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active page     
     PHP in the Active Page Development
     This paper gives the basic design idea of the(B/S)-based on-line MIS by analyzing the charactreristic of the(B/S) structure. It introduces the function module and database design briefly,followed by adiscussion on database accessing technology and the active page technology of the MIS based on ASP and XML.
     The Web technology development impelled Internet and its application development. Especially, Web development rapidly is impelled by active page technique and three-layer service model that between sever and client.
     This paper briefly introduces how to implement connection between active page and web database in ASP by using SQL statements,and gives some source code of critical part by definite examples about database query.
     简要介绍了在 ASP中如何利用 SQ L语句实现动态网页与 WEB数据库的连接 ,结合数据库查询实例给出一些关键部分源代码。
     By adopting to B/S browse method, using JSP active page technology, nesting JAVA language, depending on tomcat4.0 and sql2000 etc, this system achieved many electronic business functions such as the system main web, new registers registering, the newest dynamics, the products showing, individuation order basically. Many extend function interfaces such as enterprise manage, online link and network investigation are reserved.
     Our extensions for μC/OS~II include kernel extension, TCP/IP protocol stack, file system, shell and function-library. At the application layer, three TCP/IP application modules are designed. They are WEB active page service, FTP client, MODBUS/TCP service.
     To implement the system, the Perl, a kind of active page design language, which is popular at home and abroad, is used. The method that Perl combines with Sendmail to construct Webmail system is introduced.
     在实现上 ,系统使用了当前国内外较流行的动态页面设计语言Perl,介绍了它在Linux平台上与Sendmail结合构建Webmail邮件系统的方法 .
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     Active Page Swap-out Algorithm for Improving Interactive Performance of Desktop Linux
     It then makes a summary of technical problems encountered in system implementation, such as how to realize automatic email sending with VB, how to realize email functions with Active Page Page (ASP) and how to realize File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with VB.
     其次 ,在系统实现的基础上总结了一些技术上的要点 ,对几个技术问题作了详尽的阐述 :包括如何在 VB中使用自动发送电子邮件功能 ,如何在 ASP中实现邮件功能 ,以及如何在 VB中实现 FTP传输
     This paper utilizes active page navigation diagram(APND) to de- scribe the link transition between pages, and the change of system state variables caused by submitted data is modeled by the composite object state diagram(COSD) of state variables. In an ulterior step,a more comprehensive dynamic behavior model, denoted as Web application state transition diagram(WSTD), is constructed by combining the APND with COSD.
     Some disadvantages of page swapout mechanism are analyzed in Linux memory management for interactive application. A new algorithm of active page swapout suitable for the characteristics of interactive application is presented.
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  active page
Assayed with SDS-PAGE and active PAGE electrophoresis, the molecular weight of YY-5 laccase was approximately 45?kDa.
We need to investigate the row-hit ratio in order to estimate the performance gain of the active-page policy.
The Web server, via ASP, integrates with embedded JavaScript for providing active page content.
It is an active page, which contains executable code that retrieves updated information from a database, at the time the page is accessed.
But high-performance configurations usually use the active-page policy on the assumption that row hits occur fairly frequently.

The document simply introduces the ASP technology and its inner components and objects. It introduces the conceptions and applications of the two main objects. Applictiond and Session, and their importance when saving the information of active pages by an internet application, designing of visitors counter.


In this paper, several connection techniques between active pages and DataBase are discussed, emphasizing three accessing DataBase techniques of ASP which are more convenient than CGI. Also the method of showing a picture in Data Base is discussed.


Internet based investigations have many advantages such as timeliness, versatility and low cost in comparison with traditional investigation methods. This paper describes a design of investigation system based on Internet. It then makes a summary of technical problems encountered in system implementation, such as how to realize automatic email sending with VB, how to realize email functions with Active Page Page (ASP) and how to realize File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with VB.

与传统的调查问卷相比 ,基于 Internet的问卷系统有许多优点 :如及时性、多样性、低成本等。本文首先概述了一个基于 Internet的调查问卷系统的设计 ;其次 ,在系统实现的基础上总结了一些技术上的要点 ,对几个技术问题作了详尽的阐述 :包括如何在 VB中使用自动发送电子邮件功能 ,如何在 ASP中实现邮件功能 ,以及如何在 VB中实现 FTP传输

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