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  data volume
     Detection of coherent data volume by wavelet multi resolution and application.
     The paper also introduced the forward simulation of Shenli Oilfield typical model and application of their data volume to study prestack depth migration and design of geometry.
     Based on this model, the seismic interval velocity was calculated by the Dix formula and the strata pressure was computed by the Fillippone formula for the overpressure data volume.
     On the basis of fine 3-D seismic data,the paper used coherent data volume technique , TDQ (Time-Depth Quality) technique for fine fault in-terpretation of Second Sand Member of Aershan Formation in N-50 well zone of Erenaoer depres-sion , Erlian Basin and built up a fine structural model;
     Definition of shift form and parameters of residual variation function is very time-comsuming and difficult in universal Kriging interpolation of super-giant data volume.
     超大数据体泛克里金插值的研究 . 石油地球物理勘探 ,2 0 0 1,36 (6 ) :6 72~ 6 79  超大数据体泛克里金插值时 ,漂移的形式、残余 (residual)变异函数参数的确定特别费时和困难。
  data cube
     (4)Coherent data cube analysis.
     Variance cube technology is a kind of new technology,which makes use of correlativity of seismic signal between neighboring trace in data,and reveals the discontinuity information in data cube to perform fault or lithological discrimination through computing variance values of seismic traces sample points.
     Under the guidance of anisotropic theory and azimuthal AVO composite seismogram from real well data,seismic attribute parameters such as amplitude,velocity and high frequency attenuation are extracted from the 3D data cube,and their azimuthal variations are used to predict the anisotropy of fractures.
     Since extrapolation was done in the whole three-dimensional space, the inverted parameter data cube could keep its natural lateral continuity.
     外推过程是在三维空间内进行的 ,所得的储层参数数据体保持了横向上合理自然的连续性。
     In this paper the computation method of coherent data cube and the exact image of fault and special geologic body in data cube are described. It shows a good prospect of application of the coherent attribute body.
     该文描述了相干数据体计算法 ,以及断层和特殊地质体在相干数据体上的准确成像 ,展示了相干属性体的良好应用前景。
  data body
     The results show that the above mentioned technique is the effective method to obtain high resolution,high signal/noise ratio,high fidelity 3 D data body
     This article in view of Ordos basin low scope structure,low porosity,low permeability,hiding oil gas pool characteristic,After the synthesis application coherent data body analysis,phase automatic sorting qualitative recognition granulated substance body thickness,the seismic amplitude attribute analysis,the frequency spectrum decompose,the multi- wells restraint reservoir folds the inversion and so on to fold the attribute analysis technology,Explored a set to suit this area oil gas characteristic the reservoir crosswise forecast and the oil gas recognition pattern.
     the advanced techniques such as difference of data volume,wave impedance data body and visualization can be used for interpretation if there is 3 D seismic data,making high resolution semsmic data more truthfully reflect the subsurface geology.
     有三维地震资料时 ,应用差异数据体、波阻抗数据体以及可视化等先进技术 ,使高分辨率地震资料更真实地反映地下地质情况
     The time slice of coherent data body can unveil geological phenomena of fault,rock body margin,subsided column and unconformity.
  data volumes
     On the basis of AVO analysis and study of inversion of seismic wave impedance,the paper analyzed the principle of Fat ti-AVO equations and sparse spike inversion and the joint constraint sparse spike inversion was conducted for the data volume of multiple prestack angle-gathers, from which the three data volumes of P-wave impedance , S wave impedance and density could slmulTaneously acquired.
     The frequency technique and the time slice of co- herent data volumes and 3D seismic data were comprehensively uti- lized to describe the seismic response characteristics and surface distribution features of the igneous rocks.
     Then the two data volumes separately undergo 3-D velocity analysis and 3-Dwave field image to have 3-D DMO velocity field, 3-D DMO stack section, 3-Dprestack migration velocity field, and 3-D prestack migration section.
     The areal GLOG processing is performed on migrated 3D data volumes, to which the key is to deal with the temporal and spatial variation of calibration coefficients when only a small amount of well data are available to control thc cntirc areal data.
     imaging processing of P-wave and PS-converted wave in depth domain have been implemented and both imaging data volumes have been obtained separately according to the results of velocity inversion,which have good correlation and are of benefit to data interpretation, among which the imaging of PS-converted wave showed higher resolution and S/N ratio, which has good applied prospect.
     根据速度反演结果,在深度域对纵波和转换波进行成像,分别得到两个成像数据体,且具有良好的对比性,有利于资料解释。 其中转换波成像显示出更高的分辨率和信噪比,具有良好的应用前景。





      data volume
    According to the characteristics and 3-Dimensional (3-D) feature analysis of multi-spectral and hyperspectral image data volume, the new fusion approach using 3-D wavelet based method is proposed.
    Since, the data volume of raster are very huge, special strategies (for example, pyramid gridded method) must be adopted in order to manage raster data efficiently.
    The data volume is so huge that compression is necessary.
    With respect to the MSCT data volume, the emergency radiologists have to modify the strategies in their examination reading and result transmission, with a growing role attributed to two- and three-dimensional reconstructions.
    The diagnostic value of axial slices is superior to coronal reconstructions despite the reduced data volume and display of the physiological course of bowel loops on the coronal plane.
      data cube
    For a data cube there are always constraints between dimensions or among attributes in a dimension, such as functional dependencies.
    CFD can efficiently compute a data cube with hierarchies in a dimension from the smallest granularity to the coarsest one.
    A typicaldata model that supports the data warehouse is the multidimensionaldatabase, also known as a data cube.
    A data cube contains cells,each of which is associated with some summary information, or aggregate, that the decisions are to be based on.
    Each cell in a data cube corresponds to a unique set of values for the different dimensions and contains the metric of interest.
      data body
    A more reliable relationship for determining the reference horizon is proposed based on a data body greater than that used before.
    We analyzed quantitative metabolic data (body mass, energy intake, and energy metabolized) collected at the GMC under the current workflow, and used them for statistical power considerations.
    A palette image includes at least a palette and image data body.
    From the above data body weight gain, feed efficiency and livability were calculated.
    The data body for a packet is common through all layers within a thread.
      data volumes
    Based on meticulous well-tie calibration, elastic impedance data volumes for 10°, 20°, and 30° emergence angles are obtained using pre-stack elastic impedance inversion.
    Ductal branching has a complex pattern; therefore, intraductal spread and multifocal nodes are better demonstrated by multiplanar analysis of 3D ultrasound data volumes.
    After collection, the planar images are corrected for distortions and stacked to form data volumes.
    Approximate query processing has emerged as a cost-effective approach for dealing with the huge data volumes and stringent response-time requirements of today's decision support systems (DSS).
    A common problem with DEM for spatial analysis at the landscape scale is that the raster encoding of topography is subject to data redundancy and, as such, data volumes may become prohibitively large.

    Based on the processed 3-D stack data by the computer Model PDP 11/45, the key link of handling with 3-D data 3-D migration and the way to obtain the desired section from 3-D data after stack are introduced in some detail in this paper. Also, problems to the selecting parameters, raising efficiency and saving operation time are discussed.


    Three-Dimension Seismic Data Volume is a three-dimensional digital image which maps the geological structure subsurface.This paper presents a method for ncompressing the seismic data volume.The method can readily get access to the aribitry cross sections from the 3-D seismic data volume and display it.It is also suitable for the compression of other kinds of 3-D digital images,such as the various 3-D CT images in medicine and industry.

    三维地震数据体是反映地下地质构造的三维数字图象。本文提出一个三维地震数据体编码压缩的方法。该方法便于访问和显示三维地震数据体任意方向的剖面。该方法也适应对其它类型的三维数字图象,如各种医用、工业用的三维 CT 图象的压缩。

    Trace interpolation technique can change 2-D grid data into 3-D seismic data suitable for migration, it also can be used in 3-D seismic exploration. In 3-D seismic exploration, first, field layout is designed in accordance with the requirement that there are at least three sampling points in the width of a smallest fault block which must be ascertained; then, data acquisition is made; finally, in data processing, the field seismic data are interpolated according to required line spacing and CDP spacing. The...

    Trace interpolation technique can change 2-D grid data into 3-D seismic data suitable for migration, it also can be used in 3-D seismic exploration. In 3-D seismic exploration, first, field layout is designed in accordance with the requirement that there are at least three sampling points in the width of a smallest fault block which must be ascertained; then, data acquisition is made; finally, in data processing, the field seismic data are interpolated according to required line spacing and CDP spacing. The paper describes the trace interpolation technique and sives the example of trace interpolation of 3-D seismic data in Wennan area, Dongpu depression. It has been proved that both the S/N ratio and the resolution of interpolated seismic data show obvious improvement.


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