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  guiding students
     The Practice in Guiding Students for Obtaining the National Customs Declaration Certificate
     This paper, through the analysis in many ways on the National Customs Declaration Qualification Certificate Exam. , intends to put forward the teaching policy in guiding students and the solution of setting up learning plan and, to give the students guidance of correct learning so as to guarantee their smooth passing through the Exam.
     本文通过对全国报关员统一考试多方面分析 ,提出在辅导学生中所使用的教学策略以及教学计划的建议 ,从而指导学生顺利通过全国报关员统一考试
     High-quality teachers play key roles,which include promoting students'physical and psychological health,being able to encourage students to state different opinoions and discuss with them,guiding students'reading and helping them solve puazzling problems by leading their thinking and offering useful approaches.
     By guiding students attend the electronics design contests, joining together the actual circumstance of my department teaching,the article introduces the way of the reformance of electronic course teaching.
     Varies of mathematical problems for guiding students joining into mathematical Olympic contest were developing resources.
  teach students
     teach students to practise while studying and cultivate their "problem consciousness";
  coach students
     The students with different personality characteristics have different responses to the environment, process and result of exam. Therefore, the research of personality characteristics of students with anxieties of exam plays a very important part in our use of right ways to coach students.
  coaching them
     The education experimental method is adopted in this paper to investigate into the fostering of such a capability. Results show that consciously guiding the students to think, coaching them to create actions and instructing them to practice can effectively develop their consciousness of creation, cultivate their capability of creation and improve the teaching effect.





      guiding students
    As John Gardner has recently stated so eloquently, it is our faith in human possibilities that is the generative element in such activities as leading, teaching, and guiding students.
    Managing the Complexity of Human/Machine Interactions in Computerized Learning Environments: Guiding Students' Command Process t
    In this article, I present research on the effectiveness of a persona-based framework for guiding students' journaling to reflect the erratic to-and-fro of the problem-solving process more accurately.
    These areas of focus were: (a) themathematics content itself, (b) conceptualunderstanding as a main goal for instruction,and (c) the use of questioning as the bestmeans of guiding students to thatunderstanding.
    An evolutionary approach to guiding students in an educational game.
      teach students
    We chose, as a specific example, the Early Adolescence/English Language Arts standards and assessment which were developed for the national certification of English teachers who teach students ages 11-15.
    The main object is to teach students how to cope with an ethical problem.
    Within the context of lesbian and gay literature courses, professors can teach students and themselves how to pull stories-beautiful, celebratory stories-out of the bits and pieces of stones of self-hatred and of suffering.
    A core element of the sociology curriculum is the methods course, intended to teach students the value of systematic observation and analysis of the social world.
    Electrostatic potential maps generated from quantum mechanical calculations are widely used to teach students about molecular polarity and assign atomic charges (Shusterman, G.
      coach students
    In this paper, we present a web-based tutorial, MS-Tutor, to coach students on all aspects of algebraic formulation of linear and integer programs.
    Teachers facilitate comprehension, model processes, and may coach students as they engage in reading and comprehension activities.
    The aim is to coach students for effective working in master's thesis stage.

    Thisarticleintroducesateachingmethodofusingthecomputer’sgraphsanditscalculation functiontoassistthesolidbandteachingandtogivestudentssomeguidanceineditingproceduresandde buggingthem .Thismethodincreasesstudents’initiativeandinterestintheirstudyanddeepentheirunder standingoftheBrillouinzoneandthebandgap .

    介绍用计算机图形和运算功能来辅助固体的能带教学 ,并辅导学生编程上机调试 ,既可提高学生的主动性和学习兴趣 ,又加深了对布里渊区及能隙的理解 .

    It's rather important to deal with the relationship among personal tutorship, students' self-study and study-support service in open education. Study-support service plays the most important role among them while it affects the school teaching fashion of personal tutorship lesson and quality of students' self-study. And the quality elevation of personal tutorship and students' self-study will have a higher demand of study-support service.

    正确处理好开放教育中的面授辅导、学生自学、学习支持服务三者的关系至关重要。学习支持 服务在三者的关系中起着决定性作用,它影响着辅导课的授课方式及学生自学质量。而面授辅导课、 学生自学质量的提高又对学习支持服务提出了更高的要求。

    Combining rich teaching experience with studies on the listening parts of College English Test Band—4(CET—4) in recent years,the authors of this paper give a thorough analysis on the main types of questions and their characteristics of the dialogue parts of CET—4,and put forward some useful tech- niques for taking examinations as well to help the students improve their grades in CET—4.


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