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     The address of RAM、FLASH、USB and all the function boards were mapped to the DSP’s CE0~CE3 space.
     RAM、FLASH、USB 接口以及其他各个功能板的地址分别都映射到DSP 的CE0~CE3 空间。
     The OWL (Web Ontology Language) ontology file is mapped to database using Jena API.
     该系统采用C/S架构,首先利用Jena API将OWL(Web Ontology Language)本体文件映射到数据库中。
     According to the relation of the voltage and current of STATCOM and those of linked power system, we derive a kind of nonlinear transient model from system prospective, which is mapped to d-q-0 coordinate system with Park transformation.
     Working area object is abstract conception, it should be mapped to the application conception in different applications.
     IEC61850 is the latest standards on communication networks and systems in substations made by IEC in which communition between substation level and bay level is mapped to MMS.
  mapped into
     SARAM was mapped into 2K space of 8000h begun, program was distributed into the space by CMD file.
     The mismatch can be mapped into three spaces, i.e. signal space, feature space and model space.
     Input space is mapped into feature space by kernel function,projection vector is acquired and discriminant functions is constructed in feature space,subsequently,identification effect is verified by testing samples.
     Realized by VC++,the topological relation of diagrams described in Visio can be imported into database and mapped into the network planning system.
     通过VC++,系统可将网络规划人员使用V isio描绘的网络拓扑图的拓扑关系导入数据库,进而映射到网络规划主系统;
     To acquire fault diagnosis rule from the original data through utilizing rough sets pretreatment ability, so the input is mapped into the output subspaces by using rules acquired from rough sets, then the output of the system computes approximately degree of fault damage by neural network in the subspace.
     通过利用粗糙集的数据预处理能力 ,从原始的数据中提取出故障诊断的规则 ,从而将输入映射到输出的子空间 ,而后在此子空间上用神经网络进行故障度的诊断 .
  imaged to
     By using self-organization neural network, periodical vibration signal of diagnosed object is processed. In accordance with the image characteristics and cluster features, the vibration signal is imaged to two-dimension output plane of self-organization net.
     利用自组织神经网络对诊断对象的周期性振动信号进行处理 ,根据其映射特性和聚类特性 ,将振动信号映射到自组织网二维输出平面上。
  map into
     Meanwhile, the key techniques were introduced in this paper. XML is used to publish product data, while STEP could describe product data and these will map into XML protocol development.
     It is pointed out that variations of the large-seale convective electric field in the magnetosphere arising from Bz variations will penetrate into the inner magnetosphere, and then map into the middle-low latitude ionosphere along magnetic field lines, producing a characteristic electric field and current system, which will distort the Sq current system and produce a measurable magnetic disturbance on the earth surface.





      mapped to
    ms157 Has been mapped to a region of 74kb located in BAC clone T6K22 on chromosome IV using a map-based cloning strategy.
    The greatest degree of structural determination was revealed for local and lateralized (in a traumatic injury) slow waves, whose EDSs mapped to the perifocal zone of the injury focus.
    Thus, the protease-binding domain was mapped to the N-terminal part of M1.
    The 1.8 kb cDNA consists of 11 exons and is mapped to mouse chromosome 4B3.
    The LTR was previously mapped to the 19q13.2 locus.
      mapped into
    It is known that cases are possible when a regular solution in the hodograph plane loses its regularity property upon being mapped into the physical plane [1].
    The keplerate structure can be defined as a substructure of the corresponding algebraic geometry construction that is mapped into a concentric combination of sphere subdivisions.
    DTD serves as a basis for a specification in the SYNTHESIS language; each DTD element declaration is mapped into some data type of SYNTHESIS.
    Mathematically, a system of circuit equations is constructed by nodal analysis in the frequency domain, and its solutions in the form of Volterra series are mapped into the time domain by numerical Laplace inversion.
    The conformal transformation solution is presented for the attenuation constant of TEM transmission lines which can be mapped into the coaxial or the parallel plate lines by certain conformal transformations including the numerical ones.
      imaged to
    Long-range lateral order can be imaged to molecular resolution.
    Fully equilibrated structures, such as 2D and 3D equilibrium crystal shapes, have been imaged to extract the orientation dependent step and surface free energies, even at various temperatures.
    Six cadaveric elbows were imaged to depict the normal anatomy of these nerves and to determine the best plane and position of the elbow for optimal visualization of each nerve.
    For the first time in pollen tubes, both cytoplasmic and nuclear calcium have been imaged to allow comparative analysis of calcium dynamics in these two compartments with high spatial and temporal dynamics.
    Samples were treated with fluorescent probes for nucleic acids to quantify bacterial biomass and fluor-conjugated lectins to quantify exopolymer, and far red autofluorescence was imaged to quantify algal or photosynthetic biomass.
      map into
    By considering Q-spreads of cycles on X and the corresponding cycle map into absolute Hodge cohomology, we construct a filtration {Fl}l ≥ 0 on CHk(X)Q of 'Bloch-Beilinson' type.
    a 4.4-cm station height error would map into a 1-cm ZTD error).
    Consequently, unmodeled ocean loading effects map into significant errors in ZTD estimates and ocean loading modeling must be properly implemented when estimating ZTD parameters from GPS data for meteorological applications.
    Thus the maximal dimension of flat subspaces of $$T_p^cP$$ (other than $$T_p'P$$ and $$T_p''P$$ if P is hermitian) is a bound for the rank of any (non-holomorphic) pluriharmonic map into P.
    In particular, we show that the test function space may be taken as a metric space, that the space may be uniquely completed in this topology, and that the map into the unitary Weyl operators is strongly continuous in this topology.

    Muskhelishvili has solved the boundary value problem in a single-connected region by use of conformal function expressed in a polynomial form. The author formulates this problem in a double-connected region on the basis of Muskhelishvili's method and the principle of superposition. As an example, a square plate with a hole subject to shearing force is analyzed.


    A Backlund transformation for the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation,and the mixed Korteweg-de Vries equation,, is presented. Another so-called auto-Backlund transformationfor the mapping of one solution to another of the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation can be included. In contrast with known methods due to Clairin[1], Chen[2] and Hirota[3], the auto-Backlund transformation for a nonlinear evolution equation is derived with a given transformation.

    本文获得了一个关于变形Korteweg-de Vries(简称Kdy)方程和混合KdV方程的B?cklund变换,这一变换包含了变形KdV方程的一个解映射到另一个解的自B?cklund变换.与现有的Clairin法、Chen法和Hirota法不同,本文是通过已知变换来导出方程的自B?cklund变换.

    The combinatorial algorithm for n-process dispatching to solve one by one the selection of optimal combination is investigated and the formulas for mapping n-process (x1, x2,...., xn) onto N, the positive integer set, and vice versa, are derived.The "Yang Hui List" is also given in order that the algorithm will be able to meet the real time requirements by a quick searching along the "list" instead of the usual computation of the binomial coefficients.


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