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  containing only
     enteral feeding with Nutrison containing only LCT as fat source (Group N).
     一组为Nutrison(N)组 ,饲以只含LCT的肠内营养制剂Nutrison。
     After solution-ageing treatment, the divorced eutectic (Mg+Mg_2Ca) along the grain boundaries of Mg-Ca alloy containing only Ca disappears, where the grown-up granular Mg_2Ca was found instead, whereas no evident change of microstructure could be found in Mg-Ca-Si alloys.
     固溶时效后,只含Ca的镁合金中晶界处离异共晶组织消失,代之以长大了的颗粒状Mg2Ca相; 而Mg Ca Si合金的固溶时效组织较铸态无明显变化。
     The patients in F group were supplemented orally with enteral nutrient Fresubin 750MCT containing medium (MCT) and long chain triglyceride(LCT), and those in N group with Nutrison containing only LCT.
     F组 ,饲以含MCT/LCT的肠内营养制剂Fresubin 75 0MCT ; N组 ,饲以只含LCT的肠内营养制剂Nutrison。
     Mixed cells containing only 10% of HSV TK transduced cells showed 39.0% reduction of the proliferation, which meant there was an obvious bystander effect in the system.
     混合细胞中只含10% 的HSVTK转化细胞时,生长抑制率已达39.0% ,即存在明显的旁观者效应;
     Although, in certain range, there was improved tendency of genetic gain of selection index (CGS  y) along with the increase of number of selective factors, yet in some simple comprehensive selection containing only 2 or 3 factors, both CGS  y and selective effect would be as large as multiple factor selection.
  contained only
     The results showed the explants could regenerate via somatic embryogenesis when the medium contained only 2,4-D without or with little content of 6-BA.
     Computer analysis indicated tha the coding strand contained only one open reading frame (ORF) encoding for a polypeptide of 1146 amino acids with predicted molecular mass 131 .8 kD.
     正链RNA 只含一个长的开放阅读框,编码一个由1146个氨基酸组成的蛋白,推测其分子量为131.8kD。
     (5)The endosperm in rice contained two kinds of proteoplast, PB 1 and PB 2, While the one in wheat contained only one kind of proteoplast.
     (5 )水稻胚乳含两种蛋白质体类型 ,即PB1和PB2 ,而小麦胚乳只含一种蛋白质体 .
     The results showed that the community were composed of 90 species of Tracheophyta which belongs to 41 families and 77 genera,in which 84.42% of genera contained only one species.
     ② Group N: enteral feeding with Nutrison, which contained only LCT as fat source.
     另一组为 Nutrison组(N组),即饲以只含 LCT的肠内营养制剂 Nutrison。
  with only
     3) Follows the inherent rule 2, transform NB-PDEε- eunceasingly for non- linear ODES with only one variable with wavelet methods, details as follows:a.
     (3)遵循隐性规则2,应用小波方法将NB-PDE持续ε- e转化为只含时间t的非线性ODES,具体细节内容:a.
     One was 15 5 kD in molecular weight (named ZBP) with only one peptide.
     一种分子量为15.5 kD(简称ZBP),只含一个多肽链;
     Methods Young leaves of Gink go biloba were dedifferentiated into callus in MS medium with only 2,4-D as plant growth regulator. The callus was then transferred aseptically to liquid MS medium exogenously supplemented with appropriate concentration of 6-BA, NAA and 2,4-D to establish suspension cell culture system.
     方法 利用只含生长素 2 ,4 D的MS培养基诱导银杏嫩叶 ,使细胞脱分化形成愈伤组织 ,然后将愈伤组织转移至含一定浓度 6 BA ,NAA ,和 2 ,4 D的液体MS培养基中以形成悬浮细胞。
     RESULTS The LC 50 of the mucilage with toluene and ketone was lowest but that with only ester is highest.
     On the basis of the chemical reaction with O2 involved and the thermodynamic principle, wehave derived the specific formulae for calculating oxygen fugacities with only three parameters, i.e., T, p and x.
  only contained
     The wool of adult ewe only contained Pb, Ti, Mn and Cu. However, the wool of one month furlamb contained 13 micro elements. They were Ba, Pb, Ti, Mn, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zr, Ag, Zn, Sr, Mo and Yb.
     Feed of group I only contained dry bean curd Pulp, feed of group II contained 1/2 dry bean curd Pulp and 1/2 soybean meal and feed of group III only contained soybean meal.
     The results also showed that Yacheng 73/ 512, Yacheng 57/ 25 and Yacheng 62/ 70 did not conform to the historical records of the pedigree because they only contained the genome derived from Saccharum, indicating that E. arundinaceus may not contribute to their genomes.
     Forty-five Holstein steer were randomly divided into three groups. Concentrate of group I only contained soybean meal,concentrate of group II contained 1/2 expanding cottonseed and 1/2 soybean meal and concentrate of group III only contained expanding cottonseed.





  containing only
The superaugmented eccentric connectivity index-3 (SAξc3) exhibited an exceptionally high discriminating power of >amp;gt; 4000 for all possible structures containing only five vertices.
Sialoside probes containing tyrosine-O-sulfate residue did not display increased affinity to siglecs-1 and-5 compared with glycoconjugates containing only sialoside.
This system reduces to two equations containing only components of the particle velocity; the order of one of them equals the number of reactions increased by one, while the second equation expresses the nonvorticity condition of the stream.
An expression is obtained for the drag containing only one coefficient in the expansion of the complex potential in a Laurent series.
The maximal MGB effect on the fluorescence level of microarray chip spots, which caused its fourfold increase as compared with the initial unmodified duplex, was observed for the duplex containing only AT pairs in the ligand binding site.
  contained only
Nondeuterated exogenous polysaccharides contained only fructose, whereas deuterated exogenous polysaccharides contained 98% fructose and 2% ribose.
By the end of the prenatal period, most of the neurons (99%) contained only one of the enzymes, and the proportion of neurons expressing both enzymes (dopaminergic neurons) did not exceed 1%.
PCR analyses of DNA demonstrated that mutations in nhaS1, nhaS4, and nhaS5 genes were segregated completely and the mutants contained only inactivated copies of the corresponding genes.
In this case, the information that the flow is viscous outside the region of turning of the flow is contained only in the boundary conditions.
The carbohydrate fraction of lipid I hydrolysate contained only D-glucose, whereas hydrolysate of lipid II contained both D-glucose and D-galactose in a molar ratio of 2 : 1.
  with only
We classify all instances when a parabolic subgroupP ofG acts on its unipotent radicalPu, or onpu, the Lie algebra ofPu, with only a finite number of orbits.
We consider contractible affine surfaces of negative Kodaira dimension with only quotient singularities.
For special dilation matrices, we derive very simple but optimal arbitrarily smooth bi-frames in arbitrary dimensions with only two primal and dual wavelets.
DDPA was adsorbed on zirconia with only one phosphonic group, with the other being free.
Their catalytic activity in the oxidation of cyclohexanol and benzyl alcohol was investigated with only aqueous 30% hydrogen peroxide.
  only contained
They only contained alkalitolerant representatives of asporogenic capsulated yeasts belonging to the species Cryptococcus laurentii, C.
Fufang Danshen Pian mainly contained an additional group of liposoluble components besides salvianolic acid B from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge while cardiotonic pills only contained water-soluble components.
The SHS master alloy only contained submicron TiC particles except for Al matrix.
Since the three factors F430 only contained significant amounts of glutamate rather than arginine or proline, the incorporation data suggest that factors F430 are nickel tetrapyrrole compounds.
Addition of whole cells of strain T1 produced higher values of NPN and AN at the end of incubation of slurries, accelerating proteolysis by about 2 weeks with respect to the control, which only contained the parental strain IFPL359.

In this paper a method for solving electric network is suggested. By this method, the solution of the network may be found conveniently without solving simultaneous equations.

本文提出一种解电网的方法,用这种方法来解电网,可以避免解联立方程之麻烦,以节省劳动力。 本文分下列两部分: 1.一般电网解法——凡是一切直线律电网,不论其中含有若干电动势,都可应用这解法。这解法是首先将电网中的电动势代换以等值的电源电流,其次将电网中的结点逐点化去,使电网化简为一等值支路,以求该支路两端点的电势差,然后再返原为原来的电网,以求其中各结点的电势,如此,最后就很易计算出各支路的电流。 2.只含一个电动势电网的特殊解法——凡是一切直线律电网,若其中只含有一个电动势,则用这解法更为简便。这解法与一般电网解法所不同的地方就是可将电网返原的这一步骤省去。为了要省去这一步骤,只须在电网化简前,电网各结点上均虚设一定量的电源电流,如此,当电网化简为一等值支路时,就能直接求得原来电网中各结点的电势。 再者,本文所提出的解电网方法对于交流电网及直流电网均能适用,而本文是按解交流电网的方式叙述。

Decaisnea fargesii Franch. is one of the rubber plants which have received considerable attention in recent years. The rubber of Decaisnea fargesii occurs only in the laticiferous canals of the pericarp and there is neither laticiferous canal, nor rubber substances in its roots, stems and leaves. In the present paper, a preliminary result on the research of the structure and the ontogeny of the laticiferous canals of Decaisnea fargesii is reported. In the pericarp of the mature fruit, an aggregate fleshy follicle,...

Decaisnea fargesii Franch. is one of the rubber plants which have received considerable attention in recent years. The rubber of Decaisnea fargesii occurs only in the laticiferous canals of the pericarp and there is neither laticiferous canal, nor rubber substances in its roots, stems and leaves. In the present paper, a preliminary result on the research of the structure and the ontogeny of the laticiferous canals of Decaisnea fargesii is reported. In the pericarp of the mature fruit, an aggregate fleshy follicle, of Decaisnea fargesii, there are numerous white colored laticiferous canals which are easily recognized with the naked eye. These canals connect with each other to form a reticulum. The fundamental structure of the pericarp of the young flowers is not different from that of other flowering plants. However, the protoplasm of the outer epidermal cells of the pericarp is more dense and it takes stains more deeply than that of the cells of its inner side. After the blooming fertilization, numerous spots on the outer epidermis of pericarp become centers of activity. There the cells begin to divide more actively than the other portion. As a result, numerous minute papillae are simultaneously formed. As the cells continuously divide, the papillae are gradually elevated and enlarged. At the bases of these papillae are depressions which become canal-like structures. These connect to form a reticulum below the surface of pericarp. When the canals reach a depth of 200--300μ, the divisions of the epidermal cells flanking the canals gradually slow down, but these cells increase in volume. Because the cells enlarge in anticlinal direction much more than in periclinal direction, the canals become narrower and narrower as the cell enlargement continues. Finally, the lateral walls of the canals meet each other and become fused. Here after enlargement of the epidermal cells are restricted to the lower portion of the canals. The whole structure viewed in cross-section is like a flask. At this stage, the epidermal cells in the lower portion of the flask-like structures are characterized by their larger in volume, larger nucleus, denser-protoplasm and smaller vocuoles. The chloroplasts formerly present disappear and some deeply stained particles appear in the protoplasm. Therefore, the morphology and the structure of these cell-groups are quite different from other epidermal cells of the pericarp including those on the surface and in the upper portion of canals. These groups of cells may be called secretory epidermal cells. At the end of the cells enlargement, the secretory epidermal cells of the lower portion of the canals separate each other and their walls begin to disintegrate. As these activities extend to every part of the secretory epidermal cells, a lysigenous intercellular canal is finally formed. The epidermal cells of the upper portion of the flask-like canals remain intact thus burying the canals formed in the mesocarp of the fruit. The protoplasm and inclusions of the disintegrated cells assume the appearance of milky fluid in the canals. Thus these canals should be regarded as laticiferous canals. During the further development of the pericarp, 2—4 layers of parenchymatous cells of the mesocarp surrounding the disintegrated epidermal cells break off. This makes the diameter of laticiferous canals to be further enlarged. In general, the ontogenetic processes of the laticiferous canals of Decaisnea fargesii include (1) elevation of the external epidermal cells of pericarp, (2) depression of the epidermal cells in the peripheral zone of the papillae, (3) formation and burying of the canals, and (4) disintegration of the secretory epidermal cells. Such a complex phenomena in formation of the laticiferous canals of Decaisnea fargesii is the special type in intercellular canals of plants. Within the pericarp of fully matured fruits, the diameter of the laticiferous canals may reach 600—800μ and their structure resembles the schizogenous intercellular canals generally occurring in other plants in which no special peripheral sheath-like cells has been observed. They remain in the mesocarp, covered externally by 6—9 layers of cells and form a reticulate system parallel with the outer wall of the fruit. According to the present analysis on their structure, ontogeny and distribution, the laticiferous canal system of Decaisnea fargesii is obviously different from the laticiferous tubes and the intercellular canals usually observed in the other plant. Their special type of formation is probably connected with the localization of their occurrence and particularly in relation with the characteristics of development of the fleshy fruit.



By a new choice of the vacuum state it is shown that the nondegenerate Brueckner-Goldstone linked cluster expansion formula can also be applied to the case where there is one particle outside or one hole inside the closed shell configuration, even though here exists degeneracy.


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