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effect good
     Test to choose PCF is coagulant, study result discovery in pH ≥ 8 effect good, and coagulant has a best density , is under this density ,result effect best.
     The equipment has high dust-remove effect,good decarbonizing,occupies little area and good antiseptic effect character.
     This paper pass through the shrewd oil in orange skin draw experiment, with volatile oil draw ware water steam distillation become water steam reflux, not only, reduce a thermal source , have reduced energy and it is simple to have installation operation , economize reagent and decreasing the advantage that pollutes and shortens time , is helpful to spread out in student experiment, after improving , experiment phenomenon is obvious , teaching effect good.
     The PMC elastic polymer cement waterproof paint has many advantages such as low polymer content, low polymer and cement ratio, large elasticity, low cost, good modified effect, good resistance to water, weather and aging and so on. In this article, authors introduce its performance and construction method.
     It has small size and light in weight and multi-function,fix-tract effect good.
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     Discovered through the research that, When 5% ethametsulfuron WP according to each Chinese acre employment dosage 6g, 9g, 12g separately mixed with 75% clopyralid SG and 10.8% haloxyfop-P-methyl EC applies in the management of weeds in the rape field with the characteristic status of wide killing grass spectral, high weeding effect, good security, quite remarkable production increase effect, very low remnant allowance in the field.
     Conclusion Modified ECT in the treatment of depression is quick effect,good curative effect,good patient's compliance.
     结论 改良 ECT治疗抑郁症起效快、疗效好 ,病人依从性好。
     Conclusion IPS-Empress 2 pressable all-ceramic crown has the advantages of aesthetic effect,good biocompatibility and simple fabrication. But its strength is not enough for posterior teeth and it can not cover the deep color of non-vital teeth and metal materials.
     结论IPS-Empress 2热压铸陶瓷冠具有美观、生物相容性好、制作相对简单的优点,但同时也具有强度不够高、遮色效果差的缺点。
     SBR method is a new treatment technique of wastewater biology for it has the advantages of homogenizing quality,simple operation,stable treatment effect,good water quality and simple operation.
     The operation result showed:CJD Alternating Current Electrodynamometers had simple structure and its energy feedback efficiency could reach 74%,with outstanding energy-saving effect,good stability and reliability,convenience and wide applicability.
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  effect good
eliminates the need of shaking to effect good contact and complete reaction between sample and reagent, and 3.
This start-up problem can also be described as the not yet totally described components of a network effect good.
Some feel that no matter at what scale one is, in this nested structure, the same known SE techniques can be applied to effect good results.
Although the design had to be liberal enough to effect good heat recovery, manufacturing cost was also considered in the design of the HSG.

In the paper, it has suggested several methods to determine the most optimum time of mine construction. According to mine construction time being shortest, economic effect best, sythetic target most optimum and so on., the most optimum operation plan has been decided.The application of method above mentioned has been expla-ioned in the paper by the example in MINE DA QIAO.


The paper reports 50 cases of selective bronchography performed under fibero-ptic bronchscope with the injection of 60% meglumini diattizoatis composita. It isconsidered that the procedure has many advantages, such as, simple in manipulation,low adverse side--effect good visuailzation of image, and no influence on thedate of operation. And since the drug for bronchography need not be imported fromforeign countries, it is very economical.


This fix-tractor to assemble rack tractor fix equipment compose a body.It has small size and light in weight and multi-function,fix-tract effect good.It can use treatment of every sort bone fracture of lower limbs.


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