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  simulation result
     Comparing experimental data with numerical simulation result,temperature change of film component with laser intensity and time were gained.
     Simulation result shows thai a ten-layered object can be reconstructed with only 19 projections having angles ranging from-8° to 8°.
     A numerical simulation is conducted based on the equation of conservation of momentum (N-S) and standard k- ε turbulent field, the relational numerical values between flow rate and rotation speed and pressure drawdown are calculated in combination with examples, the simulation result is consistent with measured values.
     Simulation result is provided to verify the proposed method.
     The simulation result using finite difference time domain method shows,at the working frequency leading to the effective index n_ eff-1,the reflection rate of the surface of photonic crystal with anti-reflection coating is reduced to below 1% in the range of incident angle less than 23 degrees.
  simulated results
     The simulated results show that the nonuniformity along the x and y direction areη_x=4.6%,η_y=5.3% respectively, the energy efficiency can be up to 95.3%,and by moving the target slightly backward from the focal plane,off- focus lengthΔz=2 mm is obained,which nearly satisfies the need.
     模拟计算结果表明,当靶面离焦量为Δz=2 mm时,x,y方向平顶区的不均匀度分别为η_x =4.6%,η_y=5.3%,能量利用率达到95.3%,基本上达到了设计要求。
     Taking the water system and water quality in Chengdu as example, this thesis summarizes the basic method of combining the water quality simulating and geographical information system (GIS) technology, especially researches the analysis and management of the simulated results by the means of GIS technology.
     本文以成都水系的水质模拟计算及其模拟结果的处理为例,提出了水质模拟技术与地理信息系统(Geographical Information System,GIS)技术结合的基本方法,着重探讨了利用GIS技术对模拟计算结果的分析与管理。
     The deformation behaviour of Cu-Zn-Sn alloy and Ti-Ni alloy is simulated by use of the proposed constitutive relation. The simulated results agree well with the experimental data.
     对 Cu-Zn-Sn 合金及 Ti-Ni 合金材料的变形行为进行了模拟计算,结果与实验值有较好的吻合。
     The performances of RF(radio frequency) integrated circuit(RFIC) spiral inductors on silicon(SIOS) with different planar structures were simulated based on a typical physical model using the HFSS(high frequency structure simulator). The simulated results are well coincident with those from theoretical analysis.
     基于RF集成电路硅衬底螺旋电感(SIOS)的典型物理模型,用HFSS(High Frequency Structure Simulator)对中空平面四边形、八边形和圆形螺旋电感的电性能进行了模拟计算,结果与理论分析吻合.
     Simulated results show this discretization error cannot be neglected.
  simulating results
     It is found that the simulating results with good accurate are obtained when the time step L≤Min[(MC_p)_(bj,eff)/3AmC_p].
     分析还发现,当模拟时间间隔 L≤Min[(Mcp)_(bj,eff)/3AmC_p]时,模拟计算结果具有很高的精度。
     It showed that simulating results were consistent with experimental results.
     The simulating analysis system can simulate the process of hazardous accidents of toxic material releasing,fire and explosion,analyze the simulating results by the hazard type and the media characteristics,and plot out the harmful area. It can also calculate the concentration of released substance and radiation flux of fire and explosion overpressure.
     该模拟分析系统能够动态模拟危险介质泄漏扩散、火灾、爆炸灾害过程 ,并根据灾害类型和危险介质的特性分析模拟计算结果 ,划定灾害事故影响区域 ,还可以根据灾害模拟分析模型精确计算各种参数 ,如危险介质泄漏扩散后随时间在空间的浓度分布、热辐射通量及爆炸冲击波在空间的分布等
     On the evacuation design, the quantity of safety exits around these buildings and the evacuation width should be increased if possible and the safety exit number, exit width and evacuation distance can be determined according to the simulating results on smoke layer temperature and height, concentration of CO2 and CO, occupants evacuation time and visibility.
     在人员疏散设计中,应尽可能利用书城卖场的空间设计较多的安全出口和增大疏散宽度,其安全出口数量、宽度和疏散距离可以根据人员安全疏散时间和烟气温度、沉降高度、CO2浓度、CO浓度、能见度模拟计算结果验证确定; 在防排烟方式的选择上,应当根据建筑物的几何特点选取最适宜的措施,就大型书城建筑而言,采用自然排烟的方式是可行的。
     On the evacuation design, the quantity of safety exits around these buildings and the evacuation width should be increased if possible and the safety exit number, exit width and evacuation distance can be determined according to the simulating results on smoke layer temperature and height, concentration of CO_2 and CO, occupants evacuation time and visibility;
     在人员疏散设计中,应尽可能沿建筑周围设置较多的安全出口和增大疏散宽度,其安全出口数量、宽度和疏散距离可以根据人员安全疏散时间和烟气温度、沉降高度、CO2 浓度、CO 浓度、能见度模拟计算结果验证确定;
  results of simulation
     According to the results of simulation of the new cycle using R12 and the alternatives R152a, R134a, R22/R152a as refrigerants, a significant profit in COP and volumetric refrigeration capacity relative to the simple vapor-compression cycle is obtained.
     Rationality of method of parameter design is validated on the flat roof of ADVISOR2002 by an example of QR-HEV. The results of simulation calculation indicate that QR-HEV has the same dynamic performances as conventional vehicle, and fuel consumption of UDDS and HWFET driving cycle is decreased by 27.2% and 6.9% compared with conventional vehicle.
     以QR-HEV动力传动系参数的设计为例,在仿真软件ADVISOR2002平台上验证了参数设计方法的合理性。 模拟计算结果表明,本文设计的QR-HEV汽车具有与常规汽车相近的动力性能,但对应于UDDS和HWFET循环工况的百公里油耗比常规汽车分别降低了27. 2%和6. 9%。
     The results of simulation calculation and the analysis of operation sensitivity showed that the primary influence factors on separation accuracy of the tower were the top product output,and the next was the plate efficiency and reflux ratio.
     Results of simulation show that a total increment of about 5% to 10% of the output lumens is available with this improved fly eye system.
     Based on the results of simulation,a new folding pattern for enhancing the effectiveness of occupant protection is designed.





      simulation result
    The finite element model is correct and simulation result is fine by adopting unequal interval plotting patterns.
    Simulation result and LAN-environment experiment result both indicate that PWD is an effective method to detect and block P2P worms.
    The simulation result shows that the aggregation of conduction grains can greatly affect the degree of catalyst utilization.
    It is demonstrated that the simulation result correctly reproduces the AMS data, and differences in spectra averaged over longitudes on various magnetic latitudes are small (including the low-energy range) for different models of the magnetosphere.
    According to the numerical simulation result, the center-configuration coefficients for these nine configurations have been calculated and compared to validate this technique.
      simulated results
    Finally, to analyze the impacts of the fiber nonlinear effects and PMD on the optical communication system, the simulated results of an 8×40 Gbit/s DWDM system are discussed under different conditions respectively.
    The simulated results show that FSS may operate in different bands and especially generate a large reduction in the resonant frequency for a fixed unit cell size through different loadings.
    Practical circuits are fabricated, and the measured results agree well with the simulated results.
    The simulated results indicate that a steplike magnetization behavior is very sensitive to the concentration of AFM bonds.
    Numerical values of interaction parameters were obtained by fitting simulated results to refined experimental data.
      simulating results
    Some simulating results are also given to illustrate the respective influence of parameters σ.T.
    Comparison with finite element method (FEM) simulating results shows that the predicted results by the analytical model accord well with simulation results by FEM.
    Finally, the simulating results demonstrate the validity and feasibility of our proposed approach.
    According to the simulating results, we explored which model is more adapted to simulate the movement of heavy metals in saturated soil in the western suburb of Beijing.
    The simulating results of 8 WDM signals show pretty good performance of gain flatness and noise figure as well.
      results of simulation
    Results of simulation show the effectiveness of the control algorithms.
    The quantitative correlation between the results of simulation and the data of physical experiments is established and is indicative of the applicability of the percolation theory to describe the process of intergrain wetting.
    The results of simulation are compared to the results of space experiments carried out with the DACON instrument onboard the Mirstation.
    As is shown by the results of simulation, the use of the first and the second orbits will result in reductions of microaccelerations by 30% and 60%, respectively.
    The results of simulation are in good agreement with experiments in the stagnation region for impinging jets flowing coaxially against the disk.

    1. Using electronic simulation for determining the chromatographical elution curve and the conclusions of previous authors, a general equation for the rule of material movements in partition chromatographic columns is obtained. The equation emphasizes the influences of the feeding time, the causes of a symmetry of the elution curve, and of the variation of the retention time, which seemed to be neglected by previous authors.

    1.从电模拟法考察色譜的流出曲綫以及归納前人工作,对物貭在分配色譜柱中的运行規則,提出一般方程。这方程着重进料时間的影响,流出曲綫不对称以及保留时間变化的原因。在各种指定条件下,該一般方程能还原成前人所获得的各种結果,并且該方程計算的結果与电模拟計算的結果一致。 2.从所提出的一般方程出发,导出区域牛寬度和保留时間变化的方程,并用一般方程、实驗、电模拟法等驗証了这些方程。 3.由所得出的区域牛宽度及保留时間变化方程,建立判断色譜柱选择性能及分离程度的指标,并用这指标对色譜操作条件的选择进行討論。

    This paper is a continuance of paper [1]. In it we discuss the effect of transversal viscosity in three-dimeusional gravitational systems of colliding bodies, and apply the results of numerical simulation to Uranu’s ring system. We obtain a relation: ar_p~2=2.33×10~9(year·m~2). Here, a is the age of Uranu’s ring, r_p is the radius of particles. According to realistic observations, we take r_p≈1(km), therefor, a≤2330 (year).


    This paper is a continualice of paper [1]. In it we discuss the effect of transversal viscosity in three-dimeusional gravitational systems of colliding bodies, and apply the results of numerical simulation to Uranu's ring system. We obtain a relation: ar_p~2 (?) 2.33 × 10~9 (year. m~2). Here, a is the age of Uranu's ring, r_p is the radius of particles. According to realistic observations, we take r_p = 1 (km), therefor, a≤2330 (year).


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