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  is given
    Fredholm equation is an important research subject in integral equation and the existence of solution is the important research content. The theorem of existence determination about the solution of Fredholm integral equation is given by using Daher theorem.
    Third,a nonlinear programming model is given for the coexistence of multi-prices on the basis of the convex function model.
    And the explicit expressions of the solutions are obtained by assuming D(λ)≠0 and |M|≠0.At last an example is given.
    在D(λ)≠0且|M|≠0的条件下,得到解的显式表达式. 最后给出一个具体的例子.
    Conclusion A recursion arithmetic method is given to compute the Hosoya index of a tree.
    The greatest strong P-congruence with P-trμN=πN on weakly P-inversive semi-groups S(P) is described and an abstract characterization of characteristic kernel normal system for S(P) is given.
    刻画了弱P-反演半群S(P)上满足P-trμN=πN的最大的强P-同余; 给出了S(P)上的特征核正规系的一种抽象刻画.
    Using the decompositions of Bezout matrix,resultant matrix and Hankel matrix,the authors get several new properties of these matrices above,which give the matrix expressin of coprime polynomials and supply a new method in dealing with polynomial problems.
    We study the approximation rate of functions of the Hω class and the Hω1 class by biharmonic Abel-Poisson operator,and give the upper and lower bound estimate of E(Hω,r) and E(Hω1,r).
    In this paper,we give the definition of an(∈,∈∨q(λ,μ))-convex fuzzy set and discuss some of the fundamental properties of such convex fuzzy set.
    In this paper,we give two new sufficient and necessary conditions for Banach spaces to be K-strictly convex by using Hahn-Banach continuation theorem and the number which is similar to K-dimensions volume.
    As a part of the author's work of enumerating the edge-forwarding indices of Frobenius graphs,I give a class of valency four Frobenius graphs derived from the Frobenius groups Z_(2n~2+2n+1)■Z_4.Following the method of X. G. Fang,C.
    We gave the characterizations of least extremal solutions of a linear inclusion y∈A(x) by the method of the orthogonal generalized inverse,it is necessary sufficient that u=A#(y).
    Gave the SK value of player i at each dot in time serial T = { t0 , t1, ...,tn}.
    In 1973,two great financial thcoristcs and practiccrs Fisher Black and Myron Scholes published their famous paper " The Pricing of Options and Corporate Liability " which gave the the Black-Scholes formula,an explicit formula of the pricing of European Option .
    1973年,两位伟大的金融理论家与实务家Fisher Black和MyronScholes发表了他们的著名论文“期权定价与公司债务”(The pricingof options and corporate liability),给出了欧式期权定价的显式表达式,即著名的Black-Scholes公式。
    Furthermore, in 1996, Yen [47] gave an estimate of the number n_1 satisfying that for q-hypergeometric identitiesif the equality holds for all n ∈ {n_0,n_0+1, …,n_1} then∑_kF(n,k) =1 for all n≥n_0, as a polynomial of degree 24 in the parameters of F(n, k).
    sum from k F(n,k)=1,n≥n_0给出了n_1的一个相当于F(n,k)的参数的24次方的估计,其中n_1满足如果上述恒等式对n∈{n_0,n_0+1,…,n_1}成立,那么恒等式对所有的n≥n_0成立。
    After imposing a bounded assumption on the mean parameter, Ghosh andSen (1985) gave the first asymptotic distribution of the LRT.
  give out
    Based on the experiment and theory analysis, we give out the fatigue reliability curve of these two kinds of materials to provide bases for engineering.
    4. This paper takes Microsoft Visual Basic's 6.0 languages as the base, unites the problem the establish pattern and give out the entire algorithm realization flow, so supply the convenience for analogous problem research in the practice.
    4.以Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0语言为基础,结合所建立的问题模型,给出了整个算法的实现流程,对以后在实际中类似问题的研究提供了方便。
    Fermat,P. de put forward a conjecture: The numbers which satisfied F_n = 2~(2~n) +1 are all prime. But he didn't give out a complete proof.
    Then we give out a new characterization of von Neumann regular rings by means of P-flat modules and character modules.
    用P-平坦模与正则环和特征模的联系,给出了von Neumann正则环一种新刻画。
    The main result of this paper is that we give out the constructive proofs of the Lebesgue decomposition theorem and Radon-Nikodym theorem by means of Hahn's decomposition theorem.





      is given
    In the case of 4-dimensional anticommutative algebras a construction is given that links the associated cubic surface and the 27 lines on it with the structure of subalgebras of the algebra.
    In the case of 3-dimensional commutative algebras a new proof of a recent theorem of Katsylo and Mikhailov about the 28 bitangents to the associated plane quartic is given.
    A characterization of the complexity of a homogeneous space of a reductive groupG is given in terms of the mutual position of the tangent Lie algebra of the stabilizer of a generic point of and the (-1)-eigenspace of a Weyl involution of.
    A representation of a quiver is given by a collection of matrices.
    In the spirit of work of Kerman and Sawyer, a condition is given that is necessary and sufficient for the Fourier transform norm inequality
    We also show how to distinguish examples of open subsets with a good quotient coming from Mumford's theory and give examples of open subsets with non-quasi-projective quotients.
    In particular, we give a detailed description of these sets in terms of cross-sections inside maximal R-tori ofH.
    We develop methods that give rise to natural monomial bases for such rings over their ground fields and explicitly determine precisely which monomials are zero in the ring of coinvariants.
    We give explicit systems of generators of the algebras of invariant polynomials in arbitrary many vector variables for the classical reflection groups (including the dihedral groups).
    We also compute the Euler characteristic of the space of partial flags containingnt and give a connection with hyperplane arrangements.
    Tits gave a construction of exceptional Lie algebras (hence implicitly exceptional algebraic groups) and a classification of possible indexes of simple algebraic groups.
    Meisters and Peterson gave an equivalent condition under which the multisensor deconvolution problem has a solution when there are two convolvers, each the characteristic function of an interval.
    The regression analysis has shown that equalized electronegativity is a good parameter which in combination with topological indices and an indicator parameter gave excellent model.
    Additional ab initio calculations performed at 6-31G** gave a ΔE (Z - E) on the order of 3 kcal/mol.
    Yang et al gave some criteria of prequasi-invex functions, semistrictly prequasi-invex functions and strictly prequasi-invex functions in 2001, under a certain set of conditions.
      give out
    The method overcomes the discontinuity of the nonuniform evaluation given in the literature referred and can give out satisfactory numerical results.
    We also give out suggestions to diminish the proposed problems.
    In addition, the brief prospect on the research of functional genes of tea plants in the near future is also give out.
    Furthermore, we give out the explicit forms of the n-soliton surface of the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation (NLS) by the determinant of eigenfunctions.
    For both symmetric or skewsymmetric matrices A and B, we shall give out the explicit general solutions of this equation by using the notions of eigenprojections.



    A Le Corbeiller oscillator having the Goodwin characteristic is one of the simplest two-stroke oscillator model, its periodic process was discussed by Le Corbeiller and de Figueiredo with the help of Lienard construction-a graphical method[5] in [1] and

    本文利用接合法,研究了具有Goodwin特性的Le Corbeiller二拍振荡器模型。并由点变换及后继函数的理论,找到了这个系统具有周期解,且解为唯一的及稳定的条件。给出了周期解的波形及周期的表达式。

    The method of decomposition[1][2]is used for computing the buckling


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