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  forming effect
     Based on all above, through the experiment the cold precision forging forming lawswas discussed, and according to the laws, the better mould structures were designed, in the end the aimed forming effect was gained.
     It can enhance forming effect and shorten densification period.
     Finally,the feasible scheme is further validated by three-dimensional numerical simulation,and the simulation results show that the corner filling is improved and the whole forming effect is good.
  forming effects
     On the basis of material mechanical test and forming limit analysis,the metal flow of the dangerous parts in trunk lid inner panel during the stamping process are studied by grid strain analysis technique,meanwhile the forming effects of two steel sheet are evaluated.
     在材料力学性能测试和成形极限分析的基础上 ,采用网格应变分析技术研究了行李箱内板零件冲压过程危险区域的金属流动规律 ,评价了两种钢板的成形效果
  forming results
     However, the mechanism of the forming has not been investigated deeply. Thereby the forming results could not be accurately achieved by adjusting the processing parameters.
     Investigation shows that nonedie explosive forming is the most effective manufacturing method of such parts,having the advantages of good forming results,high dimensional accuracy and simplicity of the process,thus exploring a new forming method for the spherical parts.
     结果表明 :采用无模爆炸成形技术是加工此类零件的有效方法 ,具有成形效果好、尺寸精度高、加工过程简便等特点 ,为类似球面体零件加工开辟了一条简便有效的新途径
     Ideal forming results will be achieved if the sheet metal is formed along an optimum forming path. Such a path can be realized by multi-point forming technique.
     The differences of forming results between circular scanning and linear scanning and the influences of sheet metal geometry on forming effectness had been discussed. During the experiments, sector, ring sector and rectangle mild steel sheets with thickness of 0.8mm served as workpieces.
     以厚度为 0 .8mm的Q2 35扇形板、环状扇形板、矩形参考板为试件 ,研究了圆弧曲线扫描与直线扫描成形效果的差异及板材几何形状对成形效果的影响规律。
  shaping effects
     The shaping effects of three nickel-titanium rotary instruments on preparing curved canals in posterior teeth
     Objective To invesigate the shaping effects of two nickel-titanium rotary instruments on preparing curved canals in extracted molars.
     Objective To investigate the shaping effects of three nickel titanium rotary instruments on preparing curved canals in posterior teeth Methods 64 curved mesial canals of extracted lower molars, embedded in the Branmante models, were randomly assigned to four groups: ①Flexofile;
     目的 研究 3种镍钛机动系统预备后牙弯曲根管的成形效果。 方法 选择离体下颌磨牙近中弯曲根管 64个 ,包埋于Branmante模型中 ,随机分为 4组 :①Flexofile;





      forming effect
    Its environment-forming effect manifests itself most strongly in the phytogenic field of living trees, where edaphic conditions similar to those in primary larch forests are formed within ten years after the fire.
    - The apical cells show their tubuli forming effect only if they are in immediate cell contact to the imaginal cells; on the other hand it is not necessary for the tubuli forming cells to be in connection with the reservoir.
    The molar ratio of 12HSA/12HS-Na for obtaining optimal gel forming effect was 100:1.
    This is caused by the directed structure-forming effect of the zinc ions (ionotropic effect).
    The forming effect in type B samples is compared with the forming effect in the conventional MIM sandwich structure (type A).
      forming effects
    Discrepancies were observed for the temperature of half decompositionTd,1/2, some of them can be explained by effects of polymer molecular weight and/or char-forming effects.
    Xlear Nasal Wash brings fast relief from allergy symptoms without the uncomfortable, habit-forming effects of other nasal sprays.
    Forming effects are incorporated by a pre-simulation of the forming process.
    Forming effects were not included in the models, which may explain the dissimilarities observed between the simulations and the experiments.
    One explanation is that after the first year, heart-protective effects and clot-forming effects of estrogens were nearly balanced in this population.
      forming results
    In addition, it is easy to examine the forming results by FEM simulation and experiment.
    The limiting effect of the lower layers can clearly be seen when comparing the 1/1 and 2/1 forming results.
    The mild steel coupons were laser cut to the correct dimensions in order reduce any prestressing that might influence the forming results.
      shaping effects
    It takes a socio-political perspective on understanding the shaping effects of spatial arrangements on work practices, and seeks to identify some of the key CSCW issues that can be addressed in spatial terms.
    Pulse shaping effects in Q-switched laser oscillators
    How a child's genetic endowment is expressed will depend on the shaping effects and opportunities of the environment and nurture she experiences.

    In the traditional adaptive beamforming model proposed by widrow there are K elements and KL weight coefficients. It is necessary that each of KL weight coefficients are iterated in every sample period.

    本文讨论在有强点源干扰时的自适应波束成形问题。利用频域上最佳传输函数的表达式,证明了在仅有强点源干扰时,最佳传输函数有一个简单的标准形式。它等于干扰和期望信号的指向性矢量的加权和,其加权系数可以很容易地由解一个线性方程组给出。这个线性方程组的阶数等于强干扰的个数加1。 文中给出系数矩阵的计算方法。本文提出的方法不需要迭代运算,而只需实时地解一个低阶的线性方程组。从而使Widrow提出的自适应波束成形方法大大地简化了。 实际的数值计算说明,用本文提出的方法进行波束成形效果是好的。文中给出了部分例子及计算结果。

    A clinical analysis of 104 cases of malignant tumor in eyelid is reported. Meibomian gland carcinoma accounted from 44.2%, basal cell carcinoma, 42.3% in the 104 cases. Other cases were squamous epithelial carcinoma and malignant melanoma etc. Meibomian gland carcinoma is highly malignant.


    Under the test condition of T=780~800℃(?)_0=0.4~2.8×10~(-2)min~(-1),the struc-

    GCr15钢经830℃循环淬火2—3次后,在T=780~800℃,■=0.4~2.8×10~(-2)min~(-1)条件下可实现γ+k二相区的组织超塑性,在其超塑变形条件下进行模具的超塑成形效果良好,模具超塑成形后直接淬火可实现超塑形变热处理。GCr 15钢经超塑形变热处理后与常规热处理相比,多冲寿命成倍提高,抗弯强度及耐磨性均明显提高。

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