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  could not control
     Canada composite membrane and PAN 25 membrane with inner diameter of 1.16 mm and 1.1 mm respectively could not control the clogging of activated sludge at the initial velocity of 3.0m/s and 2.6m/s respectively, which resulted that MBR could not run stably.
     But after spontenaous seizures occurred, VPA could not control the seizure and the progress.
     With the fecundity parameter intrinsic capacity of increase rate (rm) used to indicate the trend of the population dynamics of Aleurocybo-tus indious and the effect of natural enemies against Aleurocybotus indious, the result showed that there was an evident control effect on natural enemies against population of the Aleurocybotus in-dious, but it could not control the increase of the 4th geheration population of Aleurocybotus in-dious.
     以自然种群及其排除天敌后种群的生殖力参数内禀增长率r_m等作为判断稻粉虱自然种群发展趋势的指标及分析天敌的控制作用。 结果表明,天敌对第三代稻粉虱的控制作用是明显的,但并不能控制第四代稻粉虱种群增长趋势。
     Patients with advanced and recurrent-metastatic GIST should take imatinib continuously until they had resistance to imatinib and the drug could not control the tumor.
  can not control
     Since NSGA-II can not control the number of elitist and is inclined to result in prematurely converging to local Pareto-optimal front,an improved version of NSGA-II,INSGA-II,is proposed.
     The certainty retrieval approach can not control the range of a query with regard to objects and their behaviors of the content-based graphics database, and cannot do precise queries of object behavior of it too now.
     Radical surgical therapy is the main procedure of choice but it can not control the latent micro-metastatic foci.
     As a matter of fact, a government can not control its national competitive edge, all it can do is influence competitive edge through subtle and conceptual policies.
     Conclusion Mechanical ventilation is an effective method in the treatment of status asthmatious when common therapy can not control asthmatic symptoms.
     结论 经常规治疗而不能控制哮喘持续状态时 ,机械通气仍是一个有效而安全的治疗方法
  not controlled
     Double dost was required if the angina pectoral was not controlled after 2 wk treatment in both two groups.
     2组服药 2wk后如不能控制心绞痛发作可剂量加倍 ,疗程均 6wk。
     Keeping the dose for the patients that symptom was controlled,increasing the dose for the patients that symptom was not controlled or controlled was reduction, The maximum doses were 350 mg/d, the minimum doses were 50 mg/d.
     症状控制减少或不能控制继续加量。 最高剂量 3 5 0 mg/d,最低剂量 5 0 mg/d。
  not be controlled
     PCT levels declined gradually to normality with the control of in fection, or maintained at the level that can be detected when the infection had not be controlled.
     随着感染的控制 ,PCT浓度逐渐下降至正常水平 ,若感染不能控制 ,PCT浓度将继续维持在可检测水平。
     Conclustion The PTCA for RUAP is relatively safe and effective,but PTCA should be performed after situation is unchanged by use of medicine and PTCA shoulde be carried out immediately if the symptoms can not be controlled by medicine.
     结论对RUAP患者行 PTCA疗效肯定 ,但应尽量在内科治疗待病情平稳后再 PTCA,对不能控制症状者应立即行 PTCA
     Be made the judgment by the DCS according to the input signal, the system gives a alarm message when the solid single frame image data achieves the maximum output which could not be controlled, after processed by threshold value division.
     The present code systems have the following problems: the distribution of the code segment can not be controlled which may lead to the identical code segment is assigned to two different departments sometimes and repeating codes appear in certain range;
     Methods 123 absolute glaucoma patients ( 123 eyes) who have lost their visual functions with clinical symptoms which could not be controlled by drugs were included in the study. 102 cases had ophthalmalgia, egrim, nausea and vomiting, 17 cases had keratodegeneration bullosa .





  could not control
Following an initial footshock, analgesia was observed only in those animals that could not control their stress exposure and this SIA was prevented by the administration of naloxone.
Both males and females could not control diarrhea (Grade B) in 44 percent of cases.
Because thoracentesis and antibiotics could not control the pyothorax, a serious condition, we performed bilateral video-assisted thoracoscopic decortication on the eighth hospital day.
In the Marcali reservoir, the recently introduced silver carp population could not control fully the phytoplankton.
After; His sister could not control the patient's diet, he still ate as same as first visit.
  can not control
A positive point of this approach is that as IDS can not control all the nodes simultaneously it only has to protect the chosen nodes.
Another disadvantage comes from the convergence problem is that the user can not control the distortion induced by the perturbing process.
Another drawback of the continuous query model is that the application can not control how often each query is executed.
For a test like this, we can not control which phase that ends up empty.
However, those who can not control such habits when awake might need to use the splint during the day also.
  not controlled
Mn2+ is still an effective activator for the CNA catalytic domain, but its activity is not controlled by Ca2+.
Here the frequency curve shows the typical structure of a bifurcation problem, which is definitely not controlled by viscous effects but by instabilities of the interaction of flow and phase transition process.
This identification is also successful when the temperature of the chromatograph is not controlled entirely satifactorily.
PHT and CBZ may worsen myoclonus when used alone, but they may have a role as add-on treatment to VPA, LTG, or TPM, especially when generalized tonicclonic seizures (GTCSs) are not controlled.
Because standard treatments have not controlled this disease with sufficiently high success rates, novel therapeutic approaches, such as immunotherapy, are under investigation.
  not be controlled
After elimination of heparin, the therapy was performed with the low-molecular-weight-heparinoid Org 10172 although factor Xa activity could not be controlled.
A precondition for the decision to operate was muscle weakness that could not be controlled with standard therapy (e.g.
Only a few colonizations in the irradiated animals could not be controlled.
In seven patients an infection of implanted biomaterial was present which could not be controlled by the previously administered antimicrobial therapy.
In this case the retention order could not be controlled by type of organic modifier.

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