a new fault-tolerant priority assignment algorithm is proposed.
     Hamming distance has a close relationship with the ability of error correction and detection of codes,meanwhile due to Lee distance there exists a isome-try,Gray mapping, between (Z_4~N, Lee measurement) and (Z_2~(2N), Hamming measurement),henceforth Hamming distance and Lee distance are of important research value.
     These results can be applied to evaluate the error-correction capability of Hopfield continuous feedback associative memory and to synthesze the procedures of Hopfield continuous associative memory neural networks.

  tolerance capability
Its damage tolerance capability is also excellent at high temperature for High Speed Civil Transport structures.
If a failed joint is locked, the workspace of the resulting leg is constrained, but legged robots have fault tolerance capability to continue walking maintaining static stability.
In view of these facts, the principle of radical surgery must be weighed against the tolerance capability of the patient, especially in old people.
Colocassia esculentum (Araceae) plant was studied to know its tolerance capability to cadmium.
Since requirements on optical network availability are highly severe, we also propose an extension of the algorithm to provide fault-tolerance capability at the optical layer.
  tolerance capacity
The experimental results show that the saline tolerance capacity of H.
Ectopic overexpression of the ThCYP1 gene enhance the salt tolerance capacity of fission yeast and tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) cv.
nonagrioides is only related to the microclimate of the overwintering site and freezing tolerance capacity seems to be irrelevant.
The results from this study suggest that salt stress leads to the generation of superoxide in the cytosol and that the oxygen-scavenging system in the cytosol contributes to the salt tolerance capacity of B.
The levels of tolerance to acidity varied among these strains, which were tested and authenticated for their acid tolerance capacity under both in vitro and pot culture conditions.

The patterns of random and unidirectional errors are first analyzed in this paper Then, according to their protection capabilities against various error patterns, the random and unidirectional error-correcting/detecting codes are defined. Furthermore, the decoding algorithms of T4 code and their implementations are also discussed.


This paper presents a class of single B-adjacent chip error correcting codes suitable to error correcting of LSI memory chips. By employing these co-des, the error correcting ratio is 2b-1/2b. These codes can also be used to correctany error occurred on a single chip.


Based on complex rotary principle, a new code is proposed in this paper. It is shown that a prime p-th order Complex Rotary Code denoted by (p2 +p(d-1), p2, d) has a minimum distance d and code rate p/(p+d-1). It can detect errors up to p+1 or correct errors up to (p + 1)/2. The encoding procedure and decoding rule are simple enough to construct a device for controlling its error detecting and correcting capability which can be switched between an encoder and a decoder.


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