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  previous research
     The present research is one of the proceedings of the previous research, but the focus is placed on the relationships between learning styles and language learning strategies of Chinese English majors.
     In the paper,11 kinds of new fungous diseases of vegetables distributed in Shanxi province were recorded on the basis of previous research. 11 species of fungus of 6 genus parasite on 10 species of host plants of 6 families.
     Study 2. According the conclusions of the previous research, we resume that there exits a linear connection between the mathematics anxiety and mathematics achievement, and there is significant differences between mathematics anxiety of the male and female participants.
     Moreover, differing from previous research, we introduce a parameter, which denotes the ability of investment fund manager, into our model, and suppose that the informative contents of the received signal depend on the ability of the investment fund ma-(nager).
     Previous research in Liaoning suggested that few juveniles hatch from cysts collected during the soybean growing and harvest seasons, and indicated that dormancy of Heterodera glycines is related to the soybean growing stage or season.
  former research
     Based on data of former research production, this paper is applying the cluster analysis in the case study of 47 Chinese cities. Five clusters and the competitiveness characteristics of each cluster are presented after the results discussion.
  former study
     According to the former study,the local resistance in multistage fan station can account for 30%~ 70% of the gross pressure of the fan.
     按以前研究 ,多级机站的局部阻力要占风机全压的 3 0 %~ 70 %。
     Different from the former study,the value region of projective operator in the neural network which they study was a general closed convex subset of n demensional Euclidean space and it wasn't a compact convex set in general,that is,the value region of projective operator was probably unbounded.
  our studies
     On the base of our studies, we had demonstrated that HBcAg prepared from the serum by precipitating the specific immune complex may replace HBcAg obtained from the autopsied liver in detecting anti HBcIgM by SPRIA Method.





      previous research
    In this study, according to the previous research of Pprl's crucial role in radioresistance of D.
    Previous research suggests that the right and left hemispheres dominate global and local perception of hierarchical patterns, respectively.
    Our previous research results have shown that the Ti-O films with appropriate characteristics possess great potentials for biomaterials application.
    Based on previous research on sensible heat flux, we investigate it from different aspects using GAME/Tibet data measured during 6 June-13 September, 1998.
    Previous research in incompressible cavity-flow has included flow inside and past a 2-dimensional cavity, and flow inside a 3-dimensional cavity, driven by a moving lid.
      former research
    The completion and the contents of the doctor's thesis, former research efforts, foreign languages, computer knowledge and other qualifications are the most important criteria in the selection process.
    There is little information about the interaction between melatonin, sexual steroids and neuroendocrine system in postmenopausal females, even if former research showed that melatonin is clearly involved in human physiology and pathophysiology.
    Former research led to the identification of several independent lineages within this group.
    The theoretical and reference frameworks developed in the former research study proved to be effective for developing a constructivist approach leading children to build a meaningful and efficient symbolism of number.
    The efficacy of electroacupuncture (EA) for treating patients with diarrhea-predominant IBS has been confirmed in the authors' former research, but the regulatory mechanism of EA in IBS is still unknown.
      former study
    The former study used binocular, while the latter study used monocular viewing with an occluding eyepatch.
    In the latter study, glucose was infused to match the hypoglycaemia observed in the former study.
    The main methodological difference between these studies was that the calcium concentration of the microdialysis perfusion solution was 3.4 mM in the former study versus 1.2 mM in the present experiments.
    These results were in close correspondence with the results of our former study about arthrokinetic influence on linear self-motion perception.
    The results were compared to standard age-related values established in a former study in 100 children.
      our studies
    Our studies demonstrated an in vivo cardioprotection effect of (N-(3,4,-dimethoxy-2-chlorobenzylideneamino)-guanidine: ME10092) in ischaemic reperfusion injury in the rodent.
    This paper summarizes our studies of DNA nano-compartement in recent years.
    Our studies demonstrate that the standing crop increased gradually with time.
    Our studies and data found in the literature suggest that this effect is due to the synthesis of sugars from amino acids by gluconeogenesis.
    Our studies reveal that the PHA production of recombinant E.

    FeO-Fe_2O_3-P_2O_5 CaO-P_2O_5


    On the basis of our past research on Fe-Mn-Al system, a new Ni-Cr-free cryogenic

    在早期比较系统地研究铁-锰-铝系合金钢的基础上,发展了一种完全不含镍、铬的低温用新钢种——15Mn26Al4.它具有十分稳定的奥氏体组织,满意的力学性能,可在液氢温度下使用而不变脆。对照以前研究的Fe-Mn-Al系相图,考虑到铝有抑制高锰奥氏钢发生低温马氏体型相变和稳定低温组织的作用,以及锰和碳是稳定奥氏体的合金元素,通过实验确定钢的成分范围为(%):C 0.13—0.19,Mn 24.5—27.0,Al 3.8—4.7.与一般常用的1Crl8Ni9Ti不锈钢相比,15Mn26Al4钢的强度、塑性和冲击韧性等,均有显著的优越性。在工业生产实践中,研究出“钢温高、渣温高、模温高”和“浇注快”的“三高一快”的炼钢经验;研究出压力加工工艺必须掌握750一850℃和1150—1250℃间有两个塑性区的规津,已成批生产出各种规格的板、管、棒、丝材和锻件;还研究出不同规格的焊条和焊剂,从而形成了一整套比较完整的加工工艺。15Mn26Al4钢经制成容器在液氮温度下进行爆破试验,情况良好,表现为明显的塑性断口,是典型的韧性断裂。

    Anti HBc-IgM is one of the important serological markers in hepatitis B. We had established the SPRIA method for the determination of anti HBc-IgM by useing materials made in our country. This assay has been found to be specific. sensitive, stable to a certain extent and to inexpensive.On the base of our studies, we had demonstrated that HBcAg prepared from the serum by precipitating the specific immune complex may replace HBcAg obtained from the autopsied liver in detecting anti HBcIgM by SPRIA Method.

    抗HBc—IgM是乙肝血清的重要指标之一。本室利用国产原料,建立了抗HBc—IgM的固相放免检测。实验是特异、敏感的,有一定稳定性,并有较高经济效益。 另外,在以前研究基础上,通过实验证明了用特异性免疫沉淀法从血清中制取的HBcAg可以代替由尸肝中纯化的HBcAg,以进行抗HBc—IgM的固相放免检测,无非特异反应。

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