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lower pressure
     The TPD and FT-IR results indicated that the PPh_3-Rh/SiO_2 had catalytic performance for hydroformylation at lower pressure.
     Study on the Reaction of Methanol Synthesis from Carbon Dioxide with Hydrogen Over CuO-ZnO-ZrO_2 Catalysts Under Lower Pressure
     The preparation of C_4-C_(10) linear a-olefins by catalytic homogeneous oligomerization of ethylene under lower pressure was studied. A binary system catalyst composed of ZrCl_4 and (C_2H_5)_3Al_2Cl_3 and a ternary system catalyst with the addition of small amount of third component n-C_4H_9ONa were used.
     From the theoretical calculation of nitrogen reaction with oxides(V2O5,Nb2O5,La2O3)in the ladle slag,at the lower pressure,the oxides added to the reducing ladle slag may react with nitrogen in the molten steel,which is benefit for the nitrogen removal from the liquid steel;
     Hydriding of the La_2Mg_(16)Ni alloy leads to the formation of MgH_2, La hydride and Mg_2NiH_4. An experiment was also carried out on the hydrogen absorption by the alloys under either normal temperature and lower pressure or normal pressure and elevated temperature.
     La_2Mg_(16)Ni的氢化产物是La的氢化物以及MgH_2和Mg_2NiH_4。 对两种合金还作了常温低压吸氢及常压加热吸氢等应用试验。
     By adding the diluent Al2O3 and excessive Cr2O3, the size of Cr particles could be decreased, and the matrix of the cermets are changed from pure Al2O3 to Al2O3 and (Al, Cr)2O3 mixture. The densification of Cr-Al(Cr)2O3 cermets is achieved by applying a lower pressure on the synthesized melt.
     加入稀释剂Al2O3 以及Cr2O3过量可细化Cr颗粒,使Al2O3基体变为Al2O3和Al(Cr)2O3.对燃烧合成熔体施加较低的压力,获得了致密的Cr-Al(Cr)2O3金属陶瓷,解决了燃烧合成致密化的问题.
     The operation condition of condensate gas gathering line is analyzed with HYSYS and PIPESYS software. The results show that the condensate gas is respectively gas-liquid two phase flow and single phase flow (gas phase)at lower pressure and higher pressure.
     According to the thermodynamic data, it has been emphasized that the interaction between carbon and water causes the formation of gaseous reductants (such as CO2, CO, H2 and CH4) under the condition of higher temperature and lower pressure.
     根据热力学资料,强调了在较高的温度和较低的压力下,碳与水发生相互作用,促使形成CO2、CO、H2 和CH4等气相还原剂;
     The region that was controlled by the leakage vortex had lower pressure distribution.
     According to the characteristics of fluids in Fan 124 block,running CO_2 miscible flooding can not only gain higher oil recovery,but also keep asphaltene from precipitating or decrease the precipitation under a lower pressure.
     根据樊124断块油藏流体条件,在较低的压力(<26 MPa)下进行CO2混相驱或近混相驱,既能获得较高的原油采收率,又能避免或减少沥青质的沉淀。
     Trouble cause analysis of lower pressure of engine oil
     446.00 ? 22.19.Conclusions: 1 .The total teaniamyotomy sigmoid-colon reservoirshowed the lower pressure and good capacity and the better urodynamiccharacteristics;
     MV CGIS has the characteristics such as not to be influenced by ambient conditions, lower pressure of insulating medium, high reliability, miniaturization, bus expandable, the incoming and outgoing line of cable terminal completely shielded, which can be realized with intelligence and informative processing.
     The technology of medium pressure immediate supply for pressure mixing of natural gas and air is tested and the problems that the lower pressure natural gas cann't be accept in winter and that the calorific value of mixed gas is higher are dissolved.
     According to the characters of hydrocarbons and other combustible gases liquefied storage, when the equipment is leaking, release volume, release rate and the diffusion range of freezing liquefied storage and pressure liquefied storage have been compared. It is pointed out that combustible gas freezing liquefied storage has the characteristics of lower pressure, less release volume, lower release rate and the small diffusion range, so it is safer than pressure liquefied storage.
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     Study on Effects of Lower Pressure, 1-MCP and CO_2 Treatments on Peach Fruits
     There was no difference of esophageal acid exposure, LESP and esophageal body contraction amplitude (L5,L7,L12,U6 and U8) between RE and NERD(P>0.05),RE patients have a lower pressure monitoring than NERD patients at U1 (P<0.05).
     The results showed that H-acid can be degraded by WPO which has stable structure at lower pressure and temperature,and 62.0% of COD and 98.7% color removal were attained at the conditions of 110℃,0.5 MPa,initial pH=5.0 and theoretical dosage of peroxide when the initial concentration of H-acid containing water was 10 g/L.
     结果表明,WPO能在温和的条件下降解难于生物降解的有机物,在温度为110℃、压力为0.5 MPa、双氧水用量为理论需用量、进水pH=5的条件下,处理含10 g/L H-酸钠盐的H-酸盐溶液的COD和色度去除率分别为62.0%和98.7%;
     The catalysis of composite catalyst system(2HDNPPb,2HDNPCu and carbon black) in the combustion of RDX-CMDB propellant was investigated by uniform design method. The propellant containing 1.0% 2HDNPPb,0.6% 2HDNPCu and 0.6% carbon black possesses better combustion performances within the certain pressure range,such as the highest burning rate and the lower pressure exponent.
     The increase of kaolinite reactivity with mechanical work is investigated The results show that kaolinite is decomposed into amorphous SiO 2 and Al 2O 3 by the action of external force, and the specific surface area rises to 13 79 m 2·g -1 , the path of reaction changes, and the activation energy of kaolinite leaching reaction is decreased from 93 to 23 kJ·mol -1 The high rate of leaching reaction is obtained in lower concentration alkaline solution under lower temperature and lower pressure
     研究用有效的外力作用提高高岭石的反应活性。 结果表明 ,外力作功使高岭石分解为无定形SiO2 和Al2 O3,比表面积提高到 13 79m2 ·g- 1 ,改变了反应途径 ,碱溶反应活化能由 93kJ·mol- 1 降低到 2 3kJ·mol- 1 ,在低温 (<10 0℃ )和低碱浓度的条件下 ,可以获得较高的反应速率。
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  lower pressure
It is shown that the electrode region has an inhomogeneous structure which, in the lower pressure range, is defined by the plasma resonance which is insignificant in the upper range of the investigated pressures.
In addition, in the liquid state the heterogeneous system has a lower pressure, whereas in the solid state the pressure is higher than that in the corresponding states of a homogeneous medium.
It is found that the tricritical point on the phase-transition curve corresponds to a much lower pressure and a considerably higher temperature (Ptr ≈ 0.355 GPa and Ttr ≈ 25.2 K) than was reported earlier (Ptr ≈ 1.2 GPa and Ttr ≈ 12 K).
It was shown that the transformation pressure shifted to a lower pressure of about 4 GPa with a rise in temperature.
The solubility increases with pressure noticeably at lower pressure, especially at lower cosolvent concentrations.

A two-meter normal incidence vacuum ultra-violet spectrograph has been built and in operation for some time. The spectrograph has an angle of incidence 7.5° and covers the spectral range 2100 A-200 A, with an average dispersion 8.7 A/mm. A low pressure condensed spark discharge tube is used as the source, giving intense sharp spectral lines of various degree of ionization. Majority (554 in number) of the emission lines has been identified.


Based on the 10-years surface synoptic charts (1951 to 1960), monthly frequencies of cyclones and low pressure centers passing 2.5°× 2.5°latitude-longitude grids in Eastern Asia are analized and the main tracks are studied and classified.The cyclones are most frequent in middle part of Mongolia and north-east China, and none south of 20°N. Most of the low pressures occurred south of 45°N are very weak. Spring is the season of cyclonic activity.

本文利用1951—1960年的亚洲地面天气图,分月統計东亚地区(70°E以东,55°N以南)每2.5°×2.5°經緯格內低压中心通过的頻数,繪制了頻数分布图,确定出低压移动的主要路径,此外,还繪制了冬半年和夏半年低压发生(初現)頻数分布图、頻数百分率的随緯度分布和沿120°E与110°E經线上低压中心通过頻数的各月綜合图。結果得出:1.东亚大陆中緯度西风带的低压主要出現在蒙古人民共和国中部到我国的东北地区,20°N以南不出現溫带低气压;2.45°N以南的我国大陆上低压很弱,大多数不閉合,只有在我国东部或入海后才发展;3.日本东南面海上是低压路径的集中带;4.春季低压出現最为頻繁,秋季次之,夏季我国江淮流域低压有所增多。 最后,对低压路径进行了分类,把东亚的溫带低气压划为五大类和十一亚类,并对各类低压分别作了簡要的叙述。

With a variety of methods, observations were made on the sedative, fatigue-relieving and temperature stress-combating effects of the aqueous extract of Panax ginseng, injected intraperitoneally into the white rat. The results obtained are as follows. Panax exhibited a highly significant (P<0.001) sedative effect on the spontaneous activity and also against the convulsion provoked by a number of central stimulants. The anti-fatigue action of Panax was shown by the fact that the treated animals displayed a greater...

With a variety of methods, observations were made on the sedative, fatigue-relieving and temperature stress-combating effects of the aqueous extract of Panax ginseng, injected intraperitoneally into the white rat. The results obtained are as follows. Panax exhibited a highly significant (P<0.001) sedative effect on the spontaneous activity and also against the convulsion provoked by a number of central stimulants. The anti-fatigue action of Panax was shown by the fact that the treated animals displayed a greater endurance in swimming. This seemed to be related to the other observations, namely, that Panax decreased the oxygen consumption of the animal and prolonged its survival in low-pressure chamber. In addition, Panax strikingly raised the animal's ability to tolerate temperature stress. As this effect was abolished by the extirpation of the adrenals, it suggests that the Panax action involved the hypophysis-adrenal system.

用吉林人参水浸液給小白鼠腹腔注射,以各种实驗方法观察了人参的鎮靜、抗疲劳及抗温度刺激的作用。得出結果为:人参对小白鼠自发活动的鎮靜效应非常显著 (P<0.001),对士的宁、戊四唑等中樞兴奋药引起的惊厥也有显著性不等的拮抗效应。人参的抗疲劳作用表現在显著延长了小白鼠的游泳持續时間,其主要原因經直接测定系由于人参显著降低了氧耗量,故在缺氧条件下能相对延长动物的生命。人参又能提高小白鼠耐受高温、低温的能力(对低温比对高温更显著),但摘除腎上腺后則此效应消失。这暗示此項效应与垂体一腎上腺系統的应激反应有一定关系,但人参本身并不具有腎上腺皮质激素样作用。抑制小白鼠自发活动与提高小白鼠耐受低气压缺氧能力两方法,按其出現的稳定性与差异的显著性,适合于用作人参产品效价的檢定指标。

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