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principles and concepts
     In short, looking closely and judging precisely from the sight of the comedyfilm aesthetics, in this paper the author intends to think and analyze suchquestions as its creative principles and concepts it follows, its survival anddevelopment, its intension and form, thus grasping the historic value andmodern significance of the china’s comedy films of early 1960 as objectively aspossible and as accurately as possible.
     总之,本文将中国 60 年代初喜剧电影置于喜剧电影美学的视野中加以审视,对其创作的原则和观念、生存与发展、内涵和形态等问题展开了思考 ,力图客观正确地把握中国 60 年代初喜剧电影的历史价值和现实意义。
     In order to guarantee the civil rights,the police power,under the rule of law,should be examined again by consciousness of law and should be established and exercised by the principles and concepts of laws.
     In order to guarantee the civil rights,under the condition of nomocracy,the police power should be surveyed again in terms of law and then it should be established by the principles and concepts of laws.
     All these levels are arranged on a dimension that is defined by simplicity-complexity or basic-advanced. The levels are related and interactive. The principles and concepts on lower levels are starting points for the analysis on higher, more complex level.
     Based on principles and concepts of thermal-stress monitoring of turbines, this paper analyzes the display, regulation and protection of high and medial pressure thermal stress from an example of 500MW boiler-turbine unit.
     According to the basic principles and concepts of sequence stratigraphy and based on the researchs of outcrop profile, Cambrian System in the juncture of Sichuan, Guizhou and Hunan can be divided into sixteen third-grade sequences of which seven in the Lower Series, three in the Middle Seriesand six in the Upper Series (striding into the bottom of Ordovician System),including both I-type sequence and Ⅱ-type one.
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     Basic Principles and Concepts of British Property Law
     The Principles and Concepts of Geometric Analysis
     Green chemistry is a new cross subject emerged in the nineties of the 20th century, which principles and concepts have the significance for strategic guidance.
     In the theoretical part, a list of principles and concepts of OLAP and DW are regarded with respect to differences between OLAP and OLTP.
     A breach of contract responsibility system of tourism, we must first define the scientific concept of tourism contract breach related responsibilities, in the light of existing legislation and scholars view this contract default on the responsibility of the tourism concept default escape responsibility attribution principles and concepts of the subject matter defined.
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  principles and concepts
This leads to a further discussion of principles and concepts, in the context of other literature and pressures on public services.
It explores principles and concepts associated with CRAR, in the context of different emphases in understandings of and approaches to "managing" or "working with" change.
Utilizing the theology of Reconstructionism's founder, Mordecai Kaplan, in rabbinical counseling, the principles and concepts can be seen to be complementary to those of Individual Psychology.
This case review identifies the use of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) principles and concepts while detailing the plight and fight of one woman in overcomingagoraphobia with panic attacks.
Reference is made to institutional theory but the principles and concepts suggested are in many ways similar to other kinds of heterodox economics and developments in other social sciences.

Based on principles and concepts of thermal-stress monitoring of turbines, this paper analyzes the display, regulation and protection of high and medial pressure thermal stress from an example of 500MW boiler-turbine unit. The introduction to the principles of both hardware and software used in thermal stress monitoring system is also presented in the paper, which may be taken as a reference to persons involved in design and resrarch of this kind of system.


According to the practice of the two communities developing control planning,the authors have analysed and discussed some issues on real estate developing control planning under today's circumstances,meanwhile they have brought up some principles and concepts to adopt this kind of planning


This paper emphasis to diacuss non-symmetric bending of cantilever rectangular plate support concentrated force on arbitrary point. The discuss make use of superposition principle and concept of generalized simply sides. Result of the problem may get resolation of the plate bending problem for support aritrary load.


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