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  routine test
     Research on availability of environmental routine test for military equipment
     Better results are obtained by routine test and long term storage test from the resulting industrial detonators. [
     对壳内制备的起爆药进行了基础性能试验 ,装配后的工业雷管做了例行试验和长贮试验 ,取得了较理想的效果。
     This paper introduces environmental routine test and its effect at first,gives an application example in delivering a product,and points out its deficiency.
     The evaluation technology for reliability of Nuclear grade instruments is one of the important methods to assure congenital excellence of the products, It can take precautions against calamity and it is powerful method to wholly check and evaluate the readability and security of the products from various phases including design, fabrication, assembly, testing, routine test and special environment test, reliability test, operating life simulation test, etc.
     核级仪表可靠性评审技术是保证产品先天性优良的重要方法之一. 它可以防患于未然,对产品从方案设计、制造过程、检验装配、例行试验和特殊的环境试验、可靠性试验、寿期模拟试验等各个阶段可靠性、安全性的保证措施是否有力进行全面评审.
     Six axils locomotive roll-rig is an important equipment for new-model locomotive and routine test in electric locomotive works. The testing system for the roll-rig not only requires large numbers of data acquisition channels, high measurement precision and sampling frequency but also can be configured flexibly.
  routine examination
     An Automatic Routine Examination System for Refrigerators
     This system has been successfully applied to the routine examination of refrigerator in HongTai Electrical Company of Shandong, a project supported by the International Green Environmentalist organization—non-Freon refrigerator assembly line.
  routine tests
     The differences between the up to date UIC standards for locomotive diesel engines and the relevant present standards in Chinese railway industry were briefly analyzed. The comparisons were made in terms of authentication methods, authentication tests, routine tests and acceptance conditions.
     简要剖析了国际铁路联盟最新机车柴油机标准与我国相应现行铁道行业标准的差异 ,从认证方法、认证试验、例行试验和验收条件三方面予以分析比较
     A method to evaluate equipments reliability by using every type of test information,such as performance test,functional demonstration and other routine tests,has been introduced. The method can make full use of test data abtained from various tests,it can,therefore,reduce the cost and time of special reliability test,and it may lay an indispensable technical foundation for equipment reliability evaluation and validation at present.
     该文主要介绍了利用装备的性能试验、功能演示等常规例行试验的数据评估装备可靠性的方法 ,该方法能够充分地利用装备在各种场合下的各类工作数据 ,减少了专门的可靠性试验所需的时间与经费 ,是目前开展装备的可靠性评估与验证工作的不可缺少的技术基础
     Working electrolyte is selected by orthonormal experiment and assembled 160V/1μF capacitors which make all experiments, including 2000 hours 160V、85℃ and 125℃ high temperature reliability experiments to examine all kinds of capacitor electrical performances.
     并在理论的指导下采用正交试验的方法,研制出160V/1μF液体钽电解电容器电解质配方。 我们用新研制出的工作电解质装配成钽电容器老练后进行全项例行试验,其中包括2000小时160V、85℃及125℃高温负荷耐久性实验,全面考核电解质配方及钽电容器各项电性能,取得很好的结果。
     Then is the design and develop of instrument soft and hardware.
     Through test at 200℃ for 1000 hours Model Y11 Connectors for high temperature use manufactured from such an alloy prove to be in conformity with the requirements of military purposes.
     The sensor was test for craft,capability,proceeds etc,and comparison with analyze.
     Depending on above theory, experiments were performed to select elementaryformula, than 160V/47μF tantalum capacitors were assembled with it. Theirperformances were measured at room temperature, high and low temperature and highfrequency after aging, and than 2000h high temperature burden examination and otherentirely duty exams were carried out. The performances turned out to be very good,and satisfied the requirement of the project.

  routine test
Thus, 31P-MRS should not be a routine test for MM, but may be an important research tool.
The paper describes a routine test for screening toxicity and growth inhibition of purified proteins in artificial diets onAcyrthosiphon pisum (Harris).
It makes it possible to monitor adequate anticoagulation, but PMN-elastase results must be proven during routine use before recommendation as a routine test.
This paper describes experiments performed with 30 subjects which indicate that the rate of strength build-up in repeated exertions may provide objective criteria to judge whether or not a subject exerts full muscular strength in a routine test.
The determining of urine- and serum-lysozyme may be regarded as specific to the kidney and can be recommended as a routine test after a kidney transplant.
  routine examination
Important information on the presence of asynchrony can be obtained already during a standard routine examination with conventional techniques (2D, M-mode and Doppler).
They appeared mainly in the motor nuclei of the brainstem and spinal cord on a routine examination.
The influence of artificial blood contamination on the quantitative values obtained in the routine examination of the CSF was investigated.
The laboratory examinations included blood clot culture, phage typing, Widal test, haemoglobin, leucocyte count, transaminases, serum bilirubin, and routine examination and culture of stool and urine.
The changes of clinical symptoms and signs, and laboratory indices such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), rheumatoid factor (RF), antistreptolysin O (ASO), routine examination of blood and urine, liver and kidney function, etc.
  routine experiment
in household appliances was partly burned in routine experiment.
eccentricity, during a routine experiment was estimated to be less than 1.0?mm and hence did not influence the measured torque output under our experimental conditions.
A coefficient of variation of the IP better than 2% was found in a routine experiment (10 mg sample, 150 C, 60 ml/min air flow rate, aluminum pan) for typical oils which had an IP range of 25-31 min.
To address this issue we report here a modified version of the routine experiment and a processing scheme that provides a 1D-STD homodecoupled spectrum (i.e.
This efficient transformation procedure led to an average of four independent transformed lines per gram of cocultivated embryogenic tissue and up to 50 transformed lines can be obtained in a routine experiment.
  routine tests
Although a fraction of FBCs identified in our study was similar to those described in other European countries and in the United States, the percentages of genetic mutations seen on routine tests were relatively low.
Electrophysiological routine tests of distal nerves were usually normal except in nerve segments with conduction block.
In all patients with pure or predominantly motor syndromes and normal findings in electrophysiological routine tests of distal nerve segments, there should be proximal conduction block studies to avoid overlooking a treatable disorder such as MMN.
Routine tests of the anorectum for gonorrhoea are essential in cases of women at risk, and for most homosexual men since over 80 per cent of these men will have had passive anorectal intercourse.
The second part of the study is based upon results from routine tests for CA andM.

The Morle-fringe scale by resistance chain introduced in this article is a method of grating Morle-fringe in hinge electronic scale. Its circuit has-been successfully applied to the angle-measuring system of two precision instruments developed in the Institute.


According to the theorem of complex harmonic drive, this paper extendsits meaning and presents a new system of closed power current (that is asystem of drive ratio i=∞). Moreover, this paper researches and analysesthe characteristics and advantages of the system used as test-bed in assemblyand conventional tests, and explains with practical examples. To comprehendand apply it conveniently, at first, this paper also in troduces the conceptof closed power and its applications in gear drive test-bed.


TYSY-5 Piezoelectric gyro is a novel miniaturized solid transducer with the physical size of 36×64x16mm3, weight of~100g, power supply of 0.5W (for the type of non-constant temperature),output gradient of~ 18mV/°/s,preparation time of 10 minutes,and atmospheric temperature of -40℃ to +50℃. Other routine tests are demonstrated to meet the needs of aeronautics. Particularly, this transducer is available for solid-state angular rate sensors used in telemeterring of air-to-air missiles.


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