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  sensing mode
     To insure the spraying robot apperceiving position signs in field reliably and exactly while move in field, we select magnetic sensing mode, and develop a kind of position sensor that can apperceive magnetism signs from long distance.
     Therefore, passive wireless sensing mode has more extensive applications.
     At present most of the popular aligners in domestic markets adopt the CCD sensing mode which has such weak points as complicated hard ware and high cost.
     This paper introduces the application of the sliding-down-proof device in the inclined tunnel,and puts forward the improving measures for sensing mode.
     文章介绍了斜巷防跑车装置的应用 ,提出传感方式的改进措施。
  sensing method
     Optical current transformer (OCT) is a new-style electric equipment, because of the sensing method differences between OCTs and traditional current transformers(CT),OCTs have much advantages than CTs, and which makes OCTs would have been wildly used in future power system.
     光电电流互感器(OCT)是一种新型的电力设备,由于传感方式不同于传统的电流互感器(CT),OCT有着传统CT无可比拟的优点,使得它在未来的电力系统中有着广阔的应用前景。 光电电流互感器分为有源、无源两种类型。
     Vision sensing method is widely used because a great number of information can be acquired without contacting with workpiece.
     In view of the shortcomings of CCD sensing method, such as complicated hardware, high cost etc. Wireless automobile wheel alignment system based on PSD technology is proposed, it has the advantages of simple circuit, low cost, high resolution, high working reliability etc.
     针对CCD传感方式存在的硬件复杂、成本高等缺点 ,我们研制开发出基于PSD测量技术的全无线汽车定位参数测量系统 ,其具有电路简单、成本低、分辨率高、工作可靠等优点。
  sensing methods
     Recently, the development of intelligent robots requires considerably high-tech sensors. As one of the most important sensing methods, tactile sensing gets more and more attentions.
     The principle texture and the principle of second sensor are studied in this paper,which is based on the further analysis of scaling,principle,object,method and conclusion of soil moisture-determining instrument (model RYY4-1).
     RYY4—1型土壤湿度仪,是对土壤水分传感器采用又一次传感的方式(即二次传感方式),即用压阻传感电流变送(4~20mA,输送距离1000m)的方式,来对土壤水吸力信号进行数字化处理的仪器。 本文将详细介绍和分析RYY4—1型土壤湿度仪的室内外计量标定过程。
     The principle texture and the principle of second sensor are studied in this paper, which is based on the further analysis of scaling, principle, object, method and conclusion of soil moisture\|determining instrument (model RYY4-1).
     RYY4— 1型土壤湿度仪 ,是对土壤水分传感器采用又一次传感的方式 (即二次传感方式 ) ,即用压阻传感电流变送 (4~ 2 0 m A,输送距离 10 0 0 m)的方式 ,来对土壤水吸力信号进行数字化处理的仪器。 本文将详细介绍和分析 RYY4— 1型土壤湿度仪的室内外计量标定过程
     The arc is used as senser in TIG, as soon as the length of arc is auto regulated, by the torch altitide valuve given method and integral contrastment method, auto weld seam tracking of TIG can beachieved.
     The composing and work principle of TIG welding Rapid Prototyping metal fabric system will be introduced in this paper. The best sensor in TIG welding Rapid Prototyping metal fabric is vision sensor that is the result of contrasting all kinds of welding line size information detection sensor.
     2 ways of fibre sensing-de-cladding fibre sensing and fiber Bragg grating sensing are presented with their principles, manufacture, operation, effects, merits and demerits.

  sensing mode
Each of these sensors can be operated in an active (heated) or passive (only temperature sensing) mode.
Compared to other types of electromechanical transducers, ionomeric transducers have the advantage of high-strain output (>amp;gt;9%), low-voltage operation (>amp;lt;5 V), and high sensitivity in the charge-sensing mode.
A variation of the diffuse photoelectric sensing mode in which the emitted beam and the receiver's field of view are both very wide.
A photoelectric diffuse sensing mode with response that is similar to a diffuse sensor, but with a defined range limit.
At the end of this phase, all participating sensors switch to sensing mode and become capable of detecting an event as dictated in the query.
  sensing method
Results show that they have high correlation coefficient, which becomes one of the main obstacles to raise accuracy of LST retrieved by the remote sensing method.
The system is able to follow any 3D spline seam in space with a moderate radius of curvature by real-time correction of the position and orientation of the welding torch, using the through-arc sensing method.
SEBAL, an ET computation model using remote sensing method is based on the surface energy balance equation which is a function of net radiance flux, soil heat flux, sensible heat flux and latent heat flux.
FTIR is a multi-component remote sensing method for gas concentrations.
An active vision sensing method for welded seams location using "circle-depth relation" algorithm
  sensing methods
The physical properties of Mercury's regolith, its structure, the grain sizes, the refractive index, and even the characteristic sizes of block material, lend themselves, in principle, to investigation by remote sensing methods.
The maps obtained in this study can be useful both for developing remote sensing methods for the Moon and other atmosphereless bodies and for testing models of positive polarization of the light reflected by regolith-like surfaces.
The maps obtained in this study can be useful both for developing remote sensing methods for the Moon and other atmosphereless bodies and for testing models of positive polarization of the light reflected by regolith-like surfaces.
The solutions obtained can be used for investigation of the fluctuation-related features of reflections occurring in nonlinear random media and in the design of remote sensing methods.
We cannot expect to get a stable and high accurate LST retrieved by various currently used remote sensing methods based on determined equations.

A new vacuum deposition method for the preparation of SnO_2 gas sensor elementwas describcd. Sn was first deposited directly on the surface of a hollow ceramic cyli-nder, the metallic tin on the cylinder was afterwards oxidized into SnO_2· Pd powder,used as catalyst, was coated on the surface of SnO_2 and a heater was placed in thehollow part of the cylinder. The SnO_2 gas sensor element thus obtained show a goodsensitivity to reducible gases such as H_2, C_2H_5OH etc.

气体传感器的结构形式通常有接触燃烧型、陶瓷烧结型和气敏感场效应晶体管型等。陶瓷烧结型的传感方式是基于金属氧化物半导体(如SnO_2、ZnO和γ-Fe_2O_3)吸附气体分子后表面电阻发生变化的原理来实现的。 通常将氧化物与有机粘合剂混匀后塗在陶瓷管的表面,在高温下烧结成型。本试验采用真空镀膜法,在陶瓷管表面均匀地沉积一层金属Sn膜,然后将Sn膜氧化成SnO_2膜。这种膜均匀、牢固、敏感性能较好。实验表明,这是一种制作气敏元件的可行方法。

In this paper, the general image preprocessing algorithms are analysed, and within them some inherent parallel operations are presented. Real time image preprocessing unit matched sensors for linear scanning mode is developed. These researches are important to the use of image processing.


This paper gives a new way to realize a mere draught force sensing on the top-link-sensing systems. By this way, with the original sensing system remained unchanging, the resultant forces acting on implement can be resolved into two parts of horizontality and verticality for the purpose of pure draught control.


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