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  unable to realize
     Convey multimedia dataflow person who media's technology sheds one of the main characteristics real-time, but general internet agreement is unable to realize, RTP (real-time transfer protocol ) is just made the agreement used for transmitting the real-time multimedia data by IEFT, in addition RTP agreement can also be used for solving the synchronous problems of the audio frequency and video data.
     实时地传送多媒体数据流是流媒体技术地主要特点之一,但是一般的internet协议无法实现,RTP(real-time transfer protocal)正是由IEFT制定用于传输实时的多媒体数据的协议,此外RTP协议还可用于解决音频和视频数据的同步问题。
     But the blueprint was unable to realize,and due to the joined suppresion of the Qing Court and the western powers,this Chinese style Christian movement of Millennialism was doomed to failure.
     由于这套蓝图无法实现 ,加之清王朝和西方列强的联合镇压 ,这场中国式的基督教千年王国运动走向失败。 千年王国运动不能摆脱农民受剥削受压迫的困境 ,也不能挽救中国的危局
     There are many uncertainties in real dynamic system of reconfigurable manipulator that make PID type or traditional control methods unable to realize accurate position control.
     On the one hand, the illegal activitives of security destroy the system of securities market, make the securities markets basic function of optimizing resource collocation be unable to realize, possibly initiates the crisis of securities market ;
     But there are certain defects in the system of intervenor with no independent right to claims in our country, and it is unable to realize the anticipated purpose of this system when it was set up.
  cannot be realized
     Introducing of advanced computer DCS in large-sized complicated projects can satisfy the requirement of technology control, which cannot be realized by traditional control method.
     Under optimal conditions:40 mg/L of alachlor can be removed completely within 10 min. But,the complete mineralization of alachlor cannot be realized. A lot of CODCr residue is still in the water body after oxidation.
     在优化工艺条件下,高铁可在10 min内完全去除40 mg/L甲草胺,但无法实现对甲草胺的完全矿化,氧化后水体中仍有大量CODCr残留。
     The teaching and learning reform in the teachers' colleges focus its aim on cultivating primary and middle school teachers who suit the needs for aptitude education and have the qualification and ability in implementing aptitude education,which cannot be realized through the traditional and shallow knowledge education.
     师专教育教学重在培养适应素质教育需要的、具有实施素质教育能力和水平的中小学教师 ,传统的狭窄的专业教育无法实现这一目标。
     Among various kinds of telephone charging and administation systems,real time control cannot be realized in some exchanges due to the absence of polarity reversing signal.
     If this important issue is not solved,the optimization of community's management modes cannot be realized.
  cannot realize
     On the other hand, the Si_3N_4/BN ceramic composites with low bending strength can not realize the union of the high bending strength and nicer machinability.
     Aiming at that the routine reference model can not realize the optimal character target control,this paper,by adopting a nonroutine reference model,accordingly proposes a MRACS design method,which can makes the design of the plant following optimal character target of linear time-varying or nonlinear reference model be properly realized.
     The conventional methods of measuring temperature cannot realize quick and exact measurement.
     The www's browser of IE has provided the convenience for people's search information on the net, but it uses one kind of man-made operate mode, can not realize the dynamic automate capturing information of real time .
     The development of WebGIS is importance development direction of GIS, but the data format multiformity of WebGIS can not realize manipulate each other and embarrass the development WebGIS.
  cannot be achieved
     Although total alachlor(40 mg/L) can be eliminated and COD_(Cr) can be removed partially by ferrate oxidation within 10 min under optimized conditions(ferrate/alachlor molar ratio, 2∶1;pH 7.0),the complete mineralization of alachlor cannot be achieved by ferrate oxidation alone.
     优化工艺条件下(高铁/甲草胺摩尔比2∶1,pH 7.0),高铁可在10 m in内完全去除40 mg/L甲草胺,但无法实现对甲草胺的完全矿质化,氧化后水体中仍有大量CODC r残留。
     From their practices of work, gradually people come to realize that tax compliance cannot be achieved only by admonition and punishment and a long-effective policy of tax administration should depend much more on the cooperation between taxpayers and law enforcement departments.
     The information asymmetry in credit market has some influence on the structure of credit market and forms a market barrier to the potential market participants--information barrier. Therefore, the competition in the credit market is constrained to some degree and the effective allocation of resources cannot be achieved because of the information asymmetry and monopoly.
     信贷市场中的信息不对称问题对信贷市场结构有一定影响 ,会对潜在的市场参与者造成市场壁垒———信息壁垒 ,从而信贷市场的整体竞争程度受到抑制 ,资源配置因为信息的垄断和不对称而无法实现
     As an operator of enterprise management,he should consider the problem in terms of the best utilization,which usually leads to the deviation of investors' and operators' targets so that investors' goals cannot be achieved.
     The bias and noise level of low cost IMU are much greater than the earth’s rotation rate, so the self-alignment cannot be achieved.





  unable to realize
As a result, companies were unable to realize the full value of the technology and were in fact suffering organizational tensions as a result.
If there is radio jamming, the receiving node may not correctly read the ID, thus be unable to realize that the message is for itself.
The investment risk is the risk that the insurer will be unable to realize on the investment return anticipated when the contract was negotiated.
The products collected have a high value, yet the collectors are unable to realize its actual value.
Unfortunately, we were unable to realize comparable performance on real images.
  cannot be realized
The question of the existence of discontinuous steady-state solutions of the system of equations investigated is considered, and in the case of a binary mixture it is shown that such solutions cannot be realized.
The oblique wing effect, i.e., a reduction in the wave drag for given lift, cannot be realized for a delta wing with supersonic leading edges owing to the lift reduction in the wing mid-section.
We also show that, in general, the well-known solution with a central core BZ=B0/(1+?2/?c2) cannot be realized in the presence of an external medium.
Application of the imaginary-time formalism to concrete problems calls for finding subbarrier trajectories which are solutions of the classical equations of motion, but with an imaginary time (and thus cannot be realized in classical mechanics).
Nevertheless, the canted state cannot be realized, because it is unstable against charge-carrier density fluctuations.
  cannot realize
Most people cannot realize a life that is gratifying and fulfilling, that meets their major needs, through their jobs alone.
Most of these studies use physical simulation techniques based on the equations of motion to generate the branch motions and cannot realize the motions of individual leaves.
In addition, by using existing IP multicast routing protocols, we cannot realize an application that a sending host outside the designated domain sends IP multicast packets only towards the designated domain.
Such optical buffer system cannot realize all possible delay values, but only a limited set, typically multiple integers of some basic unit called the granularity.
As a consequence, designers cannot realize the full benefit of high-quality timing-driven module placements.
  cannot be achieved
The suggested technique for triggering nuclear reactions provides a practical tool for studies of nuclear transformation on the pico-and nanosecond scales, which cannot be achieved using other methods.
It is shown that the logical operation can be implemented at the stage of unitary evolution of the electron subsystem, although complete switching of the inverter cannot be achieved in a reasonable time at realistic values of model parameters.
It is suggested that the resonance of this type be denoted as collective because it cannot be achieved in a single ellipsoid.
The finite-difference scheme proposed conserves the propagation invariants, which cannot be achieved for splitting schemes even on considerably finer grids.
It turns out that, in the class of difference schemes on rectangular grids that are condensed in a neighborhood of S1L with respect to x and t, the convergence under the condition N-1 + N0-1 ≤ ?1/2 cannot be achieved.

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