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form form
     At the same time, in order to enable more students to experience successfully, I also explored stimulated the student positive enterprising appraisal way, carried on the multi- positions with the form form to student's group result and the individual performance the process appraisal.
     This text discussed the concerning painting form ( namely painting language) of this care the righteousness, causing for long time relevant" contents" with" form" come to a deadlock definition creation query, very much to cans not get away from the form, form oneself to also include the contents new to consider concerning the contents.
     本文论述了关于绘画形式(即绘画语言)的本在意义,对于长期以来有关"内容"和"形式"的僵化定义产生质疑。 进而引发出关于内容离不开形式形式本身亦包含内容的新思考。
     The article try out form form, counts Shihch(i《史记》) in the biography scholar population as well as these scholar's respective schools, through the above quantification statistical analysis, obtains Shihchi besides to take the historical work, but also the concurrently history of learning monograph nature, compared with the later generation study the document, study states, study the history, has the foundation the function.
  “form form”译为未确定词的双语例句
     Through inherit to historical culture and development, to space rational treatment of form, Form the elasticity growing type campus of" sustainable development.
     Utensil Made from Form, Form Created in Environment--Research on Design Thinking of Chinese Traditional Water Raising Appliances in Late Ming Dynasty
     器以象制 象以圜生——明末中国传统升水器械设计思想研究
     This paper reviews the ideas of modernism, neo-modernism, form, form type and character, form in industry design, etc.
     WAXD investigation indicated that the change of crystal structure of FRPP form form to form and y form was achieved via melt vibration, and vibration parameter could affect the crystal orientation of FRPP.
     Finally, force and form, form and idea should be integrated in the design of architecture space.
     为强化节点构造在建筑空间塑造中的作用, 应实现力与形的统一、形与意的统一。
     On form
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  form form
Interestingly, the two copper(II) complexes have been found to cleave circular plasmid pBR322 DNA to the nicked form (Form II) and the linear form (Form III) under aerobic conditions.
Although evidence of polymorphism could not be obtained by means of crystallography, DSC studies of the recrystallization process indicate that a metastable form (form II) occurs first and is transformed into the stable form at room temperature.
The highest-melting stable form of the primary stearate is a single-chain-length (SCL) perpendicular form (Form II) of very weak long-spacing intensities.
The relative amount of linear form (form III) was increased with increasing concentration of BHT-quinone.
Quantitatively, they turn out not to be sufficient to remedy all the shortcomings of the "point form" form factors evidenced in impulse approximation.

A fault-model of general-purpose ICs and the definitions of fault-equivalence and domination are presented. Then the formal representation methods of boolean-difference for combination-logic ICs and of finite-state automaton for sequential-logic ICs are introduced. On the basis,the test generation algorithms for combination ICs and sequential ICs are created, and the complexity of the algorithms is greatly decreased form form 0(2~n) to 0(n).

本文首先建立通用数字IC的故障模型,引入故障等效和支配的概念,将IC最小完备测试集的算法复杂性从0(2~n)降低至0(n)。本文给出组合逻辑IC的布尔差分运算和时序逻辑IC的FSM形式描述.最终建立了组合逻辑IC和时序逻辑IC的测试生成算法。 本文是PC-ICT通用数字IC测试系统及其软件包研究课题的理论进展之一。本研究成果已在铁路系统批量生产,并在铁路微电子设备故障检测和可靠性保障中获得了实际应用。

We have designed 23 targets which reflect all of human beings' form. Throughstatistical handling of the data and analysis of the main components, We have chosen 15 targetswhich we felt contain all the information about models form- Form these 15 targets we formulateda marking table. This table scientifically shows a way of using quantity, not quality. It alsoobjectivelly shows a way of quantifing standards to form-training of fashion models in Chinatoday.


The article introduces the developing situation, the major forms forms recommended and the existing problems of present masonry structure In addition, it forcasts the trends of masonry structure in our country.


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