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     A Research on the Inhibitory Mechanism of Learning Disability Children in Working Memory Tasks
     The study adopted the delay of gratification task of "hot" executive function to investigate the inhibition deficit of ADHD, and it mainly discussed the ability of delay of gratification for children with ADHD in working situation.
     The basic principle of optical amplifier technology is introduced, and the comparison between several existing and main optical amplifier technologies is carried out in working principle, performance, applications and development directions.
     介绍了光放大器技术的基本原理 ,并对现有主要几种光放大器技术在工作原理、性能、应用和发展方向上进行了比较
     By using cognitive behavioral and event-related brain potentials (ERPs) techniques, the present study investigated explicitly, operationally and systematically the role of visual selective attention in working memory, the role of working memory in visual selective attention, and the mechanism of the interaction between the two processes.
     本研究遵循清晰性、可操作性和系统性的原则,通过认知行为实验和事件相关脑电位技术(Event-related brain potentials:ERP),考察了视觉选择性注意在工作记忆中的作用,工作记忆在视觉选择性注意中的作用,以及二者相互作用的机制。
     Application of γ Butyrolactone Prepared with Different Processes in Working Electrolyte
  at work
     Mos t of the them(76 9%)occurred at work.
     在工作时受伤占 76 9% ,其他原因受伤占 2 3 1% ;
     Theoretical calculations show that the critical breakdown value of space dust decrease from 5.3km/s to 4.8km/s at work temperature of liquid metal heat pipe T=900 K.
     测量结果表明,高温热管在工作温度T=900 K时,被粉尘粒子击穿的速度由常温下的5.3 km/s降为4.8 km/s.
     The Department for Education and skills of UK publicizes "the 14-19 Education and Skills White Paper" and "Skills:Getting on in Business,Getting on at Work", whose purpose is to further the reform and development of the vocational skill education in UK.
     Most of the cases(76.9%) was occurred at work.
     在工作时受伤占 76 .9% ,其他原因受伤占 2 3.1% ;
     At work, he should take advantage of political and ideological work and build a perfect network of political and ideological work, let the teachers like teaching and students like study.
  in work
     the measurement precision of the pressure sensor had been tempera- ture compensated to reach to 1% in work temperature range ,and 2% in limiting temperature range.
     I n grade, there has been marked difference in work and study gene(P <0.05).
     The network adopts growing algorithm from reference to Growing Cell Structures to perform the pattern classification in work field.
     Furthermore, the economy and management knowledge that entrepreneurs studied in universities and professional experiences accumulated in work have faint positive correlation to enterprise growth.
     企业家所学专业为经济、管理类以及在工作经历中积累的技术专业经验与企业成长存在微弱的正相关关系; 企业家团队规模与公司成长之间存在显著的二次曲线关系;
     (5) the workers of accident think the work state non-ideal,monotonous,moreover,bad understnd and easily excite in work;
     The Application of Uniform Design in Developing Working Electrolyte
     This paper expounds the connotation and signification of humanistic solicitude of university library in the harmonious society,and introduces the concrete embodiment of humanistic solicitude of university library from six aspects.
     Objective To study the hospital employee's work values and organizational commitment and their relationships,the difference on work values and organizational commitment of different demographic variables.
     Structure parameters and electrical parameters of the LDMOS can be extracted according to the simulation. The simulation results are in good agreement to the actual device. The device of 10 W output power,10 dB power gain and 55% drain efficiency at 1 GHz,VDD=28 V were obtained.
     结合Medici得到LDMOSFET的结构参数以及相应电学参数,与研制结果进行了比较,仿真结果与实际研制结果吻合较好,实现了在工作频率1 GHz,VDD=28 V条件下,输出功率Po=10 W,Gp=10 dB,η=55%的良好性能。
     In view of the present existing problems,the paper analyses it on setting up the correct thought of training,establishing the regular training system and the evaluation of training effect,and the construction of part-time teachers.

  in working
Also, we can obtain spherical wavelets with small support, a fact which is crucial in working with large amounts of data, since the algorithms deal with sparse matrices.
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a ubiquitous air pollutant, presents in low concentrations in urban air and in higher concentrations in working environment.
Broadening the pH range towards increase and the presence of galactose residues allows these derivatives to be used in working with biological objects.
The study revealed two adaptation phases: the first phase is characterized by a significant decrease in working capacity and the second by relative readaptation.
Physiological Cost of Physical Exercise and Mitochondrial Volume in Working Muscles of Subjects Exposed to Long-Term Hypokinesia
  at work
Here two autopsied cases of Chinese men aged 30 and 23 years old who appeared healthy but died suddenly while at work are reported respectively.
However, there are no reports dealing with the individual nerve cells at work.
Comparison of the efficiencies of the two mechanisms shows that the accelerated electrons in such a trap produce more intense hard X-ray (HXR) bursts than those in a trap where only the Fermi acceleration mechanism would be at work.
We solve this theory analytically in two limits: low μI, where chiral perturbation theory is applicable, and asymptotically high μI, where perturbative QCD is at work.
Apart from the mechanisms that are at work in bacterial magnetotaxis, none of the innumerable magnetobiological effects are as yet completely understood in terms of their underlying physical principles.
  in work
Model mixtures of compounds were analyzed on a open tubular column with the nonpolar OV-101/KF stationary phase, which is stable in work with aqueous solutions for three years
This is attributed to the more intense role identification of the better educated, presumably people on professional and managerial levels compared with the personal investment in work on the part of the less educated.
In a preliminary analysis, the unemployed were found to report more problems on a number of clinical and social variables compared to those in work.
Prayer was found to be the most frequently used coping strategy in work burden (adj.
legislation prohibiting smoking in work and public places; 4.

It has been shown in our previous paper that intravenous injection of adrenalin and stimulation of the splanchnic nerve in the dog produced an inhibition of gastric secretion induced by histamine. Baxter, working on cats under experimental conditions comparable to ours, however, reported that intravenous injection of adrenalin either had no marked effect or a slightly augmentative effect on the histamine-induced secretion, and that stimulation of the splanchnic nerve yielded similar results. The question thus...

It has been shown in our previous paper that intravenous injection of adrenalin and stimulation of the splanchnic nerve in the dog produced an inhibition of gastric secretion induced by histamine. Baxter, working on cats under experimental conditions comparable to ours, however, reported that intravenous injection of adrenalin either had no marked effect or a slightly augmentative effect on the histamine-induced secretion, and that stimulation of the splanchnic nerve yielded similar results. The question thus arose as to whether the discrepancy between Baxter's and our reports was due to the use of different experimental animals. Experiments were therefore carried out on cats in our laboratory in an attempt to throw some light on the question. It was observed that, in both acute and chronic experiments, intraveous injection of adrenalin in most cases produced a marked diphasic effect on the secretion induced by histamine. The effect consisted of an initial phase of inhibition followed by one of augmentation, the two phases being usually about equal in size, sometimes the second phase somewhat larger than the first. When a dose of 0.02-0.1mg of adrenalin was administered in a single injection intravenously, the total duration of the diphasic response lasted 10-15min. It would be evident that if rather long intervals, e.g. 10-30min. were chosen for the collection of gastric juice, the diphasic feature of the response would be missed, and one might easily come to the conclusion that in the cat adrenalin either had no marked effect or an augmentative effect on the histamine-induced secretion, as Baxter did. In acute experiments, the stimulation of the splanchnic nerve showed an inhibitory effect on the secretion, disregarding whether the adrenal veins were ligated or not. In contrast with the adrenalin effect, that of splanchnic stimulation was rarely diphasic. We wish to express our deep gratitude to Prof. T. P. Feng for his constant guidance throughout this work.

(一)靜脈注射腎上腺素對組織胺引起的貓胃分泌不論在急性或慢性實驗,通常是双相的,開頭抑制分泌,接着增加分泌,兩相大小相似,有時第二相還稍為大些。在一次注射0.02—0.1毫克腎上腺素之後,整個效應過程歷時約10—15分钟。若用較長的間隔如每10—30分鐘收集一次胃分泌,則此双相效應就會被掩蓋,因而得出腎上腺素對貓胃分泌無明顯效應或有增加分泌的效應的結論,如Baxter等人所得到的一樣。 (二)在急性實驗中,刺激大内臟神經對组織胺引起的貓胃分泌有顯著的抑制效應。与腎上腺素的效應不同,刺激大內臟神經的效應通常是單相的。我們在工作中经常得到馮德培所长的指导。谨致谢意.





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