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industry cycle
     The Study of Financial Strategy Management Based on Industry Cycle Change
     4) The economic cycles or industry cycle fluctuation should be taken into account in the five-grade loan classification, specific, general and special reserves, and bonus policy, thus more forward-looking and prudent provisioning for loan losses should be stipulated, so as to set aside adequately the provisions for loan losses and cover the losses, improve the capital quality and the capability to forestall the risks;
  “industry cycle”译为未确定词的双语例句
     All the works are made by selectively usage of the systematic strategic management theories and methods, including PEST macro environment analysis theory, Porter's "Five Forces" model, industry cycle theory, market structure theory, strategic group analysis, competitive advantage framework and composition theory of the created value by enterprises, financial ratio analysis, value chain analysis, BCG Matrix, SWOT analysis, strategy clock.
     本文在研究过程中使用了PEST宏观环境分析理论、波特的“五力”模型、产业周期理论、市场结构理论、战略群体分析、竞争优势框架及企业创造价值的构成理论、财务比率分析、价值链模型、波士顿矩阵、SWOT分析、战略钟等理论和方法。 力求透彻分析从而得出正确的结论。
     Consumers have different conception of the vertical diversity of products in the different phases of the industry cycle. However, the trend of difference always reduces, and then it affects the income and competitive mode of corporations in the industry, even its survival.
     The fourth session talks over the development Petrochemistry industry in China, and make use of the method of industry cycle to analyze Petrochemistry industry be on upside , summarize that right model used in each circle when measuring the value of the Petrochemistry firms.
     After an analysis of the industry cycle, the article draw the conclusion that developing advantageous industries are based on the correct selection and cultivation of strategic industries.
     (2) The sensitive relationship between investment expenditure and internal cash flow in Chinese manufacturing companies deteriorates with the expansion of the companies, and shows a U-changing tendency with the lengthening of industry cycle, and demonstrates a inverse-U-tendency with the improvements of the companies' overall financial position and the growth of state—owed shares percentage.
     On the Theory of Industry Life Cycle
     Progress in Cycle Tire Industry
     The Doming cycle
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  industry cycle
Domestic market power, the transnational industry cycle, and the merits of free versus fair trade
Domestic market structure, the transnational industry cycle, and the merits of free trade
We start this manuscript with introducing a procedure in identifying the industry cycle which consists of five main steps.
In addition, the variable of the capacity explains approximately 30% of the variance of the industry cycle in the six-quarter ahead forecast.
However, the importance of the aggregate economy appears after seven quarters and eventually becomes the major source of the industry cycle.

A liquid supply control system designed with new theory and methods could adjust liq- uid supply driving at any time instead of delayed and separated adjustment from 0 to 48 hours,and overcame the restrict of traditionally using ratio between busy time and idle time.This system may be widely used in industry cycle control system.

本文所介绍的无土栽培供液自动控制系统,采用全新的设计理论与方法,打破了传统的采用占空比方法处理延时驱动的限制。解决了延时、供液驱动可在0~48h 大范围内分别独立调整的问题。本系统可广泛应用于需用定时驱动的控制系统之中。

This article draws a conclusion that "goose model" is unique international division in the East Asian area, which depends on this area's historic development process. The feature is unique investment and industry cycle,coexistence of high investment efficiency and low profit efficiency,and development of inter-industry trade. Economic development in East Asia should rely on market expansion which bases on high crosswise international division in this area.

本文在简要介绍东亚国家与地区雁阵模式的形成及其特点的基础上 ,得出雁阵模式下的区域分工格局的特点是独特的投资与产业循环、高投资率与低利润率并存、产业内贸易程度的提高。说明东亚区域建立在高水平横向分工基础上的市场扩展是经济持续发展的根本保证。

The search Introduce the water quality state of Dan dong petrolchemical industry and the water quality demand of the industry cycle water .It adopt the BFA biology process and the fling of flocculant and assisted coagulant in the device which can blend and react simultaneity. Thereby it realize the sufficiently use and decease the quantity of the sewage. Safeguard our finite water resources.

针对丹东石油化工总厂污水的水质状况以及对工业循环水的水质要求 ,采用BFA生物工艺和投加混凝剂、助凝剂经过混合反应一体化的处理装置来满足污水回用的要求。从而实现水利资源的充分利用 ,减少污水排放。保护我们有限的水利资源

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