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processing modes
     The calculation method of the material utilization of R-transformer core(MURC) is introduced and the theoretical calculation formula of core material utilization in different processing modes is established.
     The Experimental Study on the Effect of Examples, Practice and Processing Modes on the Math Problem-solving Transfer Strategies in Elementary School
     With the materials of math applied problems in grade 4 and 5 in elementary school, from the perspective of the effects of examples, practice and processing modes on TMPSS, the article discusses controlled teaching factors in TMPSS in elementary school, studies the effects and characteristics of TMPSS in various teaching and learning modes, and analyses its reasons and internal mechanism.
     The purpose of the present study was to explore processing modes of mental rotation and recognition for Chinese characters by means of its complexity. The complexities were manipulated separately on both the number of strokes and separability of components.
     This gave support to the whole-component mixed model in the processing modes for mental rotation and recognition of Chinese characters.
     Analysis and Comparison of Fault Processing Modes of Distribution Automation
     In this paper, based on analysis of its implementation, two parallel processing modes for computational fluid imaging are proposed and compared.
     本文在分析其实现原理的基础上 ,提出并讨论了两种并行计算流动显示的处理模式 ,并比较了其适用范围
     A real time weather radar signal processor based on TI′s high performance float point digital signal processor TMS320C6701 is introduced. It performs the main processing modes of weather radar sysstem with high performance, high integration and high flexibility.
     介绍了实时天气雷达数字信号处理器以 TI公司的高性能浮点数字信号处理器 TMS3 2 0 C670 1为核心实时完成天气雷达信号处理的各种主要处理模式 ,系统具有配置灵活 ,集成度高 ,功能齐全的特点
     On the basis of investigating the high-speed acquisition and real time processing modes in detail, the factors influencing the software implementation of high-speed data acquisition and real time processing are researched. In the construction of hardware and software for power quality monitoring system various coordination and optimization methods are synthetically explored, and taking the establishment of a real-time power network harmonic analysis system for example the application research is conducted.
  “processing modes”译为未确定词的双语例句
     Application of PLC's more Processing modes in Recoil Lin Control System
     ② analyses the significance of information fusion and data mining and puts forward processing modes for ITS information process.
     Objective: To discuss the feasibility of tri-phase angiography of the liver with different post processing modes of the multi-slice spiral computed tomography (MSCT).
     目的 探讨多层螺旋CT(MSCT)肝脏多期扫描,肝动脉、门静脉及肝静脉三期血管成像的可行性,不同后处理技术显示肝脏血管的能力及其临床应用。
     The article introduced unique features of SciFinder Scholar and its searching system by comparing SciFinder Scholar with CA on CD in contents,update frequency,searching modes and processing modes of search results etc.
     本文通过对比SciFinder Scholar数据库和CA on CD光盘数据库在收录内容、回溯年限、更新频率、检索系统功能以及检索结果处理方式等方面的异同,突出介绍了SciFinder Scholar数据库及其检索系统的特点。
     Objective: To study the feasibility of tri-phase angio graphy of the liver with different post processing modes of the multi-slice spiral computed tomography (MSCT).
     目的 :探讨多层螺旋CT(MSCT)肝脏多期扫描及肝动脉、门静脉及肝静脉 3期血管成像的可行性 ,不同后处理技术显示肝脏血管的能力及其临床应用。
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  processing modes
In addition, some conclusions are drawn as to the origin of the large, deformable thoria particles and the effect of different processing modes on the resultant dispersion morphology.
It is shown that the processing modes with improved noise immunity can be chosen in model experiments associated with threshold changes in the neuron-like transformation algorithms.
If aligning and disaligning influences are distributed at random, a state resembling a spin glass can arise, where processing modes are highly varied in space but stable in time.
Diversity can arise spontaneously through the mutual interactions of cell assemblies, which are postulated to align or disalign their neighbors into processing modes conforming to or opposite from their own.
It is shown how some particular features of superstition, natural philosophy, physical thought, and intuition can be linked to certain characteristic information-processing modes of the brain.

In this paper we will discuss the problems of information processing, processing mode and circuits relevant to such processing for a newcommunication system--the time division multiplexing communicationsystem with defence time


A microcomputer-based intelligent RIA gamma counter, Model FMJ-82, is introduced. The sample conveyance, data acquiring, data processing and the output of results are controlled or performed by the microcomputer with an efficiency >75%, background <70cpm (for 125I), counting resolution time <50 ns and sample capacity 250. Four data processing modes are provided.


Two different types of chips drying device from Zimmer and BM Co. Ltd. are compared in struture and performance of precrystallization and drying tower as well as their processing mode. The strong and weak points in processing performance and system design are pointed out, the way for elimination of general troubles are summarized.


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