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other instruments
     This paper makesuse of hot-iostatic-pressing to prepare to prepare TiC0. 78-Ni Cermet, and researches its transversestrength in room to 900℃ range and oxidation behaviour at high temprature we analyse its microstructure by XRD,SEM,EPMA and other instruments,It shows that this Cermet is easly oxidised to TiO2 and NiO
     Film morphology and orientation of poly(dimethylsiloxane-co-methoxydodecylsiloxane)(DDPS) on different cellulose models,such as natural cotton fiber and the regenerated cellulose substrates,were investigated and studied by atomic force microscope(AFM),field emission scanning electronic microscope(FESEM),X-ray photoelectron spectroscope(XPS) and other instruments.
     In order to provide fundamental data of the refuse combustion, moisture contents, volatile organic compound fraction and combustion heat values in campus refuse are determined by using a laboratory oxygen bomb calorimeter and other instruments.
     为给垃圾焚烧处理提供基础数据,用氧弹式燃烧热测定仪等仪器,测定了校因垃圾的含水率、有机挥发 分和燃烧热值。
     A new softener,N,N-dimethyl-γ-aminopropyl-γ-aminopropyl polysiloxane ASO-121 is synthesized by copolymerization of octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane(D_4) with N,N-dimethyl-γ-aminopropyl-γ-aminopropyl methyl dimethoxysilane and other monomers. Chemical structure and film morphology of the new synthesized polysiloxane are characterized and investigated by IR,()~1H-NMR atomic force microscope(AFM) and other instruments.
     Morphology of functional polysiloxane film and their orientation on fiber have been observed and studied by an atomic force probe microscope (AFM) and other instruments.
     In this paper,a circuit design method is proposed for the portable electronic weighing scale The cost is lower because that the main functional elements of the electronic weighing scale is accomplished by comman calculators This circuit design is also adapted for other instruments circuitry
     In the study of conversion coefficient for evaporimeters, synchronous observation data have been used by various experimental stations in China to analyse the relation of measured data between 20 m 2 evaporation pool and other instruments, and the conversion coefficients between them have been obtained which facilitate the evaporation capacity computation of large water body.
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     disposable aseptic packs 87.50% , other instruments 95 .94% (71/74) .
     一次性使用手术包检出合格率为87.50%(35/40); 其他品种检出合格率为95.94%(71/74)。
     The corrosion resisitance and thermal stability of Zr41Ti14Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 bulk amorphous alloy have been investigated by electrochemistry workstation, high precision expansion instrument, X-Ray diffraction, DSC and other instruments.
     The first chapter analyzes the definition and process of assetsecuritization, and compares it with some other instruments.
     An investigation on the bubbles in transparent fuel supply system was made on pump test bed with the CCD camera, high speed A/D board (sampling rate 1 m/s), Microcomputer and other instruments .
     本文借助CCD摄像机、高速A/D转换板 (采集速率为 1m/s)、图象采集卡、微型计算机和其它测试仪器 ,在喷油泵试验台上对透明供油系统中的汽泡进行试验研究。
     The sol-gel method is used to prepare nm mini-structure sensitive γ-Fe_2O_3 material. DAT and other instruments were used to characterize the properties of the material.
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  other instruments
The model shows that if some firms are not expected to comply with quality standards, penalties are optimal to cover the agency's regulatory exposure though these need to be augmented with other instruments as monitoring costs increase.
We conclude by discussing whether other instruments, such as low down payment loans and improved technology for assessment of credit risk, may potentially be better suited to increasing long-term homeownership rates.
Intuitively, the game we consider is a very powerful instrument for efficient private provision, but must be supported by other instruments if the set of public goods is expanded too far.
It discusses the effect of coverage, location, charging mechanism and interaction with other instruments.
Other instruments, of the option type, should thus be introduced in these systems in order to better trade risk and complete the market.

In this paper, the mutual relation between the position of the aperture stop of optical system and the error of measurement was discussed, formulas were deduced; and examples, given, thus proving that, in many cases, it may not be necessary to use the telecentric optical system in projectors and other measuring instruments. This provides a theoretical basis for designing projectors and other instruments of large field and compact structure.


In investigating air-vortex twisting,it is necessary to measure the speed ofrotation of the ballooning yarn in the process.This paper introduces the principleand structure of the photoelectric yarn balloon tachometer.The photoelectrictransducer with tri-optical path can effectively measure the speed of rotationof the ballooning yarn.The results measured with this tachometer in differentspinning systems are compared with those obtained with other instruments.


A monofrequency lock-in amplifier for Auger Electon Spectroscopy has been designed and developed with operation frequency of 6299 Hz, sensitivity=1μV_(FS), minimum detectable signal noise ratio (S/N) = 1/50. The principal technical problems have been discussed in this article. This circuit has also found wide uses in the other instruments for surface research ard vacuum measurements.

为俄歇电子谱仪专用而研制的单频锁定放大器,工作频率6299Hz,灵敏度为1 μV_(FS),最小可检信噪比S/N为1/50。本文讨论了其中的主要技术问题。

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