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  accurately determine
     In applying deformation control, it is vitally important to accurately determine the soil pressure being applied to the retaining structure, which is also closely dependent on the deformation of the adjacent soil.
     Finally, establish the simulation model of the test installation, carry on the numeric simulation experiments by using above two methods, the experimental results have indicated that the two methods can accurately determine the mode distribution in over-mode waveguide.
     In combination with the situations of flood carrying capacity obtained both through theoretical calculation and from model test, and based on the calculation error analysis of weir formula for practical weir which was commonly used in low- dam junction, the conclusion is drawn that when the relative submerge degree hs/Ho>0.85, it is probably to produce greater error in theoretically calculated flood carrying capacity and thus model test shall be made for accurately determine the flood carrying capacity.
     结合大源渡枢纽理论计算及模型试验的泄洪能力情况,对低坝枢纽中常用的实用堰的堰流公式进行了计算误差分析,得出相对淹没度 hs/Ho>0.85时理论计算泄洪能力可能产生较大误差枢纽泄洪能力,需要配合模型试验才能较准确地确定枢纽泄洪能力。
     ConclusionMicrometastases could be identified by the positive expression of CA72-4 in pathology negative-nodes. CA72-4 is useful to accurately determine the clinical stage of patients suffering from gastric carcinoma.
     结论CA72 4是检测胃癌淋巴结微转移敏感的单克隆抗体之一 ,可以更准确地确定临床分期。
     The pressure drop calculation method obtained from above results can be used to accurately determine the pressure loss of two-phase gas bubble flow.
  determined precisely
     The minimum embedding dimension can be determined by the false nearest neighbors method, and embedding dimension of determination component in noise condition can be determined precisely by this method which can avoid the phase space disturbance because of the higher embedding dimensions.
     It is shown from the survey results that the application of magnetic detection to site survey is a quite effective method, and especially when there are ferromagnetic objects located above or below the sea bottom about the well site, the objects can be probed effectively by using the magnetic detection method, and their positions can also be determined precisely.
     结果表明 ,磁法勘探用于井场调查是一种十分有效的方法 ,特别是当井场周围海底表面或以下存在有铁磁性物体时 ,磁法勘探都能对其进行有效地探测 ,并能准确地确定其位置
     Using the algorithm the operating position of generating units on the load curve of a power system can be determined precisely and fast so that the operating plan at designated intervals can be made conveniently. The method provides the conditions for wider and more effective ap-plication of stochastic production simulation.
     运用提出的算法 ,可以快速准确地确定发电机组在系统负荷曲线上的运行位置 ,由此可以方便地计算出各分时段发电计划 ,为随机生产模拟更广泛和有效的应用提供了条件。
  determined accurately
     The so-called whitening residual errors WRE can be produced from a whitening projection operator, which is formed easily. Not only will the structure of the system to be identified be determined accurately, but also the performance of the model with this structure will be predicted if the WREM isused.
     Our results shows that fetal DNA presents in maternal plasma and can beamplified by PCR-based methods- Fetal sex can be determined accurately in early pregnancy usingthis methods, which can be used in noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of sex-linked disorders.
     我们的结果表明,应用我们建立的血浆DNA提取方法与调整的PCR系统,在孕早期可以准确地确定胎儿的性别,这对于性连锁疾病的非损伤性产前诊断具有重要意义。 我们的工作为我国非损伤性产前诊断研究的开展与深入打下基础。
     The exponent of oil extraction below saturated pressure and the different flowing pressure can be obtained by using the exponent of oil extraction above saturated pressure, then the productivity of working oil well can be determined accurately for the development of the oil field.
     In the processing of the high-speed roll-casting for computer-emulation of fluid field and temperature field, the relation of the molten aluminium′s viscosity and temperature must be determined accurately.
     By the basic principle of fuzzy mathematics, the similar degree between the project being built and the project completely built is studied and the subject function value and intimate degree of every characteristic element of the project being build are calculated out in this paper. Thus, according to the fabrication cost of the project completely buil, the fabrication cost of the project being built can be determined accurately and rapidly.
     Conclusion There is micrometastasis in the lymph nodes around the gastric cancer,and the detection of micrometastasis by AE1/AE3 immunohistochemical staining in the negative lymph nodes of gastric cancer may be helpful for the tumor stage,treatment and prognosis evaluation.
     Calculation shows that the viscosity model based on PR state equation has big error,while LBC empirical relationship can provide more accurate viscosity of acidic gas.
     The distribution of reservoir permeability near the wellbore can be determined more exactly by the improved method of ISA (Inverse Solution Algorithm).
     提出了改进ISA(Inverse Solution Algorithm)方法,可以更准确地确定井筒附近储集层渗透率分布。
     In order to compare these two methods well, vibration tests for frame structures were carried out, with considered many cases, including single-damage and multi-damage with different degrees and locations.
     Sound intensity measurement for vehicles' noise indicated that the main noise source could be dertimined accurately and the frequency characteristics of noise resurce could be analysed conveniently by this method.
     通过对车辆声强的测量分析表明 :声强测量法能准确地确定客车主要噪声源的位置 ,方便地分析主要噪声源的频率特性。 声强测量是车辆噪声控制的重要手段。

  accurately determine
Therefore, it is very important, in the course of modeling for the purpose of studying the TV of the shafting of a turbo-set, to accurately determine the structural parameters of parts that have a relatively sensitive effect on the TV behavior.
An attempt is made to more accurately determine the upper crustal lithology of these blocks.
The results also indicated that the developed system could accurately determine tractor velocity and steering angle while the tractor operates in curved fields.
The objective of this research was to develop a new model to more accurately determine contact angles for polymer particles that undergo solvent swelling during the column wicking process.
In this paper the equipment-to-equipment coupling (ETEC) is proposed which is suitable to accurately determine the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) safety margin of the aircraft radio system.
  determined precisely
Specific activity values of weakly14C-labelled compounds such as organic methyl esters and TMS sugars can be determined precisely with the standard error of the mean less than 3%.
Also the benefits of diet versus fish oil supplementation haven't been determined precisely.
The results suggest that even in short periods an EEG signal changes its dynamic structure and these periods could be determined precisely enough using different methods of nonlinear dynamics.
With the narrow line of the 64 keV γ-ray in157Gd the isomer shift, the magnetic field, and the electric field gradient in Gd metal have been determined precisely.
The half-life of192Po has been determined precisely to be 33.2 (14) ms and theα-branching ratio of the daughter188Pb has been deduced to be 0.085 (13).
  determined accurately
Consequently, the order point can be determined accurately to reduce the inventory level and the operation risk.
Although the integrable equation is approximate, the envelope points are determined accurately.
Stylet movement can be determined accurately over extended periods with EPG and this approach has potential for investigating factors involved in activation and perturbation of stylet protrusion.
The undrained shear strength and the internal friction angle in UU test cannot be determined accurately due to dilative effect and low-cohesion of sandy silt.
By using an exclusive fixed point of the Euler iteration, the convergence ball is determined accurately for a class of operators whose derivatives satisfy some generalized Lipschitz condition on Banach spaces.

This paper analyses the factors that effect the input offset voltage V_(os) and temperature drift the IC operational amplifier. It introduces a method to reduce V_(os) and. The collector resistance and current in the next voltage of the preamplifier should be adjusted carefully. And a low-drift point corresponding to the zero offset voltage may be obtained. In the temperature range of 0~60℃, V_(os) and will be less than 10 nV and 0.5V/℃ respectively.


The productive structure of some clones of Hevea and its variations were studied by the layer harvest method. The results showed that PR107 and RRIM600 were of different types of structure, signifying that there existed apparent differences in their assimilation system and non-assimilation system. The productive structure may be used in determining the exact height of pruning at various pruning intensities.


Starting from a simple model introduced by L. Pietronero et al., we have employed a programming scheme which can greatly simplify the calculation, and have completed the whole numerical evaluation. A method for the exact determination of r, and the specific calculation are given. Extending the results obtained we further discuss the variation of T. due to surface relaxation.


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